Saturday, April 22, 2017

Round 6. Nolan

David Nolan - Knowledge - Retired
James Nolan - Pleasure - 50 1st Dates.  Nope.
Regina (Mills) Nolan - Popularity - 20 Best Friends
Lila Booth - Pleasure - Become Media Magnate
Neal Nolan - Romance - WooHoo with 20 Sims
Nichole Nolan - Grow Up
Dogs Alegra and Rover

Last round:  David Nolan retired so he could pay attention to things like getting into Garden Club, and taking care of his grand child Nichole who was newly born.  And get into Garden Club he did, along with James.  Alegra the dog ran away after one too many fights with Rover, but was quickly brought back much to her chagrin.  Neal started his first LTW of 20 loves by wishing for a girl out of the wishing well, and left for University, where he did incidentally finish that LTW using wishing well girls.  Multiple badges and plaques were had by all.  What are the Nolans up to this round?

Ah.  A wedding was the beginning of Round 6 on the Nolan lot.  Neal and Lila became engaged in University, Lila was showing a wish to have a wedding party as soon as the lot opened and so it was.

Lila Booth is gorgeous.  Oh my.  Love her eyes.

Neal Nolan is nothing to sneeze at.  Eye candy!!!!  They will make beautiful babies!

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Nolan.

Neal:  Have some cake honey!  (Dang, her dress is almost indecent).

Those who attended the wedding party/reception:

Sitting around the table:  Neal Nolan, Lila (Booth) Nolan, Neal's dad James Nolan, Mona Booth wife of August Booth.  Seated at the counter:  Leroy Swan and Lily Booth, Lila's sister and Mona's daughter.

Leroy Swan and Lily Booth.

August Booth solo dancing.

David Nolan in his salmon pink tux taking a gander at Mona's copper neck wear.

Regina (Mills) Nolan

Lana Swan

And the party was a big success!  Now, the house is too full for Neal and Lila to have a child right away.  So it remains to be seen when generation 3 will make an appearance.

By the time Nichole got home from school, the wedding was over and all the party goers had left.  She was sad about missing the wedding.  Ah well.

Her new friend Toll Booth came home on the school bus with her to keep her company.  He wasn't sad about missing the party!

Regina made it up to Nichole by having a mother/daughter dance at bedtime.

*Snip snip snip!*

ASimWen:  Watcha doin' Neal?

Neal:  Oh well ASimWen, I am getting this place ready for inspection.

ASimWen:  Whaaaa?  Again?  Who is trying to get in the Garden Club this time?

Regina:  Yes, you know us ASimWen.  We are big gardeners.  Good luck son!

Neal:  Thanks Mom!

Neal:  Thanks for coming so quickly Ms. Zarubin.  Please ignore the stinky dog.

Ms. Zarubin:  It ain't like I've never been here before, sonny.  I just might as well unpack that wishing well right now.

Neal:  Could you at least go through the motions?

Ms. Zarubin:

Gardening guy:  Wow.  How did they get these bushes to grow around tombstones like this?  How cool!

In the meantime right in the middle of inspection:

OOoh should she buy or pass?  ASimWen never has luck with this card.


Gardening guy:  Dang.  This is a mighty fine fruit tree.  I ain't seen any better in a might good while.

Ms. Zarubin:  Ok sonny here is your wishing well.  Number 4 for the Nolans.

Neal:  Gee thanks Ms. Zarubin!

David began work toward the fitness plaque.  "Yep at my spry age I can still yoga with the best of 'em....."

Regina reached the top of the political career.  She was now Mayor of Prosperity Two town.  New LTW?  To have 20 Best Friends.  Easy peasy....with all these wishing wells on the lot.

James came home sick from work and without a Family Sim in the bunch to make soup it was rough keeping him in bed when he was fully rested.  He managed to get up and brushed by Nichole immediately making her sick too.  *pfft*.  After while, the Nolans realized they could make and drink orange juice, and everybody got well right away.

Lila began working on the Science plaque at night.....

And during the day finished up work on a book, which pushed her over the edge to get the plaque in Film and Lit.    Neal had not reached that milestone yet, but he beat Lila to Garden Club.  heh

Regina won the Nature plaque while blogging Nature.  She was happy to finally get that over with.

