Saturday, April 22, 2017

Round 6. University Part III

Left to Right -

Leroy Swan - Popularity - Become a Media Magnate - Junior yr
Lily Booth - Family - Become Education Minister - Freshman yr
Nichole Nolan - Fortune - Have 6 Pets reach TOC - Freshman ry
Lana Swan - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Junior yr

Here we are again in University.   This is normally a time ASimWen's Sims skill up, earn badges and plaques.  However Ms. Lana Swan has put a damper on that due to her LTW of wanting 50 1st dates. Oh it will be done before she graduates, but it just really ties up the players time.  Constant dating....*sigh*  As this lot is opened, she has accomplished 30 dates during her freshman and sophomore year.  20 to go.

This is Ravi Downie.  Number 34.  When this LTW is accomplished, Lana's list of suitors will be published.

Nichole Nolan arrived at University just short two skill points of maxing skills.  A couple of swigs of eggplant juice fixed that.  She now has nothing to worry about.

Now for a short string of accomplishments:

Dating Lana finally gets a bronze in robotics.

Nichole receives membership to My Muse II.

Leroy snuck in a silver badge in flower making.

Arts and Crafts hobby plaque for Nichole, quickly followed up by a gold in toy making.

Lana somehow managed the impossible...

She somehow managed a membership to Wills Garage while wishing for friends to date.

An now for Lily....

She sneaks in some time on the robotics table while Lana dates and snags a membership to Will's Garage too.

Lily beats Nichole into the Secret Society...

And uses the mirror there to get a makeover.  Much better!

Leroy:  Gee Lily, you sure look different all of a sudden.  Nice!

Lily:  I got hair extensions at the Secret Society.  They are good for that.

To continue accomplishments Leroy gets a gold in gardening.

Lana is awarded the hobby plaque in Tinkering.  Again she won a mechanical distinction while outside doing something completely different.

In the meantime Leroy is proud to show off his new gold badge given out to those who have learned the fine art of arranging snapdragons.

Nichole is well on her way to that distinction by owning the silver flower making badge.

Dating Lana is up to a bronze in toy making.

By now everyone went to final exam, and Nichole decided to check the mail, as her exam time was much later.  It appeared that Lana had received 8 love letters.

Lily and Leroy are the first to return.  They were proud of themselves.

Lana was now a Senior, and still dating.  How did she manage to keep an A+, and date all those people???

And lastly Nichole brings up the rear with a promotion to Sophomore.

Upon returning from final exam, Nichole turned in a few accomplishments.

She started taking her turn in the garden, and received a bronze badge.

As she worked the garden on evening, the Secret Society came calling.  She was excited because now this meant she could get her make over like Lily did.

Not bad!  Really like her genetics.  :)

The new look of the dorm roomies.  :)

In the meantime...

Lily is awarded the silver gardening badge.

Dating Lana finally meets her LTW of 50 1st dates.  Her suitors:

I cannot say this is my favorite LTW. At any rate, Lana will be allowed to relax for the rest of her time in University.  She will get easier badges/plaques to try for now, maybe even look for a mate.  Believe it or not, none of these friends were more than a one bolt attraction.  Hey - perhaps she should wish for romance out of the well instead of friends??  :)

Onward with accomplishments!  Lily gets her plaque in tinkering.

It's Desirable Discourse for Leroy.

All the tinkering was worth it for Lily.  She earned her gold robotics badge.  She then began work on flower arranging.

Silver in Flower Arranging for Lily
Gold Badge in Toymaking for Lana

Soon it was finals time again.  Leroy was now in the home stretch to graduation, and Lily was half way through.  Yes, she went to finals in her jammies.

After all the dating and working on plaques and badges, Lana was just short of graduation.  She was beginning to think that she would like to have some real love in her life and planned to ask the wishing well for romance after graduation.

Leroy and Lana decided to start working on the fitness plaque by trying out some yoga moves.

 This was the perfect relaxation technique to get them through the last semester of college.

Lilly and Nichole still had all those badges and hobby plaques to earn.  Here Lily pays her dues and earns the Arts and crafts hobby plaque.

