Monday, April 4, 2016

Round 4. Mills

Henry Mills - Knowledge - LTW - Become Head of SCIA
Belle (Gold) Mills - Fortune - Become The Law

Last visit:  Henry and Belle returned home from Sim State having graduated Summa Cum Laude and sat about getting Cora's garden in order.  It was full of weeds!  Found jobs in their fields and a grand wedding was had.  The dog Spot was adopted and Belle insisted that he get a job right away.  While at a party at the Nolans, Belle purchased another puppy named Flash, but to her chagrin realized Flash was a male like Spot.  A burglar attempted to burgle the house, but Officer Demi Love was on the job and caught Jessica Ebadi in the act.   No children yet for the Millses....let's look in and see what is going on.

Ah.  Belle wants a baby.  After all, all her friends have had a baby, and some are on the second one!

Henry wants to become a father, as his buddies James Nolan and August Booth have entered into the sacred realm of fatherhood.  The Mills name must carry on!

Belle and Spot leave for work at the same time Monday morning, sharing the carpool.  Instead of moving to a larger lot and building a new house, they just remodeled their old one.  They dug out a basement under the house and added an upstairs to the living area.  They wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for children.

Belle was presented with a problem right away!

It was nice to be offered charisma points, but she was already maxed out in charisma.  However, she received something much better than charisma points.

Belle was promoted to The Law.  Henry was so happy for Belle, he declared it was time to go on vacation.  They had both worked so hard on their careers, perhaps the stress was keeping them from getting pregnant.

So off they went to the Far East.

They drank tea....

Learned how to do a Acupuncture massage...

And lounged in the hot springs.  They also went shopping for souvenirs and clothes.....

Then....when Henry was feelin' a little frisky and joined Belle in the changing room, it happened.  Yes, the cashier laughed at them, being that woohoo in the changing room is hard to ignore and all.  Among other things, chimes were heard.  Belle and Henry were finally going to be parents!

Belle would tire easily and started spending more time at the hotel.  But she did accompany Henry to the Pagoda in the Shadows and learned a great story.

Henry went out and learned how to teleport from the ninja.

Belle could never answer the questions correctly no matter how she answered....and was denied the secret to teleportation seven times!  Perhaps it was because she was pregnant.

The day before last of vacation, Henry shared the legend he learned from the old man.  He hoped to get locals dancing the Tia-chi so he could learn it but it was a futile effort.  All too soon it was time to go home.  Back to work, back to Spot.  But now there was a little one on the way!

Back home Belle and Henry spent many quiet evenings in their newly remodeled home.  Then one of those evenings, they received visitors.

Henry and Belle's parents....Rumple Gold and Cora (Mills) Gold.  Belle was happy to see her dad and wanted to tell him the good news about the baby.

Belle literally popped right in front of her dad...doesn't he look angry! haha
Rumple seemed tense.  Perhaps he thought himself too young to be a grandpa....

Belle was suddenly very tired and went to bed.  Henry stayed up with mom and dad and had a nice chat.  He told them about the vacation to the orient that he and Belle had went on.  He told them how excited he was to become a dad.  They were very happy at the thought at becoming grandparents!

In the meanwhile the gardening drama continued.  Last week Belle had complained about all the weeding Cora's abandoned garden required.  As the plants gave their all and were harvested out of the garden, Belle continued to weed and harvest what was left.  Suddenly she was a gardening expert, and was awarded a gold badge in gardening.

She also began to feel a tad guilty about Spot the dog working so much so off to the pet shop she and Henry went to purchase a girlfriend for him.  Thus Rikki the pit bull mix joined the Mills family.  She was very friendly and had the exact same personality Spot had.

While Belle was picking out Rikki, Henry hung out with the guys in the back of the building and grilled fish for everyone.  Note August Booth sitting to Henry's right.  August Booth was there to pick out a pet too.

And he did find a cat.  (This excites ASimWen...when a normally playable Sim buys a pet when not playable).

Back home, Rikki wasted no time making friends with everyone.

She even made friends with the mailman.  But Spot was a hold out.  He was suspicious of a new dog in the family.

Then, there was another addition to the family.  (Typical Sim having a baby in the bathroom).

Henrietta.  Such a cutie patooty little girl!

The same day Henrietta was born, her daddy Henry became the best in his career field.  It was then he thought he would like to break into the field of Science and become a Scientist.

It wasn't long after Henrietta was born her Aunt Lacy stopped by to meet her.

Makes one wonder if Lacy is dreaming of having her own baby girl.

All too soon it was time for Henrietta to grow up!  Family members were invited, and a party was had.

Henry wasted no time introducing Henrietta to smart milk and immediately began teaching her a few words of Simlish.

Cora (Mills) Gold and her daughter Regina (Mills) Nolan retired to the basement to watch a little TV and have some mother daughter time.  Regina will be adding to the Nolan family soon!  Apparently Grandma Cora was more interested in the new grand baby on the way, than the one upstairs aging up!

Well the two Sims who usually show up at other peoples parties and make out were the hosts this time (Henry and Belle (Gold) Mills, so a new couple took over being the make-out artists at this party.  August and Mona Booth.  Looks like August can hardly wait for his new little one to be born.

There it is.  Henry watched on full of disgust.  Henry has no room to talk!

And we leave the Millses with the new dog Rikki making friends with little Henrietta.  Daggone...that is one big dog.


  1. did spot ever get on with the new dog? I love toddlers cuddling the dogs so nice.

  2. Finally a new baby! She is a cutie! Hopefully the dogs get along well. I'm trying to get better at spreading pets around the hood. :)