Sunday, February 28, 2016

Round 2. University

Welcome to University! Dang it has been years since ASimWen has put any Sim through school in TS2. Let's see how it goes! Introducing:

Regina Mills - Popularity, LTW Become The Law.  Showed NO wishes to go to Uni, but thought she would be a great ice breaker to start the dominoes falling for Secret Society.

Regina Mills and Belle Gold
Belle Gold - Fortune - Become The Law.

August Booth - Knowledge - Become a Mad Scientist

August Booth
James Nolan - Pleasure - Become a Celebrity Chef

James Nolan
And last but not least...Henry Mills, Regina's brother - Knowledge -Become Head of the SCIA

Cora Mills dropping off her son Henry Mills
Oh my....Henry Henry Henry.  Look at that nose!

Freshman Year

The kids immediately visited the Campus Shoppes to buy some clothes and meet some other YAs.  Looks like Regina is making SS connections already.  Keep it going, girl!

James:  How about it???

Regina:  I thought you were a real dork back in the hood.  You are really growing into your face.

James:  Well ya know....

These two have zero attraction, but James was showing a wish to ask a Sim out on a date.  He remembered his little teen aged tryst with Regina so he asked...and she was all about it.  They fell in quick love.

Regina:  OOoooh....look at those bedroom eyes.  I could wake up to that every day....

James:  Man, she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.  

ASimWen had these wishes locked in, then realized this was probably just a passing phase that happened during the date.  So she unlocked them.  And yes well enough, they rolled away and didn't come back.

A tent was placed in the yard for purposes  Regina and James spent some time together there doing that thing.  Regina exited the date just as she was receiving a visitor in a long black limo.

She was the first one to make it in to the SS.  Go you, Regina!  The others will follow close behind.

Henry found Mona...she really "gets" him.

 She gets him, and in a big way. These two have a two bold attraction.  Looks like a match to ASimWen....

It can get pretty mundane in University...skilling, talking and skilling some more.  Belle has moved on to Sophomore year, only after....

Belle and August could be found on many an evening stargazing together.  It was always a nice quiet time together.  One night...

The Secret Society interrupted their stargazing and took Belle to the Secret Society building.  She hung out there for a while then realized she needed to get back to the dorm because it was time to go go to final exam.  And she passed with flying colors!

As for the others....

Regina passed just fine, and was apparently spooked by the snow when she arrived back to the dorm.    The guys went to their final exam together....

And were apparently all about a bromance thang or what ever.....We'll aaahhhh...just pretend like this didn't happen guys.  I don't know what the girls would say.  You all definitely like the girls!

Sophomore Year

As Henry and Mona carried on their relationship, James took note of Henry's happiness.  It made him second guess whether just spending casual time with Regina would be enough in his life, or if he should look for a little more stability.

Belle and August seemed to have an attraction; they liked a lot of the same things but there was only just a teeny tiny bit of chemistry, one bolt.  So ASimWen changed Belle around a bit in the mirror hoping to make her more attractive to August.

One of August's turn ons was makeup.  Even though Belle had some on she changed it, and changed her hair.  She didn't have any potion in her back pack to change her turn ons, but August did.  He changed one of his turn ons from "hard worker" to "brown hair".  But it didn't help to give another attraction bolt of chemistry.

Another one off to the SS.  Toodles, James!

While at the SS, James decided to skill up what he needed for this term, and got the SS member to help.

He then influenced this SS member to fix the SensoTwitch Lie Finder, and it didn't go so well for him.  However, he walked away to be influenced another day.

While there, James also influenced an SS member to do his term paper.  So he left having felt like it was worth the trip.

So in fiddling around with August's turn ons, ASimWen realized August now had a three bolt attraction to Henry's love Mona.

And Henry now had a two bolt attraction to Belle Gold.  Hmmm me sees relationship drama ahead. seein' how ASimWen has a rule of at least a 2 bolt attraction, and 3 if she can get 'em....Henry was about to make his move.

Henry:  Belle, how did I not see how gorgeous you are?  All those times you came over to our house to hang out with Regina when we were kids in high school ?

Belle:   I sure saw you, Henry.  *blush*  I was really coming over to see you hoping you would notice me.

 ASimWen:  Dang.  Wonder what their kids noses will look like.  She has a petite tiny nose due to an alien face two generations back in her family, and he has that big hook nose.  Heh.  I forget what face templates are in his history.

Loved this shot.  After flirting and kissing, Belle jumped on the computer in Henry's room and he relaxed and watched her as she blogged about science.

Had a hard time getting August off to SS.  Seems every time they came for him he was sitting in a chair and the SS member would just stand in back blocking his way out, and they would leave.  Finally I moved the SS member using moveobjects, he got up, then popped out of the action.  He continued to pop out of the action the next two nights even if the way was not blocked.   I shut the game down, and played again the next day and was able to get him his SS trip.

Back to love....

Henry and Belle continued their flirting ways, and August had had enough.  *SLAP SLAP SLAP*


Despite all the jealousy, Belle managed to get a membership card to Games of Glory.  Yay!   She looks happy.

Regina decided to hit the treadmill.....

The final trip to the SS....

At this point, ASimWen lost count of all the slapping and jealousy...