Apparently she won the gold in flower arranging when ASimWen wasn't looking.

Nichole is awarded the hobby plaque in Tinkering.

When not practicing yoga, Leroy continued to work the garden which he found pretty relaxing.  He incidentally won the Nature hobby plaque.

Leroy slims down

Gold badge in Robotics for Nichole.  Yay.

Leroy had finals coming up soon and decided to ask the wishing well for love.  He remembered that his home was the Swan Legacy, and he had to marry an NPC to carry on the Swan name.

He did receive an NPC indeed.  This young lady is a maid from Bon Voyage.  ASimWen didn't write down her name, but do remember her initials are KK.  Hmmm.  Only two bolts???  ASimWen was disappointed to find that Leroy could not interact with her much.  No romantic choices.

Leroy's sister Lana Swan decided to give it a try, and hit the NPC jackpot.  Headmaster Korey Jitmakusol, a three bolt attraction.  Hm. Looks like Lana will be the heir!

Lana wasted no time and immediately proposed engagement, of which Korey quickly accepted.  Yay!

OOOhhh myyyyy.  :)

Leroy decided to hold a graduation party.  It was a "Good Time" party.


Leroy called for a cab and took the ride back to the neighborhood.  Lana didn't want to wait around for a party, she wanted to hurry home to begin her life with Korey.  She called for a ride right away.

Congratulations, Lana!  Now skedaddle on home!

Alrighty now.  Some of you may be asking how my Simmies get all these plaques....and still graduate with honors.  here is how:

They never write a term paper...they influence others to do it for them.  As soon as the grade meter is filled up, they never go to class again for the semester.  If the Sim rolls a wish to write a paper, they sit down and do it along with the influenced person so they can get the aspiration points.

They are worked to death by ASimWen.

If their aspiration is high enough, they hit the energizer to keep going.  If it isn't, they drink strawberry lemonade using produce from their garden to get platinum aspiration to hit the energizer.  If they only need energy, they make pepper punch to fill up their energy bar.  In other words, they never sleep.  UNLESS...they are working on the nature hobby plaque then they are allowed to sleep in the tent.

And this is it for this play of University.  There should be another Uni chapter this round.


  1. so you work them nearly to death so to speak, for some reason I have to let my sims sleep, if they need it. Sometimes I need them to have so I can rest for a few minutes.

  2. No sleep for your bunch? Those poor students, at least they are young and can deal with it easily. LOL

    1. They use Pepper Punch and Strawberry Lemonade to keep going! :)

  3. Yeah, who needs sleep eh? The only time mine sleep is after woohoo. heh. :D

  4. I have used the influence to write a paper many times myself. It's especially a great way to get someone into the greek house fast, since they spend so much time writing the paper. I don't think I remembered that pepper punch fills the energy bar, but I use the energizer a lot. Breeze Point I always thought I was a micro-managing task master, but I'm an amateur compared to you. :) A great college round! Since you use the pepper punch, strawberry lemonade and I've seen eggplant juice used some too, do you plant all the different types or just the stuff to make those drinks?

    1. Hi Ciyrose! Thank you for commenting on the Prosperity 2 blog. I love the gardening from the Seasons EP, it really added a lot to the game! I keep my Seasons game manual handy, and have the recipes for all the plants and what they do bookmarked. I too love eggplants, and always have them planted. However it is just fun sometimes in a well established house to have a skilled out Sim help a younger Sim help him skill up on several career rewards at once! In houses that have gardens, all plants are planted. If there is sufficient room, two of each orchard tree is planted. I use the Pescado horn of plenty to store excess fruit and vegetables. If the household starts running low on a particular vegetable, then they may do a garden with nothing but that vegetable in it. Yes, I love doing Uni much for the Sim to accomplish!

    2. So that's why I would want the horn of plenty. I've see it before and never fully grasped why I would care. My sims just carry around the extra produce until the juicer starts running out, but that seems like a better option! I love that there is so much to this game I am still constantly learning from others. I know I've gotten a lot from your blogs over the year, so thanks for always being willing to share! :)