Sunday, May 8, 2016

Round 5 Gold.1 (Buckingham)

Lacy (Gold) Buckingham - Fortune - Be A Hall of Famer
Tyson Buckingham - Family - Be a Captain Hero

Last round:  Lacy Gold returned from University having not landed in her father's house.  She built her own little cabin on a hillside and loved it.  She firstly got a job in Natural Science to pay the bills.  She was in love with two men...Kennedy Cox and Tyson Buckingham and could not choose.  So she thought to let love choose for her.  She planned  a party and invited the two gentlemen.  The first one to make a romantic move on her would be the one she would spend the rest of her life with.  Kennedy was the clear winner when he leaned in for a romantic kiss.  Tyson was immediately consumed with jealousy...while Tyson and Lacy had words,  Kennedy made the fatal mistake of grabbing for the cake from the Cowplant..and was gone in the blink of an eye.  The rest of the week Lacy spent winning Tyson back over to the marriage camp.  The round ended with the nuptials of Lacy Gold and Tyson Buckingham.  What are the two up to this week?

Tyson was moving along swimmingly in his job on the force.  He was happy...he had a great job to support his beautiful wife who was pregnant with his child.

He came home everyday from work exhausted, and studied for the next promotion when he was awake.  Lacy was taking maternity leave from work in order to get plenty of rest.

On Tuesday evening little Martin was born.

Lacy:  Who's mamma's big boy?  What a cutie patooty you are!

Tyson:  (Who had been looking forward to his son's birth)  I am a dad now, along with being a husband.  Woo hooo....

Lacy returned to work finally, and reached the top of her career.  However it seemed there was an error with her pay.  (look at that last line).  Lacy and Tyson's cash on hand amount didn't change.  No money was subtracted, nor was any added.  So ASimWen looked it up on Sims Wikki.  One thing ASimWen learned from the article was Natural Science was the highest paying job.  Hmmm.?  Is it?  I dunno.

At any rate this is how much that should have had deposited into her bank, $31,491.  So the family funds cheat was used to adjust.

Lacy thought it would have been great to hang around as an Ecological Guru for a while for the money, as money was short since adding onto the house for Martin's birth.  But her dream job came up right away on the computer, and she took it.

Has anyone ever seen this before?  I don't recall ever seeing it.  It popped like in the middle of the second week of Lacy's adult life.  What triggered it?

 Tyson:  Now I know everything there is to know about Science.  

Shortly after Tyson received the Hobby Plaque in Science, it was time for Martin's birthday.  Grandpa and Grandma Gold came to the party, as well as Auntie Belle, Uncle Henry, and Uncle Sherlock.

Happy birthday...Martin. I think?  Cute kiddo~!

And the party commenced.  While some danced the smustle, Lacy and her step mother Cora (Mills) Gold got caught up on news.

 Step brothers in law Tyson and Sherlock Gold had a nice chat......

Lacy's sister Belle and brother in law Henry showed everyone how to do the smustle...

It was a great party, so great that Demi Love had to come and break it up.  Everyone left, having felt good they attended.

The training of Martin in his life skills immediately commenced.  Tyson being a Family Sim, rolled continual wishes to teach Martin how to walk, talk, and potty.  And so it was!

And skilling continued for Lacy and Tyson as well.  Lacy maxed cooking and rolled a wish to win the hobby plaque.

Tyson needed cleaning skills to promote in his job in law enforcement, so the scanner gun was coming in really handy.  He went around the house scanning everything.

And I mean everything.  Yes Tyson, Kennedy Cox was the last one to use the cowplant.

Lacy was surprised by this news.  heh.

Lacy amassed enough skills to reach the top of her career, thus becoming perm plat.  But she had already reached perm plat by way of filling up her aspiration bar when Martin was born.  New LTW?  To Become the Law like her sister.

By now spring had sprung and that meant it was time to start gardening.  On the bottom land of the lot where the ground was flat, Tyson got to work.  He had no gardening skill or nature skills.  This was hard work for him where as Lacy had earned a gold badge in gardening in University.

Again, Martin had another party to child.

And again officer Demi Love had to shut it down.  The Buckinghams know how to throw a birthday party, apparently.

The garden started growing, then it snowed one last time.  The cowplant which still held Kennedy's essence, was placed in the garden.  However, it was early Sunday morning and the Buckinghams decided to go to the park after it warmed up a bit outside.

Martin didn't bother changing out of his pajamas, crazy kiddo.

Lacy and Tyson sat down to have a cup of coffee, and Martin whipped out pole and began fishing in the pond at the park.  Lacy was so glad it was spring time the garden was out and fun family outings were to be had.

There was a cookout...of course.  Martin couldn't understand why it was snowing during spring.

Upon returning home, Tyson felt it was time to call the Garden Club.  Since he had been working the garden, he wished to get a perfect garden score. So work was done on the lot, to hopefully pass the intense inspection.

While Tyson called the Garden Club lady, Lacy swung Martin around outside.  There is very little flat ground here.  

Tyson:  Thank you for coming, Ms. Zarubin.  This is very exciting I never thought I would ever be trying to get into the Garden Club!

Tiffany:  Just about everyone in this town is getting in the Garden Club sonny.  If ya like to garden, this is the place to be!

Lacy having a gold gardening badge, placed herself in the garden to pull the weeds that suddenly started springing up.  Tyson just wasn't fast enough to get them as the garden inspectors looked at everything.

Garden Club Guy:  Hmmm...beautiful bushes.

Guy:  Like the lights too!

Wow,  didn't realize the Garden Club looked at the flowers in the window, available in build mode.

Heh.  Left the wishing well on the deck since there wasn't a place flat enough in the yard.

Tyson earned the bronze badge in gardening...

And received admittance to Peerless Park.  Go you, Tyson!  Yes, that is a tombstone in the back of the garden among the trees.  It is Kennedy's.

This ends this week with the Buckinghams, Martin gobbling down some eggs before the school bus came on Monday Morning.

Tyson earned the hobby plaque in science and joined the Garden Club.  Those were the only achievements this round.  I was more focused on just trying to play the lot..period.  It is uneven, difficult to play.  The camera was hard to position to take pictures...wish I had not built this wonder of a house.  heh

Anyway, this is the end of round 5. Thank you for reading, and keep on Simmin'!  Next up - Summary!


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  1. yes not a lot of plagues and hobby card this round just the usual wishing well lol.