Here, Belle slapped August whilst he and Mona was in the middle of a date.  Come on Belle, you have Henry now.  You don't see Mona getting jealous.

ASim does remember this.  :)  Go you August!

August's new girlfriend Mona constantly sneaks into his room to use his computer whether or not he is there.  Cute.

When August wasn't spending time with Mona, he worked on earning his hobby plaque in Science.  And he did.

James was the first one to become a Junior!  Go you James!  His aspiration stayed Pleasure.  As each Sim passed the final and came back to the dorm, the choice to change aspiration was not taken.  Everyone stayed the same.

What else happened in the Junior year?

Tent woohoo, thats what!  James had not had good luck finding a significant other, but still engaged in carousing tent woohoo ways with....

This girl that August seemed to have a problem with.  After James and her began "seeing" each other, August constantly wanted to fight her.

Here he finished off the fist fight by throwing her under the table.  ASimWen is trying to figure this out.

Having slimmed down a little on the treadmill, Regina threw a wish to make hotdogs.  Ahhhh this is what happened, having little cooking skills.  ASimWen was afraid with the confined space Sims would get trapped doing the fire dance, but Regina saved the day and extinguished the fire before that could happen.

Belle continued her friendship with Balin by inviting him over via 'throw party'.  She was able to teach him to "come here".  They became great friends. 

Senior year.  James once again is the first one to go to final exam.  But, he was late doing so as he was the last one.  His GPA has dropped to 3.9.  He has a plan to fix this, as he wants a 4.0 without working too hard for it.

Upon arriving back to the dorm after Final Exam, Henry hits the wishing well for friends.  Looks like this fellow is frozen.  Henry made quick friends with everyone, and incidentally made "Big Sim On Campus".  Good for you Henry!

Even though Belle is a Fortune Sim, she did not want to write her own term paper.  She influenced someone every term to do it.

As did James.  He managed to get Barbara Lew to do it quite often.  They also dated quite often when James needed a boost in aspiration.  They have zero attraction.

James decided to give hacking his grades a try.  3.9 wasn't good enough!

Alas, he stayed on the computer too long, and officer Demi Love came and chewed him out, and took the computer away.

August had a small garden and an apple tree that he took care of.  It seemed as though he was constantly spraying for bugs.

These two just cannot stay way from each other!  Regina and James were constantly hugging and kissing.....  Geesh....they have zero chemistry but you would never know it!  Maybe engagement is in their future....

Second semester hit, and the light was at the end of the tunnel.  It was also Autumn and everyone in the dorm suddenly forgot about romance and wanted to skill, skill, skill.  Here Henry is studying up on cooking.

August threw constant wishes for Creativity, and also wanted the hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts.  However, he did take an occasional hot second to....

Serenade Mona.  How sweet.

Eventually, Uni was over.  As usual...

James was first to do anything at all, and out of everyone who attended Uni this term, he was the most unmotivated.  He immediately hailed a taxi and went home.  He was done.

Everyone waved good bye to him...and the taxi whisked him away.

Before Belle graduated, she took a wish on the genie lamp for her graduation gift.  Being a Fortune Sim....

She of course wished for simoleons.  Good for you!  That wish added a tidy sum to the dorm's total to be split between everyone.

Time was a-wastin' for August....and he popped "the question" to Mona.

And she accepted.  She felt proud that she was going to get out of towniedom and into a real life!

August's grandma Phone Booth came to campus to see August graduate, and met her new to be grandaughter.

Buh-bye August.  Cya around.

Next Belle graduated, and invited Balin over for a graduation party.  She taught him how to play dead during the party.  By now, their relationship was 100/100.

And during the party, Henry asked her to marry him.  Of course she said yes.  Off to the neighborhood she went followed closely by...

Henry, then...


Not sure what I am going to do with Regina and James.  Neither one found love, but they loved each other well enough.  Just that there is no chemistry between the two.  They would show affection to each other on the sly without intervention from ASimWen.....but still....

Anyway, everyone except James graduated Summa Cum Laude.  James was late twice to final exam.   Sheesh.  They all attained Secret Society and BSOC.  Not sure what I am going to do about Greek House either....

See you back in the hood for round three!

Keep on simmin!'



  1. Nice job with uni. I can't manage to get through it all in one sitting. I noticed something similar with attraction in Clovercrest. Technically Darin had 3-bolt attractions with all three girls in the Greek House. Tanner had one with Meadow, but two with Tosha. I debated switching them up, but Darin and Tosha were also doing things together and Meadow rolled up stuff for Tanner all the time so I decided to keep it as it was. Sometimes those sims have a mind of their own, and don't care about "attraction". :D

  2. I like my sims to have a t least two bolts of attraction but sims sometimes have other ideas. Nice college round I still haven't done a greek house in my hood yet either.

  3. Amazing college years. Do you always just get your playables together (and is that for population control purposes?) or do they marry townies/npc's too?
    Always love your blogs, :)

    1. I planned all the marriages in my first prosperity Prosperity Falls for population control. (didn't work well; I ended up with over 40 lots and a bugged hood). I am trying a different strategy in this prosperity by not planning the marriages. The Sims will be able to choose their mates whether playable, or NPC. I am also using Risky WooHoo which will further control the population and thus make more Sims (npcs) spouse material.