Saturday, April 22, 2017

Round 6 Gold.1 (Buckingham)

Lacy (Gold) Buckingham - Fortune - Become the Law
Tyson Buckingham - Family - Become Captain Hero
Martin Buckingham - Grow Up

Last round:  Martin had two birthdays...from from infant to toddler then from toddler to child.  Lacy met her LTW to become a Hall of Famer.  And Tyson began working on getting the Nature hobby plaque, and with the aid of Lacy made it into the Garden Club winning the wishing well.

Upon opening the lot, this window popped:

Woot! Woot!  ASimWen loves playing the pets!  Of course, the Buckinghams will take on a pet!

Love this.  A boy and his dog.  Meet Balin.  Of course.  ASimWen may see if this name can be changed.

Well the mailman likes Balin.  :)  Ok so this means the family will be going out to get a mate for Balin so the doggie factory can begin.

Tyson headed off to work, and Martin left for school.  Lacy had the day off and decided to run to the pet store to get a playmate for Balin.  Before leaving a check of the mailbox revealed a love letter to her from Tyson.  Awwww!

Lacy made it to Pepe's Pets with a growling tummy.  She grilled some hot dogs out back with a Townie looking on....

Oh is invasion of the Townies!  ASimWen found this humorous and began snapping pictures.

Hmmm....will Komie fall for it????  Well he did not.  He just grinned and walked into the store. 

After looking around for a while, Lacy found this sweet female named Tulip.  She knew right away that she wanted to take this dog home.

Tulip and Balin got along famously!  (It helps that ASimWen made sure they had identical personalities).

Tulip became Lacy's best TV watching buddy.  She would watch what ever Lacy wanted to watch without complaint.

In the meantime, Toll Booth came home with Martin on the bus for some play time. His dad is August Booth.

Lacy and Tyson enjoy a meal together.  Lacy cooked a lot of meals, as she was working toward the Culinary hobby plaque.

And she finally earned it!

On Wednesday, Lacy took a chance to see if Balin and Tulip would try for pups.

ASimWen thinks that Sim reaction to pet woohoo is ridiculous...but anyway...puppies were on the way!

Woah looky at this!  Lacy was offered an opportunity at work!

And what an opportunity it was.  Handled properly, Lacy was able to make quite a deposit into the family coffers.

Tyson did well at work also, reaching the top of his career in law enforcement.  Looky right here, at this perm plat Sim!  His new LTW?  To reach Golden Anniversary.

Shortly after Tyson also gained the gold badge in gardening.  Things were moving along for him!

Tulip delivered three healthy puppies in the master bedroom.  Lacy immediately called for Animal Control to come and get them and directed Tulip and Balin to try again.  They were successful. 

Martin did his turn working in the garden every afternoon when he came home from school.  It was going to pay off big time!

Kennedy Cox whose essence was trapped in the Cow Plant came out to haunt often.  Perhaps he thought about the "One Who Got Away" as he gazed upon Lacy.

Well perhaps not.  He would scare her mercilessly.

Lacy having reached the top of her career long ago, took a job in her new chosen field of Law.

Whoops what?????  Tulip only became pregnant again just the day before.  Like this glitch!  More puppies for the adoptable pool.

Martin continued his gardening work, and made great headway.  He received a visit from the Nature Lady.  ;)

It was time for Martin's birthday.

A strapping young man!  And he aspired to....

To live a life of Popularity.  He wanted to enter the field of Law, like his mother.

And the chapter is ended with a promotion for Lacy.  There were actually more pictures but they did not turn out well.  Had missing pixels!  I don't know how that happened.  Martin had wished for friends out of the wishing well, and spent time cleaning up after the animals.

So this round two doggos were added to the family who contributed 6 puppies (due to a nice glitch) to the neighborhood adoptable pool.  Tyson gained a gold badge in gardening, and Martin got a nice start on his gardening career by capturing a bronze.  Lacy switched careers from *don't remember* to Law, Tyson reached TOC in Law Enforcement and Martin grew up to Popularity and wishing to enter Law like is mother.  Lacy behind the scenes began work on a fitness plaque by doing lots of yoga, and Tyson began work on a fishing badge.

And that's that!  Next - University!

Remember - family comes first!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Puppies, puppies, and more puppies!

    1. Yeah, I like that glitch. Always need lots of puppies and kittens for those family sims who want to raise 20!

  2. So many puppies! It will be interesting to see some of them grow up. Do you do anything to keep from picking up sibling puppies in the future, or does it even matter? Never got why having a slew of puppies or kitties was pretty important until prosperity blogs showed me why. :)

    1. Yeah, I didn't pick up on why it was important to have all those dogs and cats until I read Rachel's blog many moons ago. She never had a shortage! I don't keep family trees noted of the dogs and cats, but I do put their owner's last names with them. Course that doesn't help much when I have lots with the same last name. I have only had an issue one time when I tried to mate siblings. haha One went right back!

    2. Ok, I can see how that works with the names. It might have been Rachel's blog that pointed it out to me, and then I saw others doing it to.