Sunday, May 8, 2016

Round 5. Swan Legacy

Emma (Swan) Jitmakusol - Family - Graduate Three Children from College
Phil Jitmakusol - Knowledge - Become a Mad Scientist
Leroy Swan - Popularity - Become Media Magnate
Lana Swan - Grow Up
Jennifer Jitmakusol - Grow Up

Last Visit - Oh my but it was the time of birthdays last round!  Leroy and Lana both had birthdays, and Jennifer was born.  Leroy grew up a Pop Sim and will be leaving for Uni this round.  He gained admittance into Peerless Park.  Lana was difficult to keep happy was always complaining about low fun...this spurring her to spend a lot of time with Jennifer once the baby aged up to toddler.  Emma gained the hobby plaque for Nature...and became the Education Minister.  Phil gained a silver badge in fishing, and lastly....Leroy painted Emma's portrait as the legacy founder.  What happened this week???

Lana's portrait.  ASimWen is pleased this was painted before she aged.

Emma:  Ewwww.  How did these get here?

Phil:  I'm gonna do it...I'm gonna do it...become a master fisherman!!!  Lucky me, it is winter and the water isn't frozen over.

Gee - Don't remember what Emma was doing to get this.  At any rate, she is now "in" with the artsy crowd!

Congratulations, Phil!!!  Now run inside, it is Jennifer's birthday.

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Jennifer:  Yay me!

ASimWen:  My oh my, what beautiful blue eyes you have!

**GACK!!!**  Leroy picked up Jennifer's birthday cake and disposed of it before anyone could have a bite! I don't believe I have ever seen that before!

Weeellll that's alright.  There were two more birthdays to go through.  Lana and Emma....aged up right as Lana began to blow out candles.

OOhh Emma what a beautiful senior you make!

Lana grew up a Pleasure Sim, and wishes to have 50 1st dates.  Wowzers.  Between her and all the Romance Sims in the hood wanting 20 loves, the wishing wells get great workouts!

Naturally she wanted to flirt right away...out to the wishing well she trooped.

Tommy Ottomas came out of the well.  Good as any!!!

At last !  Someone in this neighborhood who doesn't think tinkering is the best thing ever!!!  *Jennifer*

Jennifer:  Wheeeeee!!!!!

Phil:  I am now a Mad Scientist...what do I want to do now???  Why, max all skills, of course!

Alright.  At this point ASimWen looked over all the photos taken of this round.  It is nothing but accomplishments...which means ASimWen was on auto pilot playing.  So I am just going to write this up with picture captions.

Bronze flower badge for Emma.
Lana gets into Games of Glory
Shortly followed by Jennifer.
Leroy gets Arts and Craft Hobby Plaque
Leroy:  I don't know...I just went crazy painting picture after picture.

Sherlock Gold Date
Lana came home from school wanting to date.  Her first date?  Sherlock Gold.

Not a friend anymore???

Made this picture extra big so the caption could be read.  As soon as the date started, Sherlock was no longer anyone's friend!  hehehe

First Kiss
These two have a two bolt attraction...but highly unlikely Lana will get married being that her LTW is 50 first dates.  Who knows, tho!  :)  They fell in crush during this date.

Poor Phil came home from work with a cold, so Emma whipped up some soup.

Phil:  OOohhh....don't feel so good....uuuggghhhh...

Emma: Here you go Phil.  Slurp it up.

Speaking of Phil.....

Phil took a new job being that he was going to age to elder soon.

Phil:  Now that it is spring time and I am over my cold, I can come out here and work on the garden.

Jennifer:  And I can work on my Games hobby plaque!!!

Leroy:  Just helpin' dad get the garden ready for inspection.

Leroy:  Then time to work on my Science hobby plaque which really is my favorite hobby.  Don't know why I stood at the easel and painted so much.  Because you kept rolling the wants, silly!!!

Lana wants to date again.
Oh wishing well, bring me somebody kewl!!!

Lana:  Hi who ever you are.  *flirt flirt*!!


Gaming hobby plaque for Lana

Emma demoted through a chance card.  Funny how Family Sims are still happy when they get demoted.

Lana gets into Peerless Park while fishing.
And she got the bronze badge.
Silver badge in Flower Arranging for Emma

Aspirational Laboratories for Leroy
Silver in Gardening for Phil
Garden Club time
Leroy:  Yes Ms. Zarbuin, I am ready.

Tiffany:  Alrighty then.  Let's check it out.

Let's get started.
(For some reason it felt like this particular inspection was agonizingly slow.  Uggh...)

Yummo fruit coming soon!
Games plaque for Jennifer
Of course right in the middle of inspection this happened taking my eyes of the garden....

Phil is in like Flynn, even though he left for work in the middle of the inspection.  I guess the Sim who calls doesn't have to stay for the whole thing.  Phil had the memory of getting in Garden Club.

Saturday night Jennifer ages up while mom and dad is at work...Lana provided a cake.

Yet another Pop Sim...this one wants to be Captain Hero.

Emma comes home and promotes back up from the demotion.  This is her last promotion of the round.

Two glowing gaming Sims playing.  Lana and Jennifer.

Phil's last promotion of the round.

Both Leroy and Lana left for University.  And that's it!

This round was a lot of fun...and keeping track of everything was a riot.  Next up, the Lacy (Gold) Buckingham lot!

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