Sunday, February 28, 2016

Round 2. Swan Legacy

Hi ho, Swans!  Last round -  Emma Swan is the founder of the Swan Legacy.  She is a Family Sim with a wish to graduate three kids from University, so, it was imperative that a mate be found for her right away.  She gained a job in education, managed to build a small house after selling off outing presents, and found her mate, Phil Jitmakusol.    He is a Knowlege Sim with an LTW to become a Mad Scientist, and he shares a two bolt attraction with Emma.  When Round 1 ended, the sounds of the lullaby chime sounded through the small home.  Let's get started playing!

Alrighty then.  Monday morning Emma left for work in the Education field, and ASimWen rebuilt the house with the funds Phil brought into the relationship when he moved in.  I am not really "cool" about building, so I found a floor plan I think the Swans will like, complete with an in-laws suite.  There is room for expansion to put a basement down below when funds allow.  For now, there is just a bare bones first floor.  See it here.  I think it will make a fine legacy home.  At any rate, once the rebuilding was over, Henry Mills came by and kicked over the trash can.  He is mad at Phil about something.  heh.

Emma arrived home with a promotion in tow.  Good for you!

She and Phil spent the evening working on their logic skills both need for promotion, and talking about the sweet bundle of joy that as on the way.

Shortly after they retired for the night, a burglar came along and didn't even gain admittance due to the alarm that was placed outside of the house.  Love it when the burglar gets caught!


Everyday Phil planned to look for a job in his chosen field of Science.  Tuesday there was no luck, so Phil simply played chess all day, then laid down to nap.

However that same day Emma promoted to High School teacher.  And brought home that nice bookcase!  It seemed she had better luck in the job arena than Phil did.  And, Ivy Copur came home with her.  Emma quickly set up an "outing for fun" and made a fast friend.

In trying to keep up with his fiancee, Phil left for work feeling a little down.  He really did not want to be working in the food industry.  Science was where his heart was!  So in going to work this day he did it only "half heartedly".  haha

Emma also began showing her baby bump this day.  ASimWen was snoozing at the wheel and didn't get any pictures of the pregnancy, as Emma did nothing but skill and keep her needs up the whole time  ASimWen didn't make her go to work.  When Phil was home from work, he copied Emma in skilling and keeping up needs.  In fact, Emma started feeling like she was in a rut already with Phil.

On Thursday....

Emma was playing chess, and felt her and Phil's child coming.

Welcome Leroy Swan!  (Thank goodness it is a boy.  ASimWen prefers boys for the first born).  Thank you, Emma Swan!

At this point, it was time for Phil to leave for work, so off he went.  Emma called for a nanny, who came right away.  She then spent time on the phone keeping up friendships when she caught a glimpse of someone walking in front of her house.

It was Rodney Jung, whom Emma had dated before she met Phil.  Oh my, seems as if she has missed him a little.

Girlfriend, you better get back in the house before Phil gets home in about an hour.

Emma had it made.  A beautiful baby boy, a job promotion, a fiancee, and a boyfriend.  Daaaang girl.

Sandy Bruty came home with Emma on Friday and informed her that she could pull some strings at work and get her promoted!

Not like Emma needed help.  She was doing alright without help.  She would be Education Minister in no time.  Being that it was Friday, she would not see the promotion until Monday, the next week.

Even though Phil longed to be in Science, he worked as hard as he could in Culinary for his family.  He finally promoted.

As far as working hard for the family, Emma wanted to learn fire safety so she did.  Just as this flipped over as a wish fulfilled, she wished for...

Get engaged to Rodney Jung, her first love.  No, no, no Emma!  He is only one bolt~!  You have two with Phil.  And you have a son with Phil.

Saturday saw another promotion for Phil, all the while his fiancee pined for Rodney.  Phil came home from work and Emma had invited a few people over for Leroy's birthday.

Happy birthday to you, Leroy!

A cutie patooty.  Both mom and dad have blue eyes, looks like he has dad's coloring all the way around.  Let's just hope Leroy doesn't have his nose.

Oh lucky day!  Science finally came up for Phil.  He grabbed the position right away.

And being a Knowledge Sim, he loved teaching Leroy his toddler skills.

Emma still wished she was with Rodney.  Bad girl.  It was Sunday now, and she had held this wish since Thursday.  The only time it rolled away was when she rolled up four wishes to date, kiss...ect...because it was now spring.  She indulged and asked Phil for a date.

We leave Monday morning with Emma having an episode.  ASimWen locked this wish in, took the picture, then unlocked it...if Emma still has this wish next round, then ASimWen will do something about it.  Perchance she doesn't want to spend her life with Phil even though he is a two bolt attraction.  The two are so busy skilling they really haven't spent much time together.  She held this wish for four solid days, going on five. 

Next up, University!  Thanks for reading!



  1. Awww...Leroy is a cutie. Man, the woman can't really make up her mind what she wants. I've had a couple of sims that refused to let go of a one-bolt love though too. I usually indulged them, sometimes they even gain another bolt I've noticed, without any changes made.

  2. oh dear, when a sim doesn't want to be with someone they do tell you. Is that Phil's baby or Rodney's?

  3. ooh the plot thickens about the baby-to-be. :D
    I've noticed in my game that the LTW of graduating 3 kids is completed after 2 kids do it (a glitch I like very much). :D
    In my Pleasantview wishes Phil became Cowplant fodder and Rodney Jung is a vampire. :D

    1. Hahaha how funny is that! Wow I have never seen that will be fun to see if it happens here.