Saturday, March 19, 2016

Round 3 Status

Round 3 Scoring


Rnd 2 score was 39 that is an increase of 32%  Not as good as last round, when the increase was 38%.  ASimWen is slacking!

Alright, so I do not have finishing bonuses figured into this.  I will add those eventually.

Swan Legacy:

Nothing new going on here.  These points won't kick in for a while, once the generations get going!

Round 4, on the way!  Thank you for reading!

Round 3. University

Round 3 - University!  Here we come!~  Only one this round, Lacy Gold.  Lacy is a Fortune Sim like her sister Belle and wants to be a Hall of Famer.

Rumple drops his daughter off at University

Freshman Year

Upon her arrival, she runs into Mona Booth.

Mona what are you doing?  Leaving flowers for August? live with him already back in the 'hood.  He isn't here sistah....good bye...

Even though Lacy was here without any family members or friends from back home, she did have a friend here,  Trent Barrett.  She met him when she came to the dorm for Belle's graduation party.  He is in Secret Society, and Lacy is already friends with him.

Thank you August Booth for the wishing well.  Lacy hit it twice for friends...BSOC done.

Epic battle between Llama and Cow....can you guess who won?

Trip to the Secret Society netted 3 cleaning skill points, seeing how she is going to need them for her job as a Hall of Famer.  She needs three more than it is maxed out.   Will be going back.

Made the cowplant happy.

It was difficult keeping up her aspiration, the only thing points worthy that she spun up was "blog about Arts and Crafts" "talk about hobby"...ugh....wouldn't even spin up Write Term Paper.  So that meant the only thing that could be used to get quick boosts of aspiration....  L-O-V-E.

The well gives her Kennedy Cox.  Three bolt attraction.  :)  Now she can date her way through University, happily.

Onward Oh Noble Sophomore!!!

Sophomore Year

Lacy changed her major from Economics to Drama.  Better for her LTW of Become A Hall of Famer.

She then decided to hit the wishing well again for romance...the field is wide open, in other words, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

Woo Tyson Buckingham...verrrry interesting genetics~!  Mixed with hers, what would the kids look like?   Two bolt attraction!

Oh look!  He is a Family Sim and has spun up Get Engaged to Lacy.  :)  We'll see!

In the mean time Lacy has been vigilant working on her new nature hobby.  Just sleeping in the tent every night has given her 4 points of hobby enthusiasm.  Now she is working on a small garden.  Hello Peerless Park!

Silver badge...almost there!

Hello Junior year!  Halfway thru Uni, with two husband prospects.

Junior Year

It was quite slow for Lacy only gardening and sleeping in the tent....influencing other Sims to do her term paper cuz she couldn'g quite do it herself.  So she took up toy making.

Bronze badge.....and in between toy making Lacy continued working on the nature hobby plaque.

Which included getting stung by bees every now and then.

Silver badge!  Yeah Lacy!

You are now the gardening expert, Lacy!  You have a gold gardening badge, and a green thumb!

Good ol' Tyson would come over and fill Lacy up with aspiration so she could power up on the energizer....when there was just no other way.  She preferred to sleep in the tent to work on the nature hobby plaque but she just could not get the comfort up enough.

Look at you!  A Senior.  Hopefully this year you can finish up the hobby plaque in Nature, and get that gold in toymaking.

Senior Year

This is the year in when a young Sim YA's life pulls together.

It was high time Lacy spun up a wish to write her own term paper.  And she did it!    Didn't take her long, it was fall again by now.  Writing the term paper and skilling is super fast in the fall.

Toy making was still on the agenda.  Being maxed out in creativity helps to perfect this skill, and get the gold toy making badge.

Talking to Trees

Since Lacy now possessed a gold badge in gardening, she was able to talk to plants to make them perfect plants, completely thriving.  Which she did when there was nothing else to do.

And there it is!

As promised, a trip was made back to the Secret Society so cleaning skills could be maxed using the fingerprint scanner gun.   Now she is ready to get to the top of the Hall of Famer career with little fanfare.


She took a look around at the available single men.  Dang, she was attracted to all of them except her dorm mate.  (in the red bandana).  For ASimWen's taste, none of them had genetics as unusual as Kennedy Cox or Tyson Buckingham.  Yes, I admit it.  I play for genetics in TS2.  I just can't get that in TS3 or 4.

It was nearly time to leave the Secret Society, as the test time for Final Exam was quickly approaching.  However, Lacy decided to work in a couple of Charisma points.  While ASimwen watched this....there was something going on in the corner.  Ugh.  Missed it.

The cowplant ate Forest Somebody.  The next time a Knowledge Sim is in the dorm, they will come right over here and get this tombstone and take it back to the dorm so it can be haunted.

Go you, Lacy!  Time to go back to the hood and start your life there with either Kennedy or Tyson.


Alright then.  Lacy gained:

1.  The Nature Hobby Plaque
2.  A Gold Badge in Gardening
3.  A Gold Badge in Toy Making.
4.  Gained admittance into the Secret Society
5.  Big Sim On Campus

So far I haven't had any interest in setting up a Greek there are lots of ways to get points in this challenge.  When only one Sim is being played thru Uni, it is easy to work in all kinds of accomplishments.  Hmmm.  Me thinks I need to come up with a "system" to do this with all Sims, no matter how many of them are in the building!