David gets gymn membership from doing yoga.

James starts working on the Film and Lit hobby plaque.

Just as Alegra ran away last round, Rover ran away this round.  Those two hounds do nothing but fight.

Regina's next target?  Arts and Crafts.

In the meanwhile Grandpa David takes time out of practicing his yoga moves to cheer up Nichole a little so she would be in a good enough mood to do homework.

Just like his father David, James becomes the Education Minister.

David rose from the computer desk to go work in the garden a little. He won the hobby plaque in Film and Lit right as he did so.

David gets the plaque in Fitness, finally.

Lila gets into Games of Glory

James joins Regina at the easel to work toward Arts and Crafts.

Being in education no longer held interest for James, so he chose to go into the military.

Desirable Discourse!
Now that the computers are free, David decided to go for the Film and Lit plaque.

Junior Officer already for James!  He now has that nice obstacle course!

Lila:  Hi Miss Zarubin.

Miss Zarubin:  Hi Lila.  Does this place look any different from when I was here at the beginning of the week?

Lila:  Not really.  But take a look around if you want to.


Ms. Zarubin:  Here you go, missy.  Well no. 5 for the Nolans....

Lila:  Thank you.

Regina wins the Arts and Crafts hobby plaque.  Oh my.

Neal's last promotion of the round in the Slacker Career.

Looky looky who is turning in to a teen!  No one but Nichole!  All skilling and hobby plaque getting was stopped and a party was had.

Nichole Nolan - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach Top of Career.  Can do!  Although, this will have to wait until after University.  Yes of course she rolled the wish.

Nichole had very few skills, so Grandpap David took the night off from writing his latest book to help skill her up some.  She maxed out her cooking, charisma....

And body with the help of grandpa.

Lila decided to use her gold badge in toy making to make a water wiggler for Rover and Alegra, hoping it would cheer the dogs up some.  Rover by this time had been returned by animal control and the Nolans were admonished for not keeping him happy.

Film and Literature plaque for David.....of course then....

David immediately rolled the wish to start badging up in Toy Making since the work bench was on the lot.  And so it was.

James finally wins the Arts and Crafts, trailing his wife Regina in that department.

Whoopie!  It was finally time for Headmaster visit, for which Nichole was showing a want.  She already knew she wanted to go to University, and figured getting into Private School couldn't hurt.

Headmaster explained all the ins and outs of it would be best if Nichole just made a clean break and completely moved out of the house.

With a score of 99, Nichole was admitted to school.

Film and Literature for Regina!

Toy making brings Arts and Crafts enthusiasm for David.

Lila had been checking every day for her dream job in Journalism, and there was finally an opening.  She grabbed it.

And this round is ended with young Nichole heading out into the world, on her way to University.  Go you, Nichole!

She joins Lily Booth and brother and sister Leroy and Lana Swan.  It will be a fun time in  the dorm!

If I kept track properly and counted right, 7 hobby plaques were won this round.  Heh

So thank you for reading, have fun most of all in all you do, and keep on Simmin', of course.



  1. Another amazing round. So great to see so many hobby plaques- you make them seem so easy!
    You're using Win 10 yes? How are you printing screen? I can't get it to work on my game. :)

    1. Yes, Windows 10 after a lot of hassle! But anyway, years ago I bought a single user license to FRAPS. Unlimited free upgrades. Works great. The problem I am having is I prefer to play in window mode, but doesn't seem to work because I am using a crack file for the exe. The window pops and everything, but it is blank. When I plug in an added DVD drive and play the normal .exe, windowed mode plays fine. I like to do screen grabs with the snipping tool. Can't do that in full screen!

  2. Another huge round, what a great job. I had issues with windowed mode with my Win 10 machine too. I finally played around with it long enough I got it to work, but if you want something kind of like the snipping tool that you can use in full screen check out Greenshot. It works great, I use it now to take a lot of pictures. You can do all sorts of things with it, and it's free!

    1. Thanks I will try it out! I love FRAPS, have used it for years but doesn't work on the Win10 machine very well. I looked at their website today and the program hasn't been updated since 2013!