Sunday, February 28, 2016

Round 2. Mills

Round 1:   Round 1 Cora the Family Sim with an LTW to reach her Golden Anniversary spent her time meeting men and working her way up the Law Enforcement career field.  She met Rumple Gold who crushed on her (he is a Romance Sim) but she had zero attraction to him.  At every turn Malcolm Landgraab seemed to show up and tried to sell his wonderful personality to her.  Regina the Pop sim flitted around meeting everyone she could to rack up friendships, and Henry the Knowledge Sim basked in the skilling aura.

Monday morning was uneventful with Regina and Henry waiting for the bus to arrive to take them to school, and Cora wished to see Rumple to tell him a joke.  Perhaps she wanted to mend her relationship with him.  Instead, she fulfilled a wish for a charisma skill to boost her aspiration a little, hoping to get a promotion at work.  Henry immediately received a chance card, and gained his membership card to Sue's Kitchen.

Before mom came home from work however, Regina came home from school and made BF with her "maybe" step sister, Lacy Gold.  My oh my.  It seemed as if the Gold and Mills family were certainly interconnected.

And Cora came home with a promotion to Vice Squad.  Nice going!

Then she immediately felt angry over Rumple Gold "cheating" on her, even though they were never a couple.

Regina and Henry paid no attention to Cora's troubled love life.  Friends came home on the school bus with them almost every day, and one of those friends was Rumple's daughter Lacy.  She and Henry took a shine to each other.

Cora made homemade soup for everyone..."just in case" anyone was sick.  That is the Family Sim in her coming out!

Even as Cora skilled for her job in Law Enforcement, her personal feelings about what happened at the park haunted her.  It was tough to work and let excess baggage tag along!

 However she still managed to get the skills needed for her job, and earned a hobby plaque besides.

 Henry and Regina jumped on the skilling bandwagon too!  It was a family affair!

Lacy would come wondering by the house after school on days she didn't come home on the bus with Henry.

He threw a couple of flirts her way and they crushed.  But there was no chemistry there.

Ha.  Cora skilled whenever/however/wherever she could.  Even in the bathroom when Regina was cleaning the toilet.  (ASimWen thought this pose was hilarious....)

All that skilling paid off!  Lieutenant Mills!  (Sounds like the TV Show Sleepy Hollow....)

The weekend family outing consisted of Regina and Henry heading downtown to the 50's diner.  They played pool, danced, and had a generally good time.  Cora slept while the kids went downtown, as she was exhausted from....

Gardening.  Cora wanted to ensure she had plenty of fresh vegetable to feed her family.

After all the skilling, all the gardening, she let ASimWen know that she was tired of all that, and wanted a little romance in her life.  So she called a gentleman for a date.  It was spring after all....

Rumple Gold accepted a date with his stalker.

They greeted like old friends!

It didn't take long before they fell in love.  Ohhhh myyyyy.

Cora fell so desperately in love with Rumple, she wanted to get engaged to him!

And he with her.  Well, well, ASimWen knows that Sims will roll get engaged in the "heat of the moment".  These two have zero chemistry.....It took all her game playing skills not to give in to this and engage the two!  She decided to wait until later to see if they still held this notion next round.

The evening ended with Sim woohoo, fulfilling wishes for both.  When the date was over, Cora held her wish to get engaged to Rumple long after he was gone.

In the meantime while his mother was dating Rumple, Henry received a membership card to Will's Garage.

The day came the plants in the garden were big enough, and Cora placed a call to see if she could get in the Garden Club.

It was so stressful going through the inspection.

The wishing well was won, much to Cora's happiness.  She had a wish to get in the garden club

Regina was not doing will staying out of green aspiration, her man James left for University and didn't have a phone when she tried to contact him.  She called this "what's his name" kid to come over for a little hugging.

Even though they shared a kiss, Regina did not feel any chemistry for this boy but did become best friends with him.  That is always good for a Popularity Sim!

Henry and Cora shared coffee and conversation at the kitchen table.  It was decided that she would give him lessons in the use of the scanner gun.  Henry was looking for some skill points to boost his college scholarship cash.

Regina put in her share of time in the garden since she had some social time with What's His Name.

Early Monday morning Regina left for University while her Knowledge Sim brother Henry snoozed.  He will be going, but ASimWen thinks to send him from the Uni screen.  Buh-bye Regina.  Good luck.

And this is where we leave the Mills for this round.  It was pretty slow at first with everyone,  even Regina,  just throwing wishes for skilling.  Then spring sprang, and Cora wanted to date so that sort of busted everything loose.  My heart wants to marry together Cora and Rumple, but my game playing brain says that would be a bad move because there is no chemistry.  Needs at least two bolts.

Odd Pic Out

Cora almost froze solid while stargazing for Logic. Blue blue Cora!

Until next time!  Thanks for reading!



  1. Your sims are getting quite successful already. So many wishing wells everywhere. I have never managed to get one in any of my hoods. I've been accepted into the garden club, but not received the wishing well, I apparently haven't mastered that "secret". :) A nice round again. It will be fun to see everyone in uni.

  2. this is from ASimWen this will help get the wishing well. I have never really tried it never have enough time with my sims to garden. Might try when they became elders and retire.

    1. Thank you for posting the link. :)

    2. Cool, thanks for the link. I'll have to give it a try. Never had luck so far, even with doing most of that, but I haven't hit all the categories, so that's probably why.

    3. One other thing you have to watch out for when trying for the Wishing Well is to make sure you have an adequate number of garden plants. If you only have 6 or 8, the inspector will say everything is great but the garden isn't big enough and you wont get the well.

  3. Brilliant round, so Cora got her man, kinda. She never wanted him at all last round but I guess seeing Rumple with the other women during his round changed her mind.

    Lots of other stuff going on too with the kids, skills, hobbies and friendships. :)