Saturday, April 22, 2017

Round 6 Stats

Round 6 Scoring


Well, showing a nice increase over last round.  At the end of Round 5, the score was 168.  So that is an increase of 53 points, or 24%.  Not bad, but not as good as increase  round 4 to round 5.  That was 29%  ASimWen is slippin'!  It is tough to remember to record all the acheivements on the spreadsheet. Who knows, I might have missed something.

It seems that the strategy I have been taking is go for all the hobby plaques and badges...then do the gardening, which I like to play the most in TS2.  It is a relief to play Prosperity and not put tons of Sims in the neighborhood, and still get decent points.

Numbers of Sims

Last round the population was only 27.  So and increase of 5....that is an increase of 16%.  As long as that number does not outpace the Prosperity base point system I think everything will be OK!  (And yes, I am counting dead Sims)  If we are talking live Sims....Last round was 23, and this round 26.  So an net increase of 3 is in order....or an 11% increase.

Swan Legacy
I am up to 2.5 on the score...but not sure I am doing the scoresheet right.  *sigh*.  At this point I think I would just be happy to finish 10 generations.

Anyway that is it!  See you in Round7!  Thank you so much for reading!



Round 6 University

Yippee!!!  Here we are in University again.  I love love love Uni when playing Prosperity for points.  So many points can be gained in badges and plaques right here.

So who is here:

Lily Booth - Family - Become Education Minister - Junior yr
Nichole Nolan - Fortune - Have 6 Pets reach TOC - Junior yr
Jennifer Jitmakusol (from the Swan Legacy) - Freshman - Become Captain Hero

Fresh from Prosperity 2 town...Jennifer Jitmakusol.  Her older sister and brother just finished up University last round.  When Jennifer graduates, it will fulfill her mother's wish to have three kids graduate from University.  Her sister Lana is the legacy heir, and plans to marry headmaster Korey Jitmakusol.  Pure coincidence that her fiancee has the same surname as her father.

Jennifer immediately went inside the dorm to claim a room, and hopped on the computer to blog about games.  While ASimWen was busy watching, the "falling in love" music was heard.  Whaaa?  Ok.  Who went and fell in love without ASimWen calling the shots??

Why it was Lily Booth.  Not only did she fall in love with this guy, but also spun up a wish to get engaged to him.  Who am I to stand in the way of Sim Love?  And so it was!

By the way, his name is Shane Centowski.

Will you?  Will you???
OOOOohhhh!  Sparkly!!!!

Another happy couple!  Strangely they are only one bolt.  We will see how it goes!

Nicole gets the hobby plaque it Fitness, due to all those hours of yoga...

Jennifer takes a sip of Pepper Punch to give her immediate energy boost.  She's gonna need it to skill mechanical all night.

Study, study, study

After influencing classmates to write her term paper, Lily works the garden and grabs the gold.

After winning the Fitness plaque, Nicole moved on to writing books to chase that Film and Lit plaque.  Hello Desirable Discourse!

All that hard work paid off...

Done at last...

ASimWen just loves this Sim.  She is so photogenic.

Another milestone for Nichole.

In the meantime...

Jennifer finished skilling out creativity and mechanical.  This meant she could get started on the crafting tables to get those gold badges.

It wasn't long before a bronze badge was awarded to her.

Jennifer was forced to take a break from flower arranging when this fellow showed up.  Hmmm...

Ok so ya I know I have part of the game controls in this pic.  ASimWen zoned out.  But at any rate I just wanted to point out here that most of these SS peeps are living in the dorm currently.  Making it super easy for anyone to join the SS.

As is the custom in ASimWen's Prosperity Two, University Sims are not allowed to get a make over until they visit the Secret Society.  Jennifer liked this look.

Back in the dorm, Nichole managed to reap the rewards of sitting at the computer writing books.  Thank you for the Film and Lit Hobby Plaque!  What next?  Culinary?  Science?  :)

This is a random shot of Lilly and her fiancee Shane talking.  Shane seems to be mentioning how Nichole was now a Film expert.  Oh looky..Nichole is now dancing.  Perchance she is going for Music and Dance???

Alright it is winter time and the Gold Badge Sim has been working the garden to keep the plants from dying.  Yes, it is possible to keep a garden going in the winter time when there is no luxury of a green house.  This has taken nearly all of Lily's time as it is difficult to keep plants happy in the snow.  She has had no time to try for badges or plaques.

Nichole is rockin' the Music and Dance progress!  She loves athleticism....hated sitting at the computer to write books!  She is glad that is out of the way!

ASimWen loves her ghosts....Forest Somebody is out to haunt.  This is a green ghost, meaning eaten by the Cowplant.  His grave was moved from the SS to the dorm to keep Knowledge Sims happy.

Jennifer won the Arts and Crafts Hobby Plaque! Go you Jennifer!  Should make it easier to reach the GOLD in Flower Arranging!

Annnnd Nichole gets invited to Music & Dance Studio!  Good goin' gal!

After winning the Crafts and Hobby plaque, Jennifer ran off to class missing this visit from the Nature chick. Jennifer had done next to zero gardening, but had slept alot in the tent. Yes, this is one of the easiest ways to accumulate nature enthusiasm.

Now she actually gets a badge from working the garden.  heh

Soon enough, everyone moved up to the next academic year.  Lily moved to the Senior year.

As did Nichole.

And Jennifer moved up to Sophomore.  She was no longer at the bottom of the totem pole.

After finals, Lily settled down to write her term paper, without help.  She was without influence points to get someone to help her, so this meant she would have to spend precious time going to class to catch that A.  Once the paper was done, she decided to blog about Nature.  Perhaps she would finally win that elusive plaque!

And that was enough to push her over the edge.  The Nature Hobby Plaque was hers.

After earning the gold badge in Flower Arranging, Jennifer decided to work on building robots.  In no time Will paid her a visit and extended a membership to his garage.

Hello Bronze!

Nichole ran off to class missing a visit from Dance Chick.  But that didn't stop the Music and Dance hobby plaque from appearing in her backpack!

 Upon returning from class, she began working on the Gaming Hobby Plaque.

 Visit from the Gaming Dude to offer a membership to Games of Glory.

Having won the Hobby Plaque in Gaming as a child, Jennifer offered hobby tips to spur the process along.

By now winter was over, and Lily did not have to spend so much time in the garden.  She returned to the toy making table and finally captured the gold.  Then it was to bed to rest.  This was the last of the work toward badges and   plaques she would do while in University.

Jennifer took over the gardening duties.  Hello Silver!

The Hobby Plaque in Tinkering was not far behind.

Soon it was graduation day for Lily and Nichole. 

Lily was the first to call for a ride home

Then Nichole.

Jennifer passed to Junior.

And that's it for University for this round.  So how did it pan out?  Of course everyone made it into Secret Society.  Did not hit the BSOC...forgot all about it.  More Prosperity Points are in earning hobby plaques and badges.   And everyone graduated with honors.

Upon Graduation:

Lily -

Hobby Plaques
  • Tinkering
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Nature
  • Gold Flower Arranging
  • Gold Robotics
  • Gold Gardening
  • Gold Toymaking

Hobby Plaques
  • Tinkering
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Fitness
  • Film and Literature
  • Music and Dance 
  • Gold Flower Arranging
  • Gold Toymaking
  • Gold Robotics
  • Silver Gardening
Round 6 is done!