Sunday, February 28, 2016

Round 2. Gold

Welcome to the Gold home for Round 2.

Last time:  The Welcome Wagon consisted of folks from Bluewater, not ASimWen's favorite townies.  Early on, lightening struck the back porch, nearly burning it down but the fire department was able to wrangle their way into the back yard and put it out.  No Sims were harmed!  The patriarch, Rumple is a Romance Sim with an LTW to have 20 Simultaneous Lovers.  For employment he took the first thing that came up in the paper, which was Education.  At the end of the round, he had only made it to Substitute Teacher.  Belle is a Fortune Sim with a wish to Become the Law, and wishes to go to University. Lacy still has to grow up.  Both girls managed to make it into private school.

Just love this little girl Lacy.  She seems so happy and full of life.  Constantly turning cartwheels for show.

In my opinion, a substitute teacher shouldn't be messing with rockets.  Heh.  Unless maybe he is teaching science.

Oh no! He doesn't need this.  When the car dropped him off in front of the house at 10:30 am...he turned around and went right back to work, and was able to keep his position of substitute teacher.

That evening as Belle worked on her homework, Rumple made a dinner of spaghetti.  Lacy talked on the phone to Regina Mills as she had a wish to make friends, and a friend who had come home on the bus with her played on the computer.

Then a call came from Tink Nolan for Rumple to go Downtown.  And he agreed.  But before his taxi came to pick him up....

Darn it...missed Lacy's birthday.

She rolled Fortune like her sister Belle, and wished to be A Hall of Famer.

Rumple and the group went to one of the downtown parks...escapes me right now what the name of it is.  All the Nolans came plus Tink's love.  Geesh, dont' know his name either.

Cora Mills was there as well.  She made a pass at Rumple and he brushed her off....and when she swooned for him, he walked over and kissed her on the lips... (HUH?).  She then fell in love with him.

For mischievousness, Rumple had a few words with Count Chuck (heh, yeah, I remembered THAT name!) to get on his good side.  Then Rumple influenced him to bite the barrista.

Woot woot!  Now the vampires were active in the hood. They are one of ASimWen's favorite facets of the game.

It was then that ASimWen noticed these two had a two bolt attraction.  She is pleasure, he is romance.  But wait, isn't Tink's love there?

**Slap Slap Slap**  Well it wasn't him that was Cora Mills!  But wait a minute and Rumple were not a couple.  You crushed on him...not him with you!  Oh but ASimWen does love Sim jealousy!

David Nolan watches on as his Aunt Tink and Rumple Gold have a couple's moment.

Oh boy but is Cora disgusted.  LOLOL

*SMOOCH SMOOCH SMOOCH*  Stalker, much?

It was at this point that ASimWen noticed that Mrs. Crumplebottom was lurking about, her beady little eyes darting here and there.  Rumple invited Tink back to his place.

It was there Rumple and Tink shared a wonderful kiss and said their goodbyes.  ASimWen can only hope that someone eventually comes along for Rumple who doesn't have one foot in the grave.

Okay.  A chance card came up for Rumple.

Woot woot woot!

Go you, Rumple Gold!  Went from being demoted to being promoted!  Love it!  He turned right around and went right back to work as the chance cards dropped him at home in the middle of the day.

For Belle.  ASimWen really doesn't care about the hobby cards.


As the girls were getting off the bus that day, Cora came stalking by to steal the paper.  She was still mad.

Can't beat it with a stick!  Two promotions in one day.  It paid for Rumple to stay in front of the numbers of skills needed to promote.

While Rumple was chatting up Sam Ottomas, Ms. Stalker came by just to wave hello.  Hm.  Maybe she was going to kick over the trashcan.

Yeah!  A magic lamp!

Since Lacy grew up, she started to spend a lot of time keeping Belle in a good mood.  Belle became stuck in a rut, filling two of her wish slots with buying things, and the other two with University and win this or that award for XYZ.  In other words, she wanted scholarships.

Wow looky at that...another promotion for Rumple.  He could now give lectures about education.

Lacy:  Ewwww dad how could you????

Rumple was showing a wish to have a dream date, so he called up his newest friend, Samantha Ottomas.  She looks a tad frozen.  heh  Probably because he kept her outside so long the day before.  It was a near dream date!  And, Rumple fell in love with her.

That night,he earns the Science hobby plaque. Yay!

And Belle made great friends with Balin the wolf.  She called out to throw a party with the only invitee being Balin, and he showed up.   

Cora crashed the party...yup...she just walked right in, plopped her patooty down on the sofa and took over the TV.  Rumple ignored her.

Since the party "went to the dogs" Lacy and Rumple started to skill.  Lacy won the hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts.  Go you, Lacy!

Balin left the party early, and Belle went to bed.  Her party was a big success, and she gained good reputation!

Lacy:  Rawwwwr!  I just finished reading physiology and now I am going to max out my body skills!  Hear me roar!

I'm gonna kick this can over, then I am gonna laugh like a maniac, then I am gonna run away.  That'll fix ya.

Hmmmm....this picture looks just like the prior promotion picture, but only with different type in the description balloon. Heh

Belle had a very difficult time staying out of green aspiration.  She wanted the scholarship for Hogan Athletics, and so it was.  After this was won, then she began rolling wishes for skills.

One day James Nolan came home on the bus with her and attempted to cheer her up.  They had a nice date, but it didn't get far.  (Hey isn't he in the Uni bin??)

On Friday Rumple promoted for the last time this round . If he had not gotten demoted one day, he would have gotten all the way to the top.  Ohh looky at that, he reached a financial milestone.

A frozen Ivy Copur dropped this by.  She apparently had an outing with Rumple.  It promptly went in Belle's backpack to take to University.

Wooooahhh!  Rumple developed a thang for Samantha Ottomas.  She walked by the house and Rumple wasted no time.  Hmmm...

On Saturday Balin made another appearance and visited with Belle for a while.  That was good...perhaps he would come by at night with glowing eyes and.......ASimWen kept her fingers crossed that he would return Saturday night or Sunday night before Belle left for University on Monday morning!

Cora came wondering by on Sunday, and Rumple again wasted no time.  He told her all about his good reputation.  But of all silliness....she didn't want him!  What is up with that?

Sunday the family spent their last meal together in front of the TV before Belle left for University on Monday morning.  Rumple talked about how Belle would have the world at her feet with a college diploma.

Monday morning, 6 am. arrives without a visit from Balin.  No werewolf this round for the Gold home.  See you later, gater!

And this is where Round 2 ends for the Golds.  Lacy will go to University next round, if she so inclines.

Toodle-loo!  Thank you so much for reading!



  1. Another fun round. Always enjoy your updates. :) You are getting close to getting a fair amount of the supernatural's introduced. The sim jealousy is so goofy, it makes for funny stories though.

  2. If you put someone in the uni bin there can still came home with the teenagers, to stop it you have to put them in the dorm and have them grow up. Shame not getting your werewolf hopefully when Belle comes home from uni she might get bitten.

  3. Excellent round, especially for Rumple and his promotions- so great to get a few chance cards.
    I had no idea Sims could invite pets to a party!
    Do you think Balin is the LOTP as well? I had no idea, I thought they were a separate animal.
    If I ever get time to play this game I will check a few more things out! :)

    1. Yep, Balin will show up as the LOTP. In my game there appears to be two Balins. One Belle is not friends with at all. So fingers crossed. Love having werewolves in my game. I found out quite by accident when playing an unblogged hood that wolves could be invited to parties. I guess they have cell phones! HAHAHA!