Sunday, May 8, 2016

Round 5 University Part I

Hi there!  Unlike a "No University" round like round 4, we certainly have Uni this round!  We start out with the Freshman year of Neal Nolan and Lila Booth.

Lila Booth - Popularity - Become Media Magnate
Neal Nolan - Romance - Have 20 Simultaneous Loves
Ha.  Here we go.

Neal is feelin' a heavy back pack.  Let's get this thang unloaded!  Oh my..a wishing well and an education book case!  It was fortunate that the education career field came up for James Nolan right at the end of the Nolan round, he hired in as a High School Principal...and nabbed that book case.  Being that the Nolans already had one of these, it was carted off to University.  The Nolans also had three wishing wells, so a second one was moved to this dorm.

Now having two wishing wells will come in handy at this dorm.  Neal made quick work of one of them before heading off to class the first day of University.

He called up for friends and really yukked it up.  What a good time.  And this he continued to do every single day.  In no time he was Big Sim On Campus.

He even managed to fall in love with a few of those friends...

Priya Ramaswami Love no. 1
Samantha Ottomas Love no. 2
Brandi Letorneau Love no. 3
Marisa Bendett Love no. 4
Christi Stratton Love no. 5
In between making friends and dating Neal managed to make platonic friends in the dorm, including Lila Booth.

Coming back from class one day Neal thought Lila was nuts ooohing and aaaahing over the snow.

It was right around this time that Lila was kidnapped by the Secret Society.  Yes in between all Neal's dating nonsense Lila managed to make friends with three SS members...without using the wishing well!  She is a Pop Sim after all.

 And Neal received the bronze in gardening.  Yes, there is a small garden patch at the dorm.

Back to dating....

Kerie Zhang Love No. 6
Beth Ghast Love No. 7
Tish Reamon Love No. 8

 Then it was off to the SS for Neal.  He spent very little time at the SS...just long enough to get his kewl set of duds....then back to the dorm. 

Shortly thereafter, Lila graduated to her Sophomore year...

As did Neal.  My oh my he always looked so grumpy, just like his dad James.  Upon taking final exam, it was back to dating.

Kaylyn Miguel Love No. 9
Lauren Mazza Love No. 10
Cheryl Patterson Love No. 11

Right around this time Lila earns the silver badge in gardening and...

Neal gets passage to Peerless Park.  Yes he has been working the garden in between all this dating.

Shanna Cormier Love No. 12
This one was a three bolt attraction......took about three seconds after the date started for them to fall in love.  :)

Sandy Bruty Love No. 13

Was so busy watching Neal date Sandy, missed Lila getting her gold badge in Robotics.  And shortly after...

Earned the gold badge in gardening.

Neal wins the hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts..this is due to the hours spent at the flower arranging table when not dating or gardening.

Andrea Hogan Love No. 14
(Fell in love whilst being startled by the streaker).

Ratna Hsu Love No. 15

Beth Larrea Love No. 16
Neal actually rolled to get engaged to her.  She is a Family Sim.

Then one morning when Neal hit the well up for friends....

All guys from the Wishing Well
The look on Neal's face is priceless.  "Really????"  So he hits the second wishing well...

And is rewarded with a girl he has never met.  Then he resumes dating.

Tish Toymoy Love No. 17
Lydia Kimbrell Love No. 18
Holly Kwa Love No. 19
Lila Booth Love No. 20
ASimWen was extremely pleasantly surprised to see that Lila and Neal were a three bolt attraction!!!!  Unfortunately Neal's next LTW as to woohoo with 20 different Sims.  Don't think so.  This Romance Sim will remain faithful to his Pop Sim girlfriend.

Now that Neal had met his LTW he could concentrate on other important things like flower arranging and gardening.  Shortly after he fell in love with Lila:

He received the gold in flower arranging.  Again, ASimWen missed it.  She was busy watching this:

Lila received the hobby plaque in Nature.

Yes, these two are very active with the badges and the plaques!  That is one of the great things Uni is for!

This ends Part 1...with Lila and Neal moving into their Junior Year.

Go you, Neal~

And Lila.

Part 2 - Two more kids from the hood join Lila and Neal in the dorm!  Let's see if they fare as well with the badges, LTWs and plaques as Lila and Neal did!

Thank you for reading!


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  1. glad they both found love with one another at the end, which is the best way possible for both of them, do not want anybody to be jealous.