Saturday, April 22, 2017

Round 6. Booth

August Booth - Knowledge - Become a Space Pirate
Mona Booth - Knowledge - Become City Planner
Lily - Grow Up

Last Round - August and Mona added another daughter to their family, welcome to Lily!  Lots of hobby plaques and badges were awarded.....what can I say.  At the end of the round daughter Lila left for University (not blogged) and August was abducted.

Welcome to Round 6!!!  Never thought round 6 would arrive so quickly.

This round starts with Lily heading off to school, and Mona headed off to work.  August headed to the telephone to make sure the nanny was set to come over around 3 o'clock to keep an eye on Lily until he and Mona returned home.  Then he had the most awful stomach ache.

It was so bad he decided to stay home from work and stay in bed.

Lily came home from school and found her dad asleep. She and her new friend Martin Buckingham went out back and took turns on the pinball machine.

In the meantime the next day Martin Buckingham's father Tyson Buckingham, visited the pet store to get a new dog. (or cat).

August visited the same day and purchased a male dog in the hopes that his poodle Zelena would find him great company.

He picked out this huge fuzzy doggo named Jack.  He was an elder dog.

But Zelena didn't like him and it was constant challenging and growling.   (Even though they had the same exact personalities.)  This went on until both dogs had complete negative relationship points.

Sadly August put them inside a fence hoping that would force a "get along" between them.

One morning when August went out to check on the pooches, he felt an odd sensation.  It was time...what ever time it was!

August's stomach ache completely disappeared, and this little boy appeared.  August named him Toll.  Toll Booth.

August couldn't believe what happened.  He slowly made his way to the kitchen to get a bottle for Toll.  He was in a daze.

Mona became crazy suspicious about how Toll appeared.  She took to spending long periods of time fishing to try to figure it out.  She really didn't want to have much to do with August.

Gold Fishing Badge for Mona

Lily wasn't sure either about the new kid in the house.  She spent extra time in the garden.

In the meanwhile the nanny just completely ignored everyone and everything....except for....

Spending time with Zelena and Jack.  The two dogs seemed to be warming up to each other, and it helped when they got a little attention from the family.

In fact, Lily and Mona seemed to be warming up to Toll as well.  It was time for his birthday eventually, and a family-only party was had in the kitchen.

Toll had the Booth skin color and big blue eyes.

The doggos were getting along so well that August persuaded them to try for puppies, and it worked.  They were expecting!

A whole garden full of eggplants were ready to harvest as well.  These would come in handy as Lily had not really skilled much.  She had spent most of her time fishing and well...working in the garden.

And like Lila before him, Toll spent a lot of time at the activity table.  But unlike Lila, he did not build with the blocks, he drew pictures.

Mona's last promotion of the week, she was well on her way to becoming a City Planner by promoting to Master Architect.

Mona sipped some eggplant juice to bulk up on logic skills. While gazing out the window she spotted this...

Toll seemed to get along well with Jack.  She then decided that dogs do not lie; if Jack liked Toll, then Toll must be a pretty good kid even if he looked different.  She didn't want to think about how he came into the world.

Lily wasn't upset that no one remembered her birthday.   She knew family was like that...when things are going on sometimes sacrifices are made. She persevered in her desires and decided that she wanted to become the Education Minister of Prosperity Two town.

Things started returning to normal.  August and Mona harvested the eggplants so Lily could skill up before leaving for University.

And skill up she did, to the tune of 24 skill points.  In fact she drank so much eggplant juice she gained weight.

Finally Zelena and Jack's puppies were born, Bing and Jean.  They were immediately sent off to the shelter to be adopted later.

Having skilled up, Lily then realized she wanted to mix with kids her own age wishing to do a little flirting.  Not knowing any boys her age, she wished for one out of the well.

Enter Juan Reamon.

Didn't take Lily long to flirt with Juan then she bid him good bye, never to think of him ever again.

All to soon it was Toll's birthday again.  This time it was more than a family only party.  Belle Mills and Regina Nolan came..along with....

Neal Nolan.  Lila Booth was also there, thinking how great it was to see the family again.  She moved in with Neal and his family after University, having gotten engaged to Neal on graduation day.

And surprisingly James Nolan showed up.  Perhaps his feud with August Booth was over.

The birthday Sim.  He is definitely a Booth!

The first wish Toll had was to make a friend.  He made a friend in his half sister Lily while Belle and Henry Mills danced to the party music blaring over the stereo.

The party was so great the cops had to come and break it up.  Folks were complaining about the noise.  Everyone left having felt like it was a good time.

Crazy Sims!!!
Things were getting back to normal.  Why August and Mona started stargazing together again just like they used to do back in their college days.

Mona decided this was an easier way to stargaze.  She even received a membership to Aspirational Laboratories.

Having received a couple of scholarships due to chugging down eggplant juice, Lily called for a taxi to take her to University.  August and Mona waved goodbye, feeling proud of their baby girl.

She landed in the same dorm with the Swan kids, Leroy and Lana.  They were busy working the garden when Lily stepped out of the taxi.

And that is where round 6 ends for the Booth family.

I must admit I struggled with it.  One would think I would have been really excited to play Alien Toll...but my goal was to get Lily into Garden Club.  The plants were heavy with ripe fruit...everything was ready to go.  Then as a child she tried to call.  Kids don't have the option!  Then I was so disappointed I just decided to wait and get her in as an adult.  Anyhoo!  Thanks for reading~!

Keep on Simming!



  1. Toll Booth? Haha...poor boy may get teased some.

    1. :D I am working on other Booth booth..kissing

  2. Lovin' those play-on-words names! So great to see you back after your recent hassles. Sounds like it's all coming together nicely for you. So pleased, missed your blogs. :)

  3. Yay, a fun round! Once again, lots of stuff going on. I one time had a kid try to get into the garden club and discovered they didn't have the option to. I was bummed!