Monday, April 4, 2016

Round 4. Nolan

David Nolan - Knowledge - Become Education Minister
James Nolan - Pleasure - 50 First Dates.  No.
Regina (Mills) Nolan - Popularity - Become the Law
Neal - Grow Up
Dogs Rover and Alegra

Round 4 at the Nolans!  Last round:  The Nolans moved from their tiny house/lot to a huge one.  ASimWen built them a nice 4 bedroom/two bath house.  Regina Mills moved in with James and a grand wedding was had.  Tink and Red Nolan passed to the great Sim beyond, David reached his first LTW of becoming a Space Pirate and is now working in Education.  James met his dream by becoming a Celebrity Chef.  Now he is working on a hobby plaque in Games.  Baby Neal was born.

Regina and David left for work right away Monday morning leaving James at home with baby Neal.  A lot of gaming was done, working toward that hobby plaque.

Good for you David.  One step closer.

Now Regina is perm plat.  New LTW?  Typical of a Pop Sim - have 20 Simultaneous friends.  Possible, possible...

It was Monday still, and the birthday message delivered for Neal.  Regina called out to have friends over to share cake, and James still worked feverishly on getting the Games hobby plaque.

And there it was.  Now....his next target is Music and Dance.

The plaque won, James joins the rest of the crowd singing happy birthday to Neal.

What a cutie patooty!   Regina gives her little boy a tight hug.  Looks like he has custom hair, like his mom does.

Bitsy Nolan engages in a birthday haunt.

James:  I don't always throw birthday parties wearing nothing but my skivvies but when I do, I stand in back of one of my guests and stare at them in a creepy way.

A Red Nolan haunting.
Henry and Belle Mills just can't help themselves...they make out at every party they come to.  Mona Booth calmly watches Tv and ignores the lovers in back of her, and the ghost coming 'round the corner.

Right in the middle of the party Rover and Alegra welcomed four new puppies.

Two boys and two girls.  Dang.  That is a lot of dogs.

Now James knew that Henry and Belle had a dog named Spot at home, and approached Belle hinting that perhaps Spot could use a playmate.

It was a go!

Belle thought this was a good idea and picked out a puppy....the one named Flash.  James called animal control and gave the rest up for adoption.

The next day the party was over, everyone went to work leaving James at home with Neal.  He diligently worked on the Music and Dance plaque, and won the membership to My Muse.

In the mean while, Regina has a tough decision to make at work.  Weather control devices?  Legal or not?  Why.....

She decided to be a rebel and make them legal.  This nets her a very nice bonus.

By now it was Wednesday and the Nolans did not want to wait until Spring was over to start their garden.  A greenhouse was erected.  Regina already possessed a bronze in gardening, and hoped to quickly work it all the way to gold with this greenhouse.

She worked only a few minutes and earned the silver.

Regina:  Peerless Park, here I come!
It wasn't long before the Nature Lady showed up in her winter garb to announce that Regina had earned her way into the elite group of folks who were allowed into Peerless Park.

When she wasn't gardening, Regina was calling friends to shore up those relationships.  This person gave her an expensive computer just for calling.  heh  Wish it was like that in real life!

When it got too late to call friends...when there was no gardening to do, Regina worked on amassing cooking points ultimately in hopes of someday gaining the Cuisine hobby plaque.

David in the mean time was working his way up in his job, and working toward maxing all skills.  Being a Knowledge Sim this was important to him.

Being that the greenhouse was huge, he gave Regina a hand weeding.  He took the quest for the Nature hobby plaque a step further and began sleeping in the tent as well.

Island / Nature girl was making it a habit to visit the Nolans!

And not to leave him out of family accomplishments, baby Neal was steadily working his way up in the mechanical world, having received a visit from Will who gave him a membership to his garage.  I am sure a toddler will be a great addition to the membership roles there!  heh  Great Grandpa Doodle Nolan looks on proudly.

It wasn't long before James was faced with a moral dilemma.  Should he pay this bribe to get the secret ingredient??  Heck yeah!

 60K!  Can't beat that with a stick!!!

 Well baby Neal's birthday rolled around again.  And again, Regina called all their friends/family to come over for a party.

This time August showed up.  He and James must be mending ways.  Either that, or he wanted to keep an eye on his wife Mona who had a thang for Henry Mills, whom he was sure would be there, being that he was Regina's brother!

Here he is.  Uncle Henry on hand to watch nephew Neal grow up!

Dang it ASimWen was asleep at the wheel and didn't get a birthday pic of Neal.  Here he is playing with wolf Thor who came wondering by the day after his birthday.

Is there a party?  Yeah!  Are the Millses invited?  YEAH!  That means there is going to be some makin' out going on!  Looks like it has spread to the Booths too!  heh  What a thing to be doing at a little boy's birthday party.  ;)

Here August tells James about the new baby he and Mona are expecting.

It is now Friday and Neal is at school.  Regina took a vacation day to work the garden as this is Garden Club day.

Regina gains her gold badge putting final touches in the greenhouse.  The plants in the green house are nice and big and healthy, all the bushes trimmed, and flower watered.

Annndddd......they're off!  Let's see how it goes!

Statue in greenhouse
Inspecting bushes

Liking water plants in the quickly man made dug pond.
Statue again.

Yay!  ASimWen has never seen the wishing well left inside the green house before.  So at this point I decided to try an experiment.  Let's have somebody else in the house call for garden club membership too.  There is still enough daylight.

James calls.  After all, he helped Regina weed the greenhouse instead of working on his Music and Dance plaque.  David wasn't home to call for himself.

BOOM!  No way Jose!  Have to call back another day.  And so he will.  Or David will.  David has worked hard on the garden, more than James.

All the gardening drama being over, Regina realized she was pregnant again.  Another Nolan was on the way.

Yippee!  Regina managed to score the culinary hobby plaque.  SCORE!

In a very grouchy moment for James, he is bestowed with the hobby plaque in Music and Dance.  Looks like the Music young lady is beating a hasty retreat.

Sunday saw the Nolans enjoying a brunch of grilled cheese sandwiches.  Regina's pregnancy is obvious.  ASimWen gave the Nolans the day off from skilling and working toward hobby plaques, being Sunday and all.  Except they did keep up the garden work as there were still people in the home who needed to get garden club membership.

David reached the top of his second career this day.  What is his new LTW?  Well, to Become a Media Magnate.

Speaking of garden work, James gets his bronze badge in gardening.

And we leave the Nolans on Monday morning waiting for the school bus, and carpool to work.  A great productive round!


During Neal's first birthday party when Animal Control came to get the puppies, Regina decided to go to bed....crazy.

Shortly after Regina's bed time mishap, David had the same sort of issue.  Except he wasn't any where near his bedroom.

I guess the gal from Sue's Kitchen wants to make sure she is noticed.....


  1. Glad to see that I'm not the only one having glitches in the game :)
    Good job with the gardens!

    1. I love to garden in RL and am living in a place right now where I can't have one. So I live precariously through my Simmies

  2. Another great round. Lots of people getting into the garden club. Another baby too. YAY