Saturday, April 22, 2017

Round 6. Gold

Rumple Gold:  Romance - Have 20 simultaneous loves
Cora (Mills) Gold - See 3 Children Graduate from College
Sherlock Gold - Popularity -To Become a General
John Gold - Popularity - To Become a Media Magnate
Dogs Eileen and Ichabod

It has been a while since I started play on this lot, can't remember what some of the pictures mean...but I will do my best!

Last round:  The Golds moved into a new big house, and both Cora and Rumple aged up to elderhood.  Cora and Rumple had an Anniversary Party, fulfilling Cora's LTW.  She also made it into the Garden Club and won the wishing well.  Rumple started using the wishing well to wish for friends to fall in love with, working toward his LTW of 20 simultaneous loves.  Cora won the gold in gardening.  Sherlock grew up to teen.

First picture in the folder is Cora getting a promotion to Get Away Driver.  Go you Cora!

John approached his mother and told her about the A he got in school that day! Woo hoo!

It also happened to be John's birthday!  Looks like Cora's children from prior life before being married to Rumple came to help celebrate.

Hi John!  What do you aspire to?

I am a Popularity Sim like my brother Sherlock, but I want to be a Media Magnate.

His party was a great success.

In the meanwhile, Rumple reached TOC in athletic.

He immediately retired.  After all, he other things he wanted to pursue in his life!  Couldn't spend time working!

Like getting a gold badge in gardening!

Now the story is at the point where ASimWen started playing yesterday.

A hobby plaque in Film and Literature was won.

It was right about this time ASimWen realized the twin boys Sherlock and John had not really been pursuing any hobbies or skills.  Rumple got busy helping his boys learn a thing or two.

Sherlock boned up on Physiology to gain the body points being that he wanted to be a General all.  Would need to be in good physical condition to make it in the military!

Cora reached TOC in Criminal.  She is now a Mastermind!

And while working toward the Science plaque...

John was abducted.  Too bad if he doesn't go to college...he has that great scholarship!

We end the week with John making pancakes for everybody.


Well I can't tell ya much.  Heh.  The boys have not wished to go to University....even though Cora has an LTW wish for them to go, they may not since she has already met her LTW of have Golden Anniversary.

I am having second thoughts about Rumple reaching his LTW of 20 simultaneous loves, Cora doesn't deserve a cheating husband.  Even though, it seems like elders don't care as much if their spouses cheat.  There are better ways in Prosperity to gain points than Rumple reaching his LTW and causing strife in the household.

Thank you for reading; and remember, family comes first!



  1. Let him leads to the chance of possible fights in public. LMAO.

  2. I love when teens get abducted, happens fairly rarely for me unless they are knowledge and can 'search for aliens'.
    Great for Rumple to get TOC, retire and get Gold in Gardening!
    Loving this family. :)

  3. What a fun family. There are lots of ways to get points without him getting his LTW. He can easily get platinum in other ways too, if he hasn't already. John certainly got a mixture of his mom and dad's looks.

    1. I do appreciate "different" looking Sims. I love watching the genetics filter thru the generations. I do not hesitate to marry off my Sims to Sims who may not be "pretty"! After all, Sims don't see physical attributes