Saturday, April 22, 2017

Round 6 Stats

Round 6 Scoring


Well, showing a nice increase over last round.  At the end of Round 5, the score was 168.  So that is an increase of 53 points, or 24%.  Not bad, but not as good as increase  round 4 to round 5.  That was 29%  ASimWen is slippin'!  It is tough to remember to record all the acheivements on the spreadsheet. Who knows, I might have missed something.

It seems that the strategy I have been taking is go for all the hobby plaques and badges...then do the gardening, which I like to play the most in TS2.  It is a relief to play Prosperity and not put tons of Sims in the neighborhood, and still get decent points.

Numbers of Sims

Last round the population was only 27.  So and increase of 5....that is an increase of 16%.  As long as that number does not outpace the Prosperity base point system I think everything will be OK!  (And yes, I am counting dead Sims)  If we are talking live Sims....Last round was 23, and this round 26.  So an net increase of 3 is in order....or an 11% increase.

Swan Legacy
I am up to 2.5 on the score...but not sure I am doing the scoresheet right.  *sigh*.  At this point I think I would just be happy to finish 10 generations.

Anyway that is it!  See you in Round7!  Thank you so much for reading!




  1. I am sure your doing fine with your legacy, you don't get that much points at first, whose point system are you using?

  2. I am not really sure who the author is of the Legacy scoresheet I am using...I think I downloaded it from the yahoo group files for TS2Challenges...

  3. Whew, that's a lot of points. Good job! I totally understand how it can be nice to focus on something other than adding sims. I'm trying to actually focus on that now in Breeze Point. It makes the rounds less tedious at times.