Monday, April 4, 2016

Round 4. Gold.1

Lady Gold - Fortune - Become Hall of Famer

Lacy returned back to the neighborhood after graduating from University.  Instead of moving back in with mom and dad, she built her own place, high on a hill.  it is small, only two rooms not counting the bathroom.  After all she was an independent Fortune Sim!  In University she received a hobby plaque in Nature and Creativity, and gold badges in toymaking and gardening.

The first thing Lacy wanted to do was hook up with (one of) her University loves, Tyson Buckingham.  Oh how she missed him!

She had missed him.... A LOT.

She had graduated University with a nice sum of cash, and was able to build her little house, complete with a parking pad for the snazzy car she was planning to buy with the money she would earn from being a Hall of Famer.  Tyson watch over her shoulder as she looked for a job.  Sports didn't come up, but Natural Science did!

Lacy snagged a job as an Animal Linguist, and was immediately rewarded with this neat-o plant.  The Garden Club really liked to see these during an inspection!

While Tyson was still there, Lacy received a call from Kennedy Cox.  He wanted to know if she wanted to go Downtown.

She had missed Kennedy as well and was glad to be out with him.   (Dang but he looks like such a cartoon!)

The two enjoyed cards with friends....

And sang a song or two.  Then, the group decided to move to a restaurant for a bite to eat.

While at the Botanical Gardens, the Contessa was active.  Poor Denise Jacquet!

Go you, Lacy!  So Lacy had a conundrum.  She was in love with two men, Kennedy and Tyson.  She resolved to find an easy way to choose which man she would spend the rest of her life with.  She would have a party, and which ever one approached her first for affection, that would be the one.

She called out for pizza and set up a stereo on the balcony.  Let the contest commence.

Kennedy.  He kissed her.  OOOhhhh look at Tyson!

Slap Slap Slap!!

If looks could kill.....But it didn't take looks to do killing tonight.  *sigh*

No Noooo Kennedy, get away from that!  Don't give in to temptation~!!!

He was gone.  So the man Lacy chose was eaten by the cowplant.....and her other love was really mad at her.  Well.  She had some relationship repairing to do!

Tyson came by several times a day to prank Lacy...stealing her newspaper, or anything else that happened to be laying around.  At one point while studying for promotion at work, she managed to catch him and say hello.  He gave her a complete rebuff.  He was so angry with her.  She couldn't help if Kennedy approached her without her encouragement!  Besides he was dead now!

Gradually he wasn't so awful to her and would at least sit down to talk with her.

Then one evening, he was actually sorry when it was time for him to go home.

By Friday Tyson wasn't so mad, and he agreed to a date with Lacy.

All Lacy's wishes were for Tyson, including get engaged.

Tyson wanted Lacy as well.  Was he through being angry with her?  Lacy decided to take a chance and ask him to move in.

He said yes, he would move in with her and become a family.

Niiiiice!  Tyson is a Family Sim with a wish to Become Captain Hero.

Of course the night Tyson moved in, Kennedy's ghost came out to haunt, that lovely "I died by Cowplant" green.

Very Strange, Lacy suddenly got the feeling of having cheated on Kennedy, even though he was dead!  She really needed to go see a therapist! (She received a memory of being caught cheating by Kennedy because his ghost was haunting.  How funny!)

His ghost disappeared.....but his tombstone is still on the lot and shows that it is his.

Since he was up, Tyson decided to look on the computer for a job, and it came up!  He snagged a job as a Desk Sergeant.  Go you, Tyson!

Tyson having moved in with a nice dowry and having gotten the job of his lifetime, decided he could be a good provider in the family and asked Lacy to marry him.  She of course said yes YES.

Friends and family were called, a wedding arch erected and a cake bought.  Lacy called everyone over to watch her and Tyson exchange vows.

Will You???

Tyson and Lacy Buckingham.

Immediately after the I Dos were over, Lacy rushed for the bathroom with nausea, leaving Tyson to  wonder away from the wedding arch by himself.

It was not surprising that Balin the wolf showed up at the wedding of his own accord .  After all his favorite human Belle (Gold) Mills was there.

Tyson greeted Balin to make sure he was going to stick around for a while.

The Nolans wasted no time making out at the party.

Having gotten over her nausea, Lacy fed Tyson a huge peice of cake.

ASimWen doesn't know what went on here.  For some reason Henry Mills didn't want to talk to Tyson.  Perhaps something happened between them in University I didn't see.

Henry's mother Cora (Mills) Gold makes a beautiful wedding guest, and her daughter in law Belle watches on.

Tyson to father-in-law:  Hey, cool pinstripes.

Rumple:  Young man, it is a classic look and lets people know you are serious about life.

Tyson:  Cool.

*SIGH* The feud continues on....these two never stop.

Get over it JAMES!!!!  Take off the ugly face!!!! hahaha!

The relationship drama over...the wedding over, Lacy (Gold) Buckingham won the Science hobby plaque.  Another one under her belt.

POP!!!  Lacy realized she and Tyson were expecting a little one...thus the nausea she experienced at the wedding.  Tyson would be ecstatic, being a Family Sim and all.

Luckily she was going to be off work during the pregnancy, and had much time to study up on cooking.  Tyson had quite the appetite, and she herself was eating for two, after all.  (Literally, she was scheduled off the three days from work during the pregnant belly days).

During her time off she shopped for clothes for Tyson who she found was sorely lacking in a decent wardrobe when he moved in.  She also bought herself a few things.

She won a cooking contest against a vampire...and her sister Belle (Gold) Mills too.  (A note here - I said in an earlier entry my Sims always make cheesecake at the cooking contests.  Being that the Sim entering the contest was pregnant and this is a scoring Prosperity, I refrained from that this time).

And this first visit with the Buckinghams is ended with Tyson studying the stars and winning a membership to Aspirational Laboratories.  This also ends round 4~!

Notes:  I really had not meant for Kennedy to get eaten by the cowplant.  I was paying attention to the party drama....Lacy getting slapped around by Tyson.....and Kennedy disappeared.  I wondered where he went, and there he was making a grab for the cake.  Because of the party hoop-lah I had forgotten to have Lacy feed the carnivorous plant.  I quickly paused the game and took a pic (just in case) and clicked on Lacy to run down to feed the cowplant.  However not in time, she was tied up with Tyson getting slapped around which delayed her leaving the balcony.  heh

Thanks for reading!



  1. well it makes a good story. going to choose between two men and the one she chose i got ate. Love it even if it was unintentional.

    1. Heh yeah, it is always fun with uncontrollable things happen in the game!!!

  2. LOL....oh my goodness. The cow plant strikes. That is always one of those things that is so goofy, I love it. Great times.

  3. Ah, the drama! Much more fun when you provoke a scene like that. Oops with the cow plant , but again, more fun :)
    I never had a cowplant in my life!