Sunday, January 31, 2016

Round 1. Nolan

Next is the Nolans, made famous as habitual majhong players on the Booth lot.  There are two more here than ASimWen they are left over CAS Sims used to get a good genetic mix so the Nolans would have their own unique look.  So. First order of business is to get rid of the excess Sims.  Thinking that these Sims added funds to the beginning of this lot, ASimWen thinks it doesn't matter really at this point.  There are plenty of  money earners in this family even without the two CAS Sims who don't belong.   Buh-bye Bitsy and Doodle Nolan.

Another Maxis house, which on the inside looks remarkably like the Pleasant house from Pleasantview....just needs a couple of changes.  Ah well.

On with the "GRIM" business of whacking this family down to the proper size...

Again Rodney's Death Creator was summoned, and poor poor Bitsy drew "Death by Old Age".  heh.  Grim showed up to let her know it was time, and she argued, and lost.  Good riddance.  Buh Bye Bitsy, I am sure the Booths will miss you.

Doodle drew Death by Fright.  Oooh la la!  He put on a good show.

He was taken away without much fan fare, as you can see the Nolans gossiped about others in the neighborhood during Doodle's trip to the underworld.

Now to introduce those who are left, the anchors of the Nolan family in this Prosperity town.

Red Nolan.  Elder.  Knowledge....LTW to become a Criminal Mastermind.  Unattainable.  :(  Her mom was the now dead Bitsy, and her brother was the now dead Doodle.

Next is Tink Nolan.  Pleasure...become a Game Designer.  Nope.  Pictured with her is her nephew David Nolan, Doodle's son.  He is Knowledge and wants to become a Space Pirate.  Doable.

David's teen-aged son James...Pleasure...wants to become a Celebrity Chef.  Doable.  :)  Yay!

Ok so the first thing ASimWen thinks after killing off Doodle and Bitsy is how to play this lot to the fullest advantage?  Red and Tink are of really no use since the LTW cannot be won.  (without using hacks).  So they might as well be put to use working toward hobby plaques for prosperity points.  Don't plan to marry off David Nolan...don't want Nolan babies hanging around forever on this lot.  Unless the sim opportunity presents itself, naturally. 

So, once the deaths were over with and cleaned up, the welcome wagon arrived.  Again, folks from around the neighborhood, no townies.

Cora Mills with that gorgeous skintone.  Yup.

Rumple Gold with his unique look.

And...Emma Swan.  I think she looks somewhat like Lisa Marie Presley.  :)

Rumple starts out by telling the ladies how he appreciates them.  Hm.  You flirt you.

David and Rumple settle down on the living room to talk sports, and Cora and Tink gossip about Rumple thinking he can't hear them.  They marvel how he could possibly think they would be interested in him.

He looks slightly horrified.  Maybe he did hear them.  Or maybe he is just managing to build his relationship with Emma.

In the meantime,  James fires up some ramen noodles in the microwave while the grownups do what they do.

After gaining sustenance from the noodles...

James managed to make a friend in Emma, fulfilling a wish to make a friend.

Tuesday morning it was time to get down to business.  Tink made a breakfast of cereal and everyone gathered for breakfast.  James quickly slurped it down, then headed out the door for school.

Being a Pleasure Sim, poor Tink didn't roll much of anything except buy this and buy that.  On Tuesday morning, she expressed a desire to date, so the matchmaker was called.  She got Darren Johnson, but he didn't help her much to feel better.  After the date was over she resumed wanting to buy stuff.

He didn't have much interest in Tink, only wanted to play on the computer.

In the meantime Red gained a membership card to the club where the artsy types like to visit.  This meant she was well on her way earning the Arts and Crafts hobby plaque.  Plus she was gaining lots of aspiration for getting creativity skill points.

James wanted to be a Celebrity Chef and was already being tested.  He failed miserably.

It was right around this time that ASimWen remembered that David needed to look for a job.  This was Tuesday afternoon

Wonder of wonders!  David's preferred job came up straight away!  He got a job in the Adventure field as an Ambassador's Intern.  He was to leave for work the next day at 9:00 am.

That same day, a girl came home on the bus with James.

Kendal Stallkamp.  James was really low on fun, and found sitting close to Kendal and watching TV with her boosted his fun quite a bit.  In fact so much so that James got up the nerve to ask Kendal on a date, for which he was showing the wish.

To his delight (and hers!)  She accepted.  James lit a fire in the fireplace and the two proceeded to share a dance right then and there.

Then it was outside to watch the stars.  Although, ASimWen can't quite agree on the place where they chose to do it.  By the dead relative's graves????

