Sunday, May 8, 2016

Round 5. Gold

Rumple Gold - Romance - LTW to have 20 Simultaneous Loves
Cora (Mills) Gold - Family - To Reach Golden Anniversary
Sherlock Gold - Grow Up
John Gold - Grow Up
Two Dogs - Eileen and Ichabod.  They are expecting puppies.

Last round:  Started out with just Rumple and Cora, as Rumple's two girls Lacy and Belle had moved out to get on with their adult lives.  Cora was pregnant and working as a Captain Hero.  Rumple had already taken a job in Athletic and was working his way up.  On Wednesday twins Sherlock and John were born.  (ASimWen was watching PBS's program Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch at the time).  Due to a game glitch John's age was set back two days, so Sherlock is older than he is.  Due to another game glitch, Cora spent a couple of days being invisible.  At that point, ASimWen decided to move them out of that house in Round 5, which you will see has been done.  So, let's get on with Round 5!

We start out Round 5 with the Golds moving them to a new house as promised in Round 4.  Yes, ASimWen spent some time building.  And, even used building cheats to build this house on uneven ground, on a foundation, with an attached garage.  She can do it if she wants to...take the time.  The Golds are on the second to the largest lot, room for everything a Prosperity house needs.

Greenhouse with orchard trees...for all the gardening, of course.

Back of the house, overlooking the pond.  For fishing badges.  Heh and plenty of healthy fish for the dinner table.  The house is built and decorated for inclusion into the Garden Club.  This setup will get in every time provided the garden plants are big enough.

ASimWen missed was Rumple's birthday.  Rumple:  "Of course you missed it.  You were still riding high on building this dad-berned house."

Rumple:  I see you didn't miss the one for my boy John!

ASimWen:  Of course I wouldn't miss a child's!

John:  WooHoo! I am no longer a little kid!

John:  (thinking)  That was good we have two dogs...where is my bed... 

Woops, make that three dogs.  In the middle of John's party Charles was born.  Rumple called for animal control to come and get him.

Cora and Rumple worked the greenhouse together.  It is imperative that Rumple get started on his LTW now that he is an elder.  Need that wishing well from the Garden Club.

When there was no gardening to do, Rumple worked on his book.  He is going for the Film and Lit hobby plaque.  He finished two books this round.

Promotion in the criminal field!  Go you Cora!

What's this...another birthday...and ASimWen didn't miss it.  heh  A party was held of course!

You make a sexy senior, Cora!

Right around this time Rumple received a bronze in gardening. 

The day after her birthday, Cora held an anniversary party and incidentally reached her life time want.  What is her new one?  Graduate three children from collage.  Entirely doable!

She invited her kids...and Rumple's kids...and a great party was had.  Cora even made baked Alaska. 

It was great having all the kids gathered around the table.

It was a fantastic party!  Now it was back to the humdrum life of gardening, and working toward hobby plaques and badges.

Life moves on....the gypsy brings a lamp.  Might come to good use!

It was Saturday by now and it was time to call the Garden Club.  The plants in the green house were in the second stage of growth, plenty big enough.

Pond Decorations

Statue in the green house

Unraked leaves
Heh, forgot it was now autumn and the leaves were now falling.  But that didn't make for a failing grade.

Rumple could now get started on his LTW.  He began to wish for friends from the wishing well.

Tosha Downie Love No. 2
Rosie Dai Love No. 3
No more loves until Round 6, being that this was started so late in the week. 

Cora ended the week as a Con Artist in the Criminal field.

And Rumple ended it as a Coach in the Athletic field.

Cora finally achieved the hobby plaque in Culinary....and....

A gold badge in gardening.

Sherlock had his birthday and his half brother and sisters came to see him age up and eat cake.

Standing close to his half sister Lacy (Gold) Buckingham, one can definitely see the resemblance. 

Sherlock rolled Popularity...and wants to become A General.  Thank goodness....didn't get another Media Magnate wannabe!

And to finish off the week...

Rumple received a silver in gardening...

And membership to Peerless Park.  Go you, Rumple!

Hard to believe these two are twins....thank you to the glitch last round that rolled John's age back two days.

I am loving the unique features of the Gold family.  Heh.  I will also mention that the dogs had another litter of three pups that were immediately sent off to animal control; and the doggos are pregnant again. Unlike the dogs at the Nolan house, these two dogs like each other.

Thank you for up....The Mills!


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  1. Wow that was quite a busy round. I love all the hobby plaques you are getting.