Sunday, May 8, 2016

Round 5. Nolan

David- Knowledge - Become a Media Magnate
James - Pleasure - Have 50 First Dates (probably not)
Regina - Popularity - Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends
Neal - Grow Up

Last Visit - Regina reached the top of her career and became The Law, fulfilling her LTW making her perm plat.  She also attained a gold badge in gardening, and made it into the Garden Club winning the wishing well.  She also achieved the hobby plaque in Culinary.  James worked his way up to two hobby plaques...Gaming and Music and Dance.  David  reached the top of Education fulfilling a LTW and began working in the garden along side Regina and hoped to get a gold badge, garden club, and hobby plaque in Nature.  Neal began working on the Tinkering hobby plaque.

The first part of this entry is All About David.  David is the patriarch of the Nolans, and I really had not given him much press or screen time as I didn't want him to get married and have children, I wanted his son James to have that honor.  But now David is in his golden years.  He has worked tirelessly over three different careers without a complaint to provide for his family.  He is now thinking about doing things that pleasure him and being 'grandpa'.  It is Monday night, and everyone was so busy did not realize it was David's birthday.

David:  Yahoo!  I aged up in a decent suit of clothes.  Very leisure like!  But confound it!  I can't hardly see outt'n these sunglasses....I think I need to visit my eye doctor and get me a new pair of glasses....

Ahhhh.  Nice to not think about having to go to the office every day.  Now I can pay attention to my grandchildren and do a little gardening!

David:  Oh daughter, is it time....

Regina:  Dad!  Get James!  NOW!

David:  WooHoo!  A pretty little grand daughter with big brown eyes like her mamma...

James:  I can't believe I am daddy to a little girl...

Welcome Nichole!

Regina:  Goodbye dad!  Have a great first day in retirement!

David:  Good morning Ms. Zarubin.  Thank you for considering my membership into the Garden Club!  I am retired now and I think I could be a great asset to the club.

Seems a little snarky!

Good job!
Loves those lights
Another wishing well for the Nolans.

Nature Plaque
Nature lady:   Hello Mr. Nolan.  In recognition to your great work here is a plaque with a couple of trees on it.

David:  Thank you!  I will cherish it for the next few sim weeks that I am alive.

Nature lady:  Keep on fishing and you will get a golden fishing badge.

David:  Thanks!  I'll remember that!

David:  Woah look!  I am up to silver...

It's Nichole's birthday!   Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....

She looks a a lot like Regina.... need to get rid of the mummy costume though.....

James:  Say daddy!  D-a-d-d-y!  Daddy!

Nichole:  No, no, no!!!!

Oh No!

Regina:  Hi there....I would like to report that my dog Alegra ran away.  Yes. What???  Of course not.  We have always given her plenty to eat and lots of attention. Oh well...she has been fighting with her mate a lot lately.  His name is Rover.  Yes he is still here.  Look.  Can't you...if....if you see her could you bring her home?  The kids really miss her.   Thank you.

James:  I am tired of working in a kitchen at night, even cooking for celebrities.  I want a day job...might as well take this one.

David:  I am now a master I only need to be a master fisherman.


Neal:  Lana Swan came home with me from school, and wanted to be friends.  Grandpa and Grandma Gold stopped by too cuz it was my birthday.

Neal:  Lana left and went home before I could get my candles blown out, but that was okay.

Gonna need some new threads.....

Neal:  I think I am going to take after Grandpa Gold and be of the Romantic persuasion... (LTW 20 Simultaneous Loves...easy peasy...with the Wishing Well....)

Neal:  Oh wishing well...please send a lovely girl my way for a sweet kiss!

A sweet girl from the wishing well...Jennifer Suwankiri
First Kiss

Neal:  Jennifer, would you like to go downtown and help me pick out some new clothes?

Jennifer:  Sure!!!!

Neal:  Great!  We'll take dad's Mustang.....

Neal:  Jennifer thanks for helping me pick out this stuff.  I don't know anything about matching up clothes.

Jennifer:  It was fun!  Neal I had a good time...but I need to go home now.  See you later.

Neal:  Buh-Bye Jennifer.

Neal:  Ha.  Just what I need.  A new cell phone!   Well, I have spent enough of dad's money.  Time for me to get home too!

Neal:  Time to look up more stuff about tinkering.

David:  You younguns and your computer time.  Ya need to be outside fishin' and gardenin' and all that.  (David racks up a gold badge in fishing).

David:  Think I'll make me some eggplant juice.  Good for the ol' grey matter.

David maxes all skills
David:  Ahhhhh....I knew I would feel better!

Career no. 2 for James

Regina:  Now that our family is the perfect size, I think I will switch careers as well!  Oh, I think I will take this one.  I already have most of the needed qualifications....nothing like jumping from law to politics!

Senator Regina Nolan!
Hobby plaque in Tinkering

Neal:  Now I know all there is to know about tinkering.  Another plaque for the wall.

James:  Hi Miz Zarubin.  I would like to get in the Garden Club like my dad and wife did.

Tiffany:  Ok sonny...let's see what you got!

Regina, quickly texting...."I am in place James.  I will get the weeds!"

James, texting back:  Thanks!  I will keep the bushes trimmed...


REALLY???  Of course.

Regina leaves her post in the greenhouse.  "You found Alegra?  Yes, yes of course!  Bring her home!!!!"

Suspicious Dog
Alegra:  Fricken..fracken...what am I doing back here.

James wins another wishing well for the Nolans.  They now have three.  It was stashed in Neal's backpack.

Alegra was not happy to be back home!  She growled and barked at everybody!  Could be that she was just having senior dog issues...she immediately had a birthday to elder.

Rover was not happy to see her either.  They started to fight again.  (Ignore the toddler sleeping in the doghouse....)  He was now an elder dog too.

It was Nichole's birthday.  My oh my what a happy child!

Ha!  ASimWen managed to get a picture of a sim child on birthday!  Pretty, like her mother!

Reading about technology!
Nichole:  Yup, just reading all about tinkering in the paper.  I want to tinker like my brother Neal.

This is as good as it gets with the Nolans and eating meals together.  Managed to get this picture on Sunday, their day of 'doing nothing'.  However, the garden still needed to be weeded at night, and there are still individuals in this household that did not have a hobby plaque in Nature.  Regina and James.

James received his gold badge in gardening early Sunday morning after weeding a hothouse full of eggplants.

And we end this round with the Nolans with Neal heading off to University.  Yeah, I should have kept him in the hood another week, but he has treasure in his backpack that needs to go to the dorm.

Thank you for keeping up with ASimWen's Prosperity Two.

Next up:  The GOLDS!



  1. Treasure in the backpack lol. You certainly have the knack for getting wishing well's. All the children are growing up fast

  2. Wow, nice job with all the wishing wells. I like this family.