Sunday, May 8, 2016

Round 5 University Part II

Here we are with Part II, University.

Joining Lila and Neal are brother and sister Leroy and Lana Swan, from the Swan Legacy.  Per legacy rules, the heir taking over the household must marry an Leroy will be keeping his eye out.

Leroy Swan - Popularity - Wants to Become a Media Magnate.  Heir to the Swan legacy.

Lana Swan - Pleasure - Wants 50 1st Dates.  Good thing there are two wishing wells on this lot.  Probably should have brought a third one.  Sorry Lana...that silver evening gown will have to go.

Right away Leroy and Lana went to University Shoppes to buy clothes and phones.  Lila and Neal tagged along.

Lila:  Oh!

Lila and Neal share a hug, and one of Neal's loves....Kaylynn Miguel... sees them.  Shock!

Well it wasn't Neal who got smacked silly, it was Lila.  How funny.

Back at the dorm, the accolades continued.

Lila gets access to My Muse II - Art Studio
Leroy gets membership to Sue's Kitchen while skilling culinary.

Lana gets abducted by the Secret Society the first day.  She was already friends with Lila and Neal, then just found one more SS person while in town buying clothes.

Neal gets bronze in Robotics
Silver in Toymaking for Lila. 
Ha.  Caught this one.  For some reason no balloon pops saying the badge was won.

Constantly working the crafting tables and gardening is hard work.  Lila takes a hit of Pepper Punch to gain energy.

While doing some simple "dating", Lana gained membership to My Muse II because of working the flower arranging table.     She draws from the pool of people who pop out of the well.  Having to do 50 1st dates means she will date all types!

***GACK***!!!   Leroy gets shoved around by his dad for looking through the telescope.  heh Leroy is working toward the Science hobby plaque.

ZZZZAaaaappppp!  Having robotics experts in house means the cow will have second thoughts before trying to come in the dorm.

Neal gets his gold in gardening.

Lila gets the Arts and Crafts hobby plaque.

She then started on Music and Dance, but kept complaining about actually dancing.  She hates it...would start dancing,  then hunch over like she didn't want anyone to watch her.  Then she would simply walk away from the stereo.  ASimWen figured it wasn't for her.  So she started doing yoga for fitness.

Bronze in flower arranging for Lana.

Leroy finally gets abducted, and gets the kewl suit.

Silver in flower arranging for Lana.

Leroy finishes up with the Science plaque while watching the SimWeather channel.

Ha.  Lana is getting lots of love letters due to all the dating she has been doing.

Gold in robotics for Neal.

Leroy takes over the robotics table and gains admittance to Wills Garage.

Arts and Crafts hobby plaque for between all the dating!

After all this was time for final exams.

Lana was now a Sophomore!

Neal finally made it to his Senior year.

Leroy and Lila's final exam was at the same hour.  Leroy moved to his Sophomore year, and Lila was now a Senior.

Alright.  Time to show off some that is basically all this University play is.

Gold in Toys for Neal
Gold in Flower Arranging for Lana
Gold in Robotics for Leroy

Lila and Neal start working on Fitness.

Leroy wins the the Tinkering plaque

Lila beat Neal to the Fitness plaque.   Neal kept slipping out of yoga form and running over to the computer to play.  He would also go outside to see who Lana was dating.

Occasionally Lana would get some of the same folks out of the wishing well that Neal did, and that made for quick thinking on ASimWen's part to keep everyone separated.  Lana couldn't afford to lose anyone with her needed high date count of 50.  Or to make Neal's girlfriend Lila jealous!  One wish gave Lana both the Diva and Mr. Big at the same time for friends.

Lana is not getting date gifts since she isn't staying in the date long enough to make it a dream date...but she is getting lots of love letters.  Why, Leroy pulled 5 of them out of the mailbox one day.

Neal finally earned the Fitness Hobby Plaque.  Good for him!

Gold in Toymaking for Leroy

Culinary Hobby Plaque for Lana
 And since Neal and Lila finished up fitness, they started on Film and Literature.

Neal - Membership Card
They spent their last semester of University writing books.

Lila - Membership Card
So is time to wrap up this chapter of University.  If your brains are not numb from reading about the plaque getting and badge earning.

So in case you wondered:

Neal Nolan

Neal's 20 loves were generous with date gifts.  He received:

One DJ Booth

Three Soma 44" Pancake Tek Televisions.  He had actually taken one of these to University with him, so he donated one to the dorm.  Got rid of that little boxy TV. 

One Pinball Machine

And one (didn't get a picture) Bust of Tylopoda.  All of these goodies were crammed into his backpack for future posterity.

Robotics Gold
Toy Making Gold
Flower Arranging Gold
Gardening Gold

Arts and Crafts
(What no Nature???)  heh

Wrote one book and started on another one.

Lila Booth:

Robotics Gold
Toy Making Gold
Gardening Gold

Arts and Crafts

Wrote one book and started on another one.

Both them them started University with a hobby plaque in Tinkering.

And Last But Not Least::::

Neal proposed.

WooHoo!!!  Yay!!!!  Neal gets right on the phone to call for a taxi back to the hood.

Buh-Bye Neal.  Good riddance.

And Buh-Bye Lila Booth.  See you back in the hood!

Lana Swan:

Is up to 28 first dates on her 50 first dates LTW.  Whew.  22 dates and two more years to go.

Leroy Swan:

Nothing outstanding going on.  Earning lots of badges and plaques.  Two more years to go.

Thanks for reading everyone and putting up with these long winded Uni updates.  :)  Next up: Round 6!

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. Well you certainly make your simmies work hard during university. Do you use the energizers all the time so you can make them work 24hrs a day doing all the hobby plagues?

    1. Yes I also use the juices from the garden. strawberry/lemonade gives instant plat mood for energizing...and pepper punch gives energy if there isn't an energizer available. Thus...the reasons for the garden other than getting the gold badges and nature plaque. My Simmies never slept....