Sunday, February 28, 2016

Round 2. Nolan

Hi Nolans!

In Round 1:   Bitsy and Doodle Nolan had their Grim party as they were inadvertently left in the family when it was imported into the game.  Tink and Red Nolan are David Nolan's elderly aunts who took David and his son James in.  Being that they had LTWs that could not be met, ASimWen put them to work earning hobby plaques.   Red (knowledge) earned the Arts and Crafts plaque then went to work earning the Fitness plaque.  Red (pleasure) is working on the Film and Lit plaque.  David (knowledge) managed to get his dream job in Adventure and worked his way up to Relic Liberator.  James (pleasure)  just struggled to get through school.

The first thing ASimWen likes to do when opening a lot is check the wants.  Here we see Tink wants to see a couple of ghosts, then she wants to turn Photo Booth into a zombie.  heh  Don't think so.

Red and Tink contiued working on their hobby plaques.

Right away...

James was faced with an emergency at school.  Being that he wants to be a celebrity chef an all, making food would probably be the best decision.

And he is correct.  Of course this confuses ASimWen, because he made it into Sue's Kitchen last round.

Still gliding on the cooking success after school, James felt confident in asking Regina Mills out on a date.  Erm.  Last round she snubbed him something awful, but he felt he would like another chance with her.

They had a joyful greeting and immediately started joking and laughing.  It seemed that James had forgotten all about Kendal Stallkamp who he fell in love with last round.

It was indeed a fine date although these two have absolutely zero chemistry.  During their date....David returned home from work.

And David climbed another rung in the Adventure Ladder of Success.

Tink finally wrote a successful book!  And, is only one point away from the Film and Lit hobby plaque!

I have never understood why nobody can really accept this delivery.  The book is always thrown on the ground.

And then, she won the hobby plaque!  Tink has finally made her contribution to the Prosperity!

James wanted to date yet again, so his little black book indicated Melody Tinker might be interested, and indeed she was.  The date was a dream date!  And gave James lots of aspiration points.  Looks like Red is still working on the hobby plaque for fitness.

Another friendship made!

And another plaque earned!  Red has been very productive.

ASimWen didn't think there was time for Red to earn another plaque before the end....but Red started sleeping in a tent anyway, to work toward the nature plaque.

Movin' right on up.  David had been especially easy being a Knowledge Sim, loved all the skilling.

Red:  Tink, why did you attempt to repair the trash compactor?

Tink:  Why not?  It was broken.


James was awarded a snow day and spent some time shooting the breeze with Dad.....they discussed whether or not James should go to University.  James did not show much inclination to attend, but then ASimWen might still choose to send him.

Tink had fallen in love last round, and her love came calling.  This was great for her...gave her some aspiration.

James's contribution to the hobby plaques.  Great!

Again!  Man oh man-o!  David had studied right up to the proper number of skills needed so all that was left to do was promote!

On Friday, Tink spent time with this big dog named Rover. He kept coming by the house looking lost, so Tink hoped to make him feel not so lost.

It didn't take long.  The Nolans took him right in.  Bought him a dog house and some food.

When James came home from school and saw Rover, he was ecstatic.  They played games together all evening until they were friends.

Saturday morning after David left for work, James, Rover, Tink, and Red headed down to the dog park to rub elbows with like minded Sims.  Those who loved dogs.

James eyed this girl named Alegra.  She seemed shy at first and a little stand offish, but she only wanted a treat.  Once James gave her plenty of treats, she was ready to play.  She didn't seem to have an owner, and was surviving on her own.

It wasn't long before James figured out there was plenty of room in the Nolan family for Alegra.

In the mean time Rover got some R & R.  He eyed Goopy Gilscarbo with plenty of suspicion.

While James was making friends with Alegra, Tink tried her hand at grilling hotdogs and burned them.  James fired up the grill and made ribs for everyone.  Still, some opted to eat the burned hotdogs.

Wise Sims like Goopy chose ribs over burned hot dogs.  All too soon, it was time to go home, and rest up.  It was a full and tiring day!

Alegra immediately knocked over the trash can and began rolling around in the trash.  She would need some training!

And Red wasted no time.

She also barked at everyone who came wondering by.  Red also scolded her for that.

David received a promotion that day!  Good for him!  However he was so exhausted from wearing the nooodlesoother......he had to take a hit on the energizer before going right back to work.

ASimWen was having dreams of David reaching his LTW today but then checked out his job stats and realized he was a friend short.  He needed 11!   He wanted nothing more than to become a Space Pirate!  James was having a blast with his two new dogs, and wanted to see if they would have puppies.

Whaaaa?  I don't know that I have ever seen this.  Maybe I have.  Rover said no to doggie woohoo.  heh  Checked his relationships...he only had a 15 point attraction to Alegra.

After doggie woohoo failure, ASimWen noticed that the two pooches started trying to get to know each other better through sniffing and playing.  There was hope yet!

That night at work David had to decide what to do about the Kaltumbans.  Steal their shuttle or send a steal virus into their computers to mess everything up.  He chose the brainy option...used the virus.

It worked!  David received a nice bonus!

While his dad was at work, James went to work making that "one more friend" that was needed for his dad to realize his dream of becoming a Space Pirate.  Yak, yak, yak.  Yes!  This "townie girl who's name I can't remember" was now a strong friend of the Nolan family.  (I have a hack that changes the names of the townies who's names aren't hard coded).

Melody wondered by the house as well, and James ran out and pulled her inside, telling her that he wanted to go steady.  (he was showing a wish to "go steady", nobody in particular).  It was done, pushing him into platinum aspiration.

It was then, he and Melody shared a goodbye kiss.  Yes, he was leaving to go to University.

Buh-Bye James, good luck.  See you on the academic side!

After David left for Uni, Red went to the dogs to try for puppies again.  It worked!  Pups were on the way in the Nolan household!

David is the first Sim in Prosperity Two to reach the top of his field, and reach his LTW.  His new LTW is to Become Education Minister.  He will keep his eyes open for that!

And that is where we leave the Nolans for this round.

I really thought that one of the elder aunts would have her Grim party but neither did.  I kept watching their life bar, and it would actually roll back slighly at 6 pm.  I am thinking because they gained aspiration because I was filling their wishes.  I stopped doing it.  I didn't push hobby plaques anymore because thought one of them would kick the bucket!  haha!

Six plaques to go!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Awesome round for these guys. I never knew the tent gave Nature hobby enthusiasm. Still learning after all these years. My guide books are all packed from my last move. I need to find them and brush up. :) I also have never used the noodlesoother...not sure why. Excited to see what these guy's puppies will look like, and congrats on all those hobby plaques and the LTW/top of career.

  2. Nope I didn't now that the tent gave nature enthusiasm either, or like ciyrose or the noodlesoother. I know exactly where my books are but are hardly ever look at them. Puppies are on the way.

    1. I look at mine every now and then, but most usually go to places in the internet if I need to look something up!

  3. Amazing round, you get your Simmies working so hard for their plaques- must take note. :D
    Glad to see James head to Uni. Will Melody join him?
    Good for David getting TOC & LTW!

    1. I like working toward them, they really are easy Prosperity points!!!