Monday, April 4, 2016

Round 4. Swan Legacy

Phil Jitmakusol - Knowledge - Become a Mad Scientist
Emma (Swan) Jitmakusol - Family - Graduate 3 Children From College
Leroy Swan - Popularity - Become a Media Magnate
Lana Swan - Grow Up

Isn't this little girl a cutie-patooty!   Nothing like starting the visit here with a picture like this.  Lana loved to sit at her art table and draw.  She is very happy because it is her birthday today, and her brother Leroy will be celebrating his too!  It will be a double party.

Leroy:  I wish...I wish...

Leroy js a Popularity Sim with the wish to become a Media Magnate.

He looks much like his father Phil.  It was Lana's turn to blow out candles.

Happy birthday to you....

Beautiful girl.

Upon growing up, Leroy wanted to know as much about cleaning all types of things possible, and in studying received a visit from Nature Lady and received a membership to Peerless Park.  (He also maxed out cleaning).  

He was always available to play with Lana to get her in a good mood for doing homework after school.  What a wonderful big brother!

One day Neal Nolan was spotted taking his dog Rover for a walk.

The gardening drama continued after getting into Garden Club last round, and receiving the wonderful wishing well in compensation.  Emma would work the garden every afternoon in effort to get it cleared by winter, and to hopefully earn the garden plaque in nature.  Even more dramatic instead of going into labor in the bathroom, it happened outside during garden work.

Welcome Jennifer.

On the same day Jennifer was born, Leroy decided to have his first party as a Popularity Sim.  He invited two people neither of which came, but Ginger happened to be walking by the house as the same time of the party so Leroy invited her in.  None the less, the party turned out to be decent.

Emma made a trip back out to the garden to do some final harvesting and received the hobby plaque in Nature.  Way to go Emma!

Finally Emma went back to work, she was nearing her elder years and needed to reach the top of her career in Education.

It was the same morning Emma went back to work that Leroy on his way to the school bus, had to avoid the Gypsy on the porch as she delivered a magic lamp.

It was Jennifer's birthday one day and the family was on hand to party, as well as two coworkers!

The last child that Emma will have grew up to toddler, sporting her father's nose.  ;)

By now it was winter, and Emma finally reached the top of the Education career.  She felt now she should start anew, after all she had been scratching her way up in this job since she first moved to this town.  She decided to do something fun, and took a job as a Noob in the Gaming career.

In the meantime Lana spent copious amounts of time playing with her sister Jennifer.  It was always good to have a cohort in crime!

She accompanied her brother and father on a trip to Peerless Park, where it was found that her dad Phil had a penchant for fishing.

And due to the terrific amount of dancing this energetic child engaged in, a reward was made of a membership to a secret dance studio.

Phil continued fishing at the pond on the Swan property and earned a silver badge.  Now he wished to get the gold badge.

And we end this visit with the Swans with Leroy undertaking the Founder Portrait...before Emma aged to elder.

As always, thank you for reading!  Keep on Simmin'!  Next up a new lot...Lacy Gold!!!



  1. wow this children seemed to be growing fast.

  2. I try to time the pregnancies so the baby is born the first day or two of a new round, that way they get thru two growing stages in one round. :)

  3. Whew, lots of kids and busy adults. The kids are all super cute though. It's sort of sad to think of Emma growing old.

  4. Congratulations on all your acheivements!
    Emma has a nice haircut - looks like me :)