Saturday, April 22, 2017

Round 6 Swan Legacy (Jitmakusol)

Last round legacy founder Emma (Swan) Jitmakusol aged up to senior, Jennifer aged up to teen, and Lana and Leroy left for Umiversity.  A second wishing well was earned for the lot, and various plaques/badges/and memberhship cards were won.  What happened this week?

Phil Jitmakusol - Knowledge - LTW - Max All Skills

Emma (Swan) Jitmakusol - Family - LTW - Graduate 3 Kids from College

Lana Swan - (The Heir) - Pleasure - LTW - Celebrity Chef

Leroy Swan - Popularity - LTW - Media Magnate

Jennifer Jitmakusol - Popularity  - LTW - Captain Hero

Ok so this is a switch from Propsperity to Legacy.  ASimWen has never finished a legacy.  Putting this in rotation with Prosperity makes it slow progress, but fun none less and puts in a switch for ASimWen.

Lana and Leroy just finished University and have returned home.  Lana found an NPC love from the wishing well, Headmaster Korey Jitmakusol who happens to have the same surname as her dad, Phil Jitmakusol.  Coincidence!  Lets see how things progress.

Lana hit the computer right away to see if there was anything open in Culinary.  Well wonder of wonders, there was a job open downtown as an Executive Chef .  She applied online and was accepted immediately.

Then it was to the telephone to invite her love Korey over for some couples time.  She had not seen him in a while and missed him.


Korey Jitmakusol - Romance - LTW have 20 Simultaneous Loves

One thing lead to another... **chimes**

In the meanwhile, Lana's younger sister Jennifer (on the right) arrived home from school bringing Henrietta Mills home with her for some friend time.  Henri seems to be telling Jennifer how she is working on her hobby plaque in Music and Dance.

Inside, Lana and Korey slip out of bed and head to the kitchen for some food.  Korey began fitting right in , as if he had been there for his entire life.

Monday evening, the patriarch of the Swan Legacy Phil arrived home from work and immediately aged up. He didn't seem less for the wear.

Leroy hadn't had a chance to talk with his dad since arriving home from University.  He looked just like dad.  Leroy explained how he had dated a few women but really didn't meet any that he wanted to marry.  Phil said that was alright....Sims don't always have to marry.  They can be just as happy working, skilling and earning plaques and badges.

In the meantime Lana had an inkling that she might be pregnant, and doubled up on her workout routine to try to keep her figure after the baby was born.  (working on Fitness plaque).

Korey begrudgingly headed off to work in the Slacker field.  He was not thrilled. (it was in his wish panel, so that is good).  He received a promotion the first day!  Luckily there were many skilling items in the Swan house that would help him along.  After all, he had next to no skills.

Phil got caught!!!!

Phil is good at 'busy' work!!!

Taking to heart what Phil told him, Leroy decided to work on earning a golden fishing badge.  He spent many hours a day at the fishing pond on the property.

Leroy would step over and care for the garden occasionally, watering and weeding....and spraying.

Cough Cough!!

And the first Plantsim of the Legacy is made.

Oh Phil!  You don't have enough mechanical skill to be attempting fixing stuff!

Phil survived the electrocution episode to promote another day.

Leroy spent some time under the plant light and worked on a novel he started in University.  He managed to sell it to a publisher, and it became a best seller!

Way to go, Leroy!

Lana had spent her pregnancy time resting, doing a little skilling, and keeping Korey happy enough so he would go to work.  Korey actually slept in one day and missed his ride to work.  Lana had no idea Korey was such a slouch!

Lana and Korey had a son named Ira.  He had his mamma's blue eyes.

Phil and Leroy were on hand to meet Ira, with Korey coming onto the scene late.  Emma the baby's grandma, was at work when he made his miraculous entry into the world.

Lana was finally able to start her job in Culinary the very next day, and recieved a promotion straight away.  Baby daddy Korey was struggling in the Slacker field.

Speaking of Ira's grammy Emma, she had finally managed a gold badge in flower arranging.

Soon enough, Ira's birthday rolled around.  One of Emma's co workers joined the party after work, and one of Jennifer's firends dropped by.

Handsome boy!  Got his daddy's cubby cheeks!

Lana set right about teaching Ira to walk....

Potty...and talk.  He was a happy kid!

It was rare that anyone sat down at the same time to eat.  Leroy turned to plantsim and didn't sit to eat, and Emma was always working, or skilling on the toy or flower bench.  The energizer got lots of workouts by everyone.  Left to right - Jennifer, Lana, and Phil.

Lana reached TOC.  Good for her!  New LTW?  20 Loves.  Don't think so.

Phil finally earned the gold badge in gardening.

And Emma was working her way up in the toy making world.  After all, she had grand babies who may like to have new toys made by Grammy!

Phil realized that Jennifer was not skilled up as much as she should be before heading off to University.  He gave her all the produce he had in his backpack, and incidentally stocked up the refrigerator with fish.

Jennifer immediately began making eggplant juice to drink and gain some quick sills.

Phil:  OOoh what is this?  I better put these away...........folks out here doing yoga...this is dangerous...

So sad..... **not!!**  (for some reason this guy always bothered the heck outta ASimWen.  Wanted a quick and easy death, but not before he had accomplished a couple of things for the Legacy.)


Lana and Korey are a three bolt couple ... more into themselves than thinking about the fact that Lana's father just passed away.

Korey had to make a difficult decision at work.

And he decided right.  Gained a much needed skill point, and got a couple of simoleons to boot.

Since Phil joined the Sim Afterlife, Korey stepped it up and began taking care of business around the house.

Leroy began work on a second novel and in no time he earned the hobby plaque in Film and Literature.  He found this was a great way to keep his sunlight need full at night.

Early Monday morning Jennifer headed off to University.  After all Emma's LTW was to graduate three from college.  Buh-Bye Jennifer, see you later tater.

And this visit is ended with Lana suspecting that she is pregnant with a second Swan.  Here's to hoping it is a girl!

Next to the Buckingham's!  Thank you for reading ASimWen's Legacy...and remember, family comes first!



  1. LMAO - where did the scissors come from? Lana put them out there so Korey would get to be man of the house, huh?

  2. Oh my goodness what a crazy round. Bye to Phil, he wasn't useless at least. I can't completely blame Korey. He went from a headmaster of a private school to a gas station attendant. lol Ira sure it a cutie though. Never gotten a plant sim. I guess I need to stop putting lady bug houses out so they have to spray them. :)