Sunday, May 8, 2016

Round 5. Booth

August Booth - Knowledge - Become A Space Pirate
Mona Booth - Knowledge - Become A Media Magnate
Lila Booth - Grow Up

Welcome to Round 5!  Last visit:  Was a great 7 Sim days of skilling and working toward hobby plaques.  A great big garden was planted, orchard trees added.  Although Mona had the lower garden skill compared to August who had pushed toward gardening in University, was admitted into the Garden Club and the wishing well won.  She worked toward the Tinkering plaque, having built a smart looking muscle car.  August reached his LTW of Game Designer, and is perm plat...and in between working worked toward the Nature plaque and the Sports plaque.  Lila aged up to child and began  working toward the Tinkering plaque just like her mother.  Mona got pregnant again.

That's right.  Belle saw August purchasing a pet when she went to buy her new pit bull Rikki.  ASimWen thought August bought a cat.  No no no. He bought a great big ol' poodle.

Lila loved Alegra.  However she thought she would rename this dog.  Zelena.  Yes, Zelena.  :)  She hated to go to school on Monday because she wanted to stay home and play with Zelena.

But go to school she did, and August left for work as a Game Designer.  No sooner than everyone marched out the door, Mona started labor.  Yes, right there in the kitchen while eating left over lobster.

Another daughter for August and Mona.  Her name is Lily. 

Ah look who came home on the bus with  Lila one day!  Lana Swan! 

James Nolan continued his vendetta against August Booth by stealing the newspaper every chance he got.  Come on guys....Belle married Henry Mills.  What ever happened in Uni...stays in Uni.  GET OVER IT.

One evening while out working the garden working toward the nature hobby plaque Mona was struck by lightening. the mean time August fished to work up the nature enthusiasm.

All that fishing and gardening earned August the Nature Hobby Plaque.  Way to go you just need to get the Garden Club Membership.

Despite all the gardening, Sim life goes on.  Lily's birthday came in no time, and all the same Uni friends were invited as well as Lacy and Tyson Buckingham.  Except James Nolan didn't show up.  Of course.

Lily Booth.  What a beautiful girl.  Love her distinct features!

A leader of the pack Bobo turned up at the party....and Zelena didn't get along with him at all.  She lost a a fight with him.

And shortly after Lily's, it was Lila's birthday.

Such a pretty girl!

Lila rolled Popularity, and wants to be a Media Magnate like her mother.

The night of Lila's birthday Mona received the gold gardening badge.  Yay!

August took the morning off from work on Friday to try for the garden club.

The wishing well that was won when Mona won the garden club membership was stashed in her backpack.  Not sure this was necessary.  August was amazed that she left him alone to take care of the garden during the inspection.  She was expecting a raise at work and really needed to go.

Note to self.  Do not leave an empty space in the garden especially without fertilizer.  Points off the inspection.  This plant had been removed and composted because it constantly dripped like being over watered (bugged).  Didn't want a drippy plant in the garden during inspection...haha

But these plants made up for the one that was missing.

Yay August, yer in!  August received a memory of a perfect score, despite the bare spot in the garden.  August checked his watch and realized he was two hours late for work and immediately left. 

Lila followed in her mothers footsteps and began a restoration of an old car.  Her plan was to sell it for college money.

Mona worked hard at work that day and did get the promotion she was looking for.  She was exhausted.  All the skilling...gardening...was making it hard to keep up with work.

In the meantime the garden was ready for harvest.  That meant it would be a while before anyone else in the house could try for garden club membership again until the new planting had a chance to grow.  But this also meant that the Booths would have an ample supply of fruits and vegetables for super juices.

Another birthday!  Lila helped her little sister Lily blow out candles.  Again, ASimWen did not get a picture of a grown Sim Child.  Boo!

So inappropriate.....grown ups making out at a kid's party!!!!!  hehehe  Especially the birthday girl's mom and dad...!  (on the right).

Through fishing August finally won the Nature Hobby Plaque.

Keeping up with the Gardening Booths...Lila won membership to Peerless Park by studying cleaning to fulfill wishes in order to keep her in Platinum Mood.  Heh  Seems ASimWen can't get the Booths away from gardening no matter how hard she tries....She had to be in platinum this day because she had called for the her dad was harboring a wish that she would get in Private School.  And so it was.

Shortly before the Headmaster was due to arrive Mona arrived home from work having fulfilled her LTW.  Now she was perm plat.  Looks like her buddy Peter Ottomas helped her out with this one.  She had gone to Peerless Park on an outing with him....

Where the good witch came and made everything pretty....

And everyone had a good time.  ASimWen was glad to see Peter and his wife together in the group.  When the neighborhood was set for this challenge ASimWen split them is a Downtownie, and the other is a Townie.

The Headmaster arrived and August had a meal of blackened catfish prepared using fish from their pond.  Of course since there was an event going on, Phone Booth thought it proper to haunt.  She wanted to see her granddaughters make it into Private School.

Wow!  That is one of the highest Headmaster scores ASimWen's Sims have ever accomplished.

August thought it time to max out his skills and did so drinking eggplant juice using eggplants from his garden.  He was 4 skill points short.

Done...although the game did not show the 'max all skills' icon.  Impossible want accomplished.

That night / wee hours of Sunday morning August took a break from watching Sports on TV (working toward that hobby plaque) and decided to go search for constellations on the telescope.  Sort of a way to spend time with Mona outside while she fished in the pond.

HUH!?!?  What is THAT?

Dang but that light is bright!!


Done...with that crazy ride.  Chimes.  ASimWen has mixed feelings....really wanted to limit the number of kids for the Booths to two, but glad for the abduction.  They are always fun!


Normally ASimWen's Simmies get Sunday off to generally take it what ever they want.  But it seems this Sunday a lot of goals the Booths were working on just seemed to culminate.  So, they will tell it with pictures.

August gains admittance to Dreamy Fields
Lila gains the hobby plaque in Tinkering
Lily gets into Peerless Park
With some hobby instruction from August, Mona earns the Nature Hobby Plaque.
Well done, Mona!
Just the start, Lila!
Gonna have lots of great fish to eat!

That's it for the Booths for Round 5!  Have fun everyone and keep on Simmin'!



  1. wow, so much done in little time. Still need to work on garden skills, when it comes to nature plague, I make mine birdwatch or look for bugs instead.

  2. Good job with all the achievements!

  3. Wow, that was quite a successful round for the family. I guess aliens have entered into the hood now. :)