Sunday, May 8, 2016

Round 5. Mills

Belle (Gold) Mills - Fortune - Be A World Class Ballet Dancer
Henry Mills - Knowledge - Be A Mad Scientist
Henrietta - Grow Up
Two Doggos Spot and Rikki

Last Round: Belle reached her lifetime want of becoming The Law.  She was now a big time attorney.  She also realized that Spot was working too hard and allowed him to quit work, having brought home Rikki whom she hoped would help keep him company.  Turned out Spot and Rikki were a prefect match and ended the round expecting puppies.  Henry and Belle went on an Oriental vacation hoping this would ease stress as they had not gotten pregnant yet themselves while their friends were popping out babies right and left.  It was a success, Belle got pregnant the second day into the vacation.  In the mean time Henry learned to teleport from the Ninja.  Upon returning home from vacation, Henry fulfilled his lifetime want and became head of the SCIA.  Little Henrietta was born and aged to toddler.  Let's see what they are up to this week!

Rikki's puppies were born as soon as the lot was opened.  ASimWen was watching old timey westerns on these puppies were named Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Festus Parker.  Off to animal control they went.

Belle enjoyed some eggplant juice using eggplants from the garden, and gained a cleaning skill point.  She needed creativity.

Henry's mother Cora (Mills) Gold dropped by to spend some time with granddaughter Henrietta.  This was Henrietta's birthday, so the party commenced!

Happy birthday to you!

Ha!  ASimWen managed to get a birthday picture of the birthday girl!

Of course Balin the wolf showed up, without the glowing Leader of the Pack eyes.  Belle made sure to give him some special attention.  She decided to pop the question.

She offered him a dog house of his own and more food than he could possibly eat every day.  He wasn't ready to be tied down, and left the party right away.

The birthday party was a big success.  Henry as he had every day, checked the job listings for a job in science.  And low and behold it finally came up.  He wanted to be a Mad Scientist.  Why not?  He nabbed a job as  a Theorist and gained a neato medicine maker machine.  It was stashed in the basement.

Mother Nature finally decided to send some snow on top of Belle's garden on the last day of winter.  Belle had a couple of days off work so used it to take care of the precious eggplants that were growing.  They started to grow sickly, but being that she had the ability to "talk to plants" she talked them through the cold crisis.

One more LTW down for Henry.  Next one?  To become a Space Pirate.  And there was no waiting for the right job ad this time..

It came up right away, and Henry grabbed it.

Oh but he needed charisma skill for this job.  Belle gave him pointers using her Litigator Podium and he was skilled up in no time.

Rikki had a second litter of pups.  These were named Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, and Toto.  Off to Animal Control they went.

Amazingly, Henry gained the nature hobby plaque before Belle did.  Seemed like she was always the one out there working in the garden.

Not to be out done, Henrietta was given membership to Wills Garage.  She was well on her way to the Tinkering plaque!

When she wasn't tinkering, she was talking to grandma on the phone.

The doggos Spot and Rikki presented four more puppies......heh  And incidentally became pregnant again right away.

Henry and Henrietta working together on the train set in the basement.  Lots of great father daughter time~!

It didn't take long, and Henrietta earned the Tinkering plaque.  Now she could concentrate on her first and dance.

Grandpa Gold dropped by to spend some time with her.  Loving how the Golds go out of their way to stop by and see family.

While working for a creativity point for job promotion (no education bookcase here or tons of eggplants!!!) Belle gains membership to My Muse.  It began to look like she and Henrietta would be working toward this at the same time!

And ending promotions for this round::

Henry won top spot in Adventurer and became a Space Pirate.  New LTW:  to Become a Media Magnate.  heh  Belle's...

Reached the top of the Dance career track.  New LTW:  Become Hand of Poseidon.  That is the first time it has come up in the neighborhood!

Notes:  The doggos contributed 10 puppies this round to be adopted later on!  How cool!  When they were adopted at the store, ASimWen made sure their personalities matched perfectly, and that they were friendly dogs.

Next up:  The Swan Legacy

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  1. no garden club this time (I know it's winter time). Everybody seems to be growing quicker and everybody's get's their ltw quicker too if they have been to college.

  2. Wow, so many promotions. I don't know why I don't get eggplant growing up after uni, it would make sense to do it. These guys are going to have all kinds of study objects. The next gen, if you ever play here again, wouldn't even need a bookcase. :)