Saturday, April 22, 2017

Round 6 Mills

Henry Mills - Son of Cora (Mills) Gold - Knowledge - Wants to Become Media Magnate
Bell (Gold) Mills - Daughter of Rumple Gold - Fortune - Wants to Become Hand of Poseidon
Henrietta Mills - Grow Up
Dogs Rikki and Spot

Well, the dogs must be pregnant, as Rikki is only halfway through her doggie adult life, and there is no "Try for puppies" in the pie menu.  Good.  Note:  Henry and Belle were married before their parents moved in together and got married.  No, they were not step brother and step sister when they got married.  heh

 Oh well as soon the lot was opened, the puppy was born.

One little girl pup named Asta.  She was immediately sent off to Animal Control to be adopted later.  The dogs tried again for puppy, and more were on the way.

In the mean time...

Henry and Belle acting like newlyweds, despite having been married for years.

Even though both Belle had a gold badge in gardening Henry did not, and admittance into the Garden Club still had not been won for either of them, and neither possessed a Nature hobby plaque.  So they worked outside together daily.

Daughter Henrietta and gained the hobby plaque in tinkering last round, although Music and Dance was her chosen hobby.  Her birthday came quickly.

Belle invited over Grandpa Gold, sister Lacy (Gold) Buckingham, and others, and a great party was had.

Henri rolled Romance, with a desire to become a Celebrity Chef!  Doable!

Somehow everyone ended up in the basement. Belle seizes the opportunity to chat up her dad, Rumple Gold while husband Henry looks on.

Belle's old friend Balin was invited to the party and he was happy to oblige.  He lost his status as Leader of the Pack once he befriended Belle.  Belle was hoping to get a nibble and become a werewolf.  But that didn't seem to bother Balin.

As the party wound down, Henri ventured outside taking after her parents and worked the garden a little.  Her party was a great success.

Henry harbored a wish to max all skills.  Being a Knowledge Sim, this would mean a great accomplishment for him!  He only lacked two Creativity skills.  He decided to drink them into existence with eggplant juice.

And it is done.  The triple max all skills icon never appeared.  Sadly.  ASimWen loves seeing that.

Henri grew up wishing for the last Mechanical skill to complete the set.  A little time spent on the dummy did the trick.

Being a Romance Sim, Henri wanted to meet all kinds of people.  A quick hello to Papergirl Amy Jones satisfied a wish on this morning.

The day arrived and Henry decided he wanted to gain admittance to the Garden Club.  So a few changes were made to the yard, and the call was made.

"Hi there sonny.  So you think you have what it takes?"

Henry and Belle furiously pulled weeds while the inspection went on.  They did not get counted off for them.

Whew!  The trees had a tendency to get bugs.  heh

Now this is interesting.  ASimWen has never seen this before.  An empty space will get points off, but if there is compost on it the Sim will gain points in the inspection.

Henry is in like Flynn!  This makes two wishing wells now on the lot.

Having wishing wells on the lot is very important for Pop Sims, and especially for Romance Sims.

Henri makes immediate use.  She had a wish to flirt the very next day.

This townie boy appeared, it was a two bolt attraction.  Belle and Henry did not seem to mind that their daughter was outside conjuring up boys out of the wishing well and making out, right in the front yard!

***Whisper, Whisper, Whisper***  FLIRT!  haha

Two new puppies were born, and immediately sent off to Animal Control.

Belle finally gains the Gaming hobby plaque.  At the beginning of the week she could not  be made to sit at the computer for any amount of time to build up enthusiasm.

Seeing Belle get a hobby plaque, Henry decided to get to work on that Nature hobby plaque, and maybe get a gold badge in fishing too.  That pond that was dug out for the Garden Club inspection was going to come in handy!

Belle decided to join the fishing fun!

Fond memories of maxing all skills

Ha.  Looks like Henri is about to wish for another boy out of the wishing well.

AAAAaand there he is.  Henri was showing a wish to ask a Sim out on a date, and so it was!

Henry managed to take time away from the fishing hole to go to work and get a nice bonus.  Good going, Henry!

Henri decided to start working on her hobby Music and Dance, using her mother's ballet barre.  She quickly found that her skills did not match her mother's!

Finally!  The week is half over and a member of the family got an invite out.

It was Belle's night out with friends and naturally having just won the Hobby Plaque in Gaming, the group went to Games of Glory.  Notice Lana Swan from the Swan Legacy in the purple.  Belle attempted to get a little pool in, but there was a crowd around the table.

She gave up the idea of playing pool and decided to chat up with new friends.  Geesh, that gaming guy always looks like he has an ulterior motive.

Looky!  It is Lila Nolan!  Her daddy is James Nolan, went to Uni with Belle and James.

After being out at the gaming hall all night, literally, Belle headed to bed and Spot jumped on the bed too.  Henry contemplated what to do about that dog.

He could never go wrong with a doggie treat.  Spot jumped down from the bed post haste.

In the meantime, Henri hit the wishing well again.  She had a desire to ask a Sim out on a date.

In the middle of her date, dad Henry leaves for his first day at work as an Investigative Journalist.  He had a wish to become a Media Magnate, and the job in Journalism finally listed on the computer.  He promptly quit his job as a Space Pirate to take that job.

On the very first day at his new job, Henry was presented with a difficult problem.

 He made a great deicision, and was given a special reward!

 He did so well, he received a promotion the same day.  Go you, Henry!

Amin Lewis called up Henri for another date downtown.  She gladly accepted. Unfortunately ASimWen didn't get pictures of the date, not because she was slacking...but because the network connection where the pictures save wasn't working.  :(  None the less it was a great date.

Here Belle influenced her friend Trish Taveler to fix her computer.  It didn't go so well...Trish survived the shock and went home.

Winding down the week, Henrietta finally gets a bronze in Gardening.  She is going to be a great gardener like her mom and dad.

On Sunday it was Belle and Henry's birthdays to elderhood.  A small party was held.

Belle made a beautiful senior!

And the week ends with Henry's smiling face.

Henry:  Fulfilled a power wish of maxing all skills.  Being a Knowledge Sim, this is nice Prosperity points.  He also gained a Garden Club Membership,

Belle:  Received the Hobby Plaque in Gaming

Henrietta:  Grew up to be a Romance Sim with an LTW to become a Celebrity Chef.  Received a bronze in Gardening, in between all the dating.  She put a serious dent in her chosen hobby of Music and Dance.

Thanks for reading everyone, Remember; family comes first!!!!!



  1. Poor townie boys being used for their kisses and then forgotten about. LOL.

  2. I still haven't managed to get a well yet. I'm working on it, and followed your blog about it, but so far most of my houses just don't have the room to get that much stuff. :) A few have gotten memberships though. This was another great round. Henrietta is super cute I think.

  3. On small lots...after the inspections...all that stuff is sold back. Heh. I do have one lot where it was all kept and actually looks good..and that is the Rumple and Cora lot.