See you back in the hood!  Keep on Simmin'!


Round 3. Swan Legacy

Emma Swan - Family - Graduate 3 from University
Phil Jitmaksol - Knowledge - Become A Mad Scientist
Leroy - Grow Up

Heidi-Ho Neighbors!  Here we are visiting the Swan Legacy lot of Prosperity Two, round 3.  Last round:  Emma and Phil spent copious amounts of time skilling for their jobs.  Emma was still struggling to work her way up in the education career field, and Phil found a job in his LTW of Science.  Baby Leroy was born and shortly after, Emma began having yearnings for her old lover Rodney Jung.  She had a brief fling with him, and we ended the round with Emma making a run for the bathroom.   Let's get down to business and see what is going on now!

Looks like Emma and Phil are in the bedroom having a discussion, and the inheritance icon appears over Emma's head.  Golly, there has been lots of deaths this round.  Who is this from?  Ah.  Red Nolan, James's aunt.  Didn't realize Emma and Red knew each other that well.

When the lot closed last round Emma had held a wish for 4 days to get engaged to Rodney.  It has now been downgraded to "talk to Rodney" so we won't break up the happy relationship she has with Phil.  At least not right now.  heh

On Tuesday it was Leroy's birthday.  By now Emma was showing with her second pregnancy.  Oh who is the daddy?  Emma has not shown any wishes to get married, only engaged.  Note the co worker on the left who came home from work with Emma, then there is James Nolan who came over for the party, and of course Phil.

Who does Leroy look like?

Emma decided to use maternity leave to work on the garden.  Being a legacy house, the wishing well will be needed!  She is also going to try for the nature hobby plaque.

After school on his very first day, Leroy brought a friend home from school, and quickly made a new friend.

Looky at that!  Emma made it to Peerless Park!

Phil gets a promotion....

And someone drops by with a present.  OOohhh what is he leaving?  An expensive vase?  A karaoke machine?  Or perhaps a telescope?

Ya gotta be kiddin' me.  A picnic table set?????  lol

Bronze badge.  Yay!

Phil:  That was some kind of woo-hoo....

Emma:  Yes, and look what it got us.  Another one on the way.

Leroy brings a friend home after school.  And so it looks like Viola Reamon has reached some kind of milestone with Leroy.  She is getting aspiration points!

Leroy flips aspiration.  He had a wish to make friends with Viola.

Leroy wanted to do his homework, and Emma had a wish to teach him!  Sounds like a great match to me!

It was time for baby number two.

A baby girl named Lana.  What a cutie patootie!

In the mean time, work on the garden goes on.  It will be time soon for the garden club inspection.  Emma continually hit the energizer so she could work on the yard around the clock when she wasn't working or taking care of Lana.

Phil is now a Science Teacher.  Does he work at the same school where Emma does?  heh

Speaking of Emma, she still worked hard in the Education field in between gardening and being mom.

Alright so this is a picture of the lot as it is going to be presented to The Garden Club in an attempt to win the wishing well.

The garden was fixed up a bit with some ornamental plants and lights, and of course the lady bug houses.  Garden Club loves those.  Emma worked hard to get everything ship shape.

Emma called for the gardener to come and help her keep the garden clean of weeds and watered while the Garden Club inspectors did their thing.

A bug free plant!

Around the pond.
The Garden Club loves to see a pond on the lot with ornamental plants around it/in it.  Like these cat tails and then some lily pads floating in the water.

The gardener leaves, but the inspection still went on.  But Emma felt as though she had a good chance of getting the wishing well for her legacy family.

Woo Hoo!  Not only did the legacy lot get $1,458, it was also given the wishing well.   That will be put to good use.

And the house is stripped of the things that would not be kept after the inspection.  The sculpture, the fountain, the big trees in the back.

The gardening excitement over, back to hum drum skilling.  Phil was very happy to max

Soon it was Lana's birthday.  And looky who came when invited...Russ Bear.  Nobody seemed to note that he was there.  Dang he did just rip them off not too long ago.

Looked like Rumple Gold was attempting to sock Russ in the arm, but they were just dancing.  Geesh.  Yes, Russ ripped the Golds off too.

And the cutie patootie Lana.  Love her cuteness!

Garden work continues as Emma is still working on getting the Nature Hobby Plaque.  She nets the Gold Gardening Badge!  Way to go!

Phil has been working it too!  He is awarded the bronze.

It soon became apparent that baby number 3 was on the way.  Phil just sits and eats and daydreams.

Phil decided it was time to make an honest woman out of Emma, even though she never rolled "get married" which ASimWen found to be highly unusual for a Family Sim.  Friends were called for the hitchin' ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Jitmakusol!

Yummo cake!!!!!  Note lovebirds Henry and Belle Mills in the background making out.  heh

Belle and Henry Mills
I just love this couple.  Hope they have children next round.

Young Leroy harvests the orange tree.  I don't know that I recall having Sim kids do this before.

And we finish out the week with solid proof that baby 3 is on the way.

Next up, University!  It will be quick, there is only one Sim.  Lacy Gold!

Thanks for reading, and keep on Simmin'!


PS - Lana's baby daddy is Phil!  :)