The date ended as a "dream date" pouring aspiration points into James's coffers.  At 11:30 he said goodbye to Kendal, and went to bed.

Wednesday morning saw David leaving for his first day of work, and James rushing off to school.

Tink sat down to write a novel.  ASimWen was having a difficult time getting her to do anything long enough to start building up hobby enthusiasm to earn a plaque.  She would quit after a few Sim minutes and sigh about wanting to buy stuff.  But this is something she would do.  Alrighty then! Film and Literature plaque it is!  Red had been working feverishly on painting and by now was two points away from getting the plaque in Arts and Crafts.

Since Red was getting close to earning the Arts and Crafts hobby plaque, she took time out to help James with his homework.  He had fallen behind because he had spent the entire evening with Kendal the night before and didn't even think about his homework at all.

The next night sees him doing it by himself while his dad David worked on getting body skill for his job.

It seems like James had company every single day after school.  On this day it was...

Regina Mills.  Turns out these two did not get along at all....Regina snubbed James something awful.  He couldn't say anything right to her.  She left early going home even before James had a chance to practice his cooking skills by making dinner for everyone.

In the meantime Tink gained admittance to the Lit club.  This meant she was doing well with her writing or so she thought.

She finally finished her novel, but it didn't sell every well.  Oh well, try try again.  But at least she was published!

Right about this time Red reached the Arts and Crafts milestone.

One down, and many to go.

David was having to make career "make it or break it" decisions at work!

Thank goodness he was making the right deicisions!

David is promoted to Spelunker!

The next day Regina's brother Henry comes home on the bus with James.  He seemed like an okay kid.  He talked a lot.

Red maxes Creativity, of which she was showing a wish to do so.  She came a long way with her painting skills.

The promotions where coming quickly for David.

And James gains admittance to Sue's Kitchen after making hamburgers for everybody.

To reward himself for getting the membership club to Sue's Kitchen, James ran to the store and bought himself a cell phone, for which he was showing a wish.

While grabbing a bite to eat, the Good Witch visited the lot to cheer everyone up..

This somewhat startled the townie sitting to the left.  ASimWen never noticed the effect on Sims the Good Witch would have when she cast her sparkly sunshine.

Heh.  They are really enjoying this.

Back at the house, messages stared pouring in. Oops .  The family didn't keep up those friendships that were developed the first couple of days on the lot.  That is going to come back and bite David in the butt.

Woot free logic point!  Too bad David doesn't need this for his job in Adventure.

Another book sold, but still not a best seller.  At least Tink is sitting still long enough to write.  She is now two points away from the hobby plaque.

Since Red had finished up the Arts and Crafts hobby plaque,her sights turned toward Fitness.

To make it go a little faster, she read the physiology book, for which she as showing a wish.

Of course it naturally followed that she would max out fitness....which poured aspiration points into the kitty...Red being a Knowledge Sim and all.  Now she can just be left alone doing yoga until the plaque is earned.

Yay!  Here is the membership card to the gym.  The plaque is close.

On Saturday David needed a body skill point for his next off to do the same thing Auntie Red did.  Read the physiology book.  David quickly maxed body skill, and thus.....


In the mean time James was becoming depressed and wanted to see Kendal.  So on Saturday they went on a park date.  They fell in super love!

They made out in front of all the townies who were smustling in the park.  The date was a dream date, fulfilling a super wish for James.

After spending some time on the phone Saturday to yak up some townie friendships after losing friends earlier...

David promoted.  Again.

After dating Kendal on Saturday getting aspiration points put in the bank James was able to sit it out Sunday and maxed cooking early Monday.  Good for his career.

And this is where we leave the Nolans for this round.

Thank you for reading!




  1. Wow two plagues and only in the first round, you make your sims go for it don't you!

    1. It is a good thing to keep the elders busy. These two gals are kinda screwed as far as their LTW goes, so this is a great way for them to be productive on the lot. Thank you for reading about the Nolans!

  2. Wow, that was a very successful first round. I don't seem to do so well with the first couple of rounds usually. It takes me a bit to settle into a rhythm with sim families.

    1. I agree, it takes a couple of plays on a lot to really get into the swing of things. To fell the Sims out...get to know them and figure out how you want them to live their life! Thank you for taking a peek at the Nolans.

  3. I enjoyed the Nolan family, Tink is a very pretty elder and is working hard for points isn't she?
    In fact it's another great start for you and your Sims. :)

    1. Yes Tink is very pretty...I hated to age her to elder when I made her. Red is the same way. But hopefully the genes will manifest in later generations and I will see them again.