Sunday, January 31, 2016

Round 1. Mills

Ahhh here we are at the Mills lot.  ASimWen has been waiting impatiently to get to this one!  Introductions:

On the left is Regina Mills, teen.  Her aspiration is Popularity, and she wants to become The Law.  Completely doable!  On the right is her mom, the beautiful Cora Mills, Family Sim.  Her wish is to reach her Golden Anniversary.  So this means she will have to be married off.  The Question Of The Day is when?  And who? Does ASimWen want her to start rolling wishes for babies???  Heh.

If you will remember (or not) Regina was a visitor to the Nolan Lot where she wasn't very nice to James.

Henry Mills also visited the Nolans, but he got along better with James than his sister did.  Regina just has a sour personality, as she kept giving her brother the snub too.  Dang!  A Sim can't be like that and be a Pop Sim!

Once again the Sim family moved into an EA house.  *sigh*  Perhaps ASimWen will get busy and build after a while.  At any rate, the Welcome Wagon came by and as before,  it was the crowd from Bluewater.  Except Mr. Landgraab saw fit to make an appearance this time.

There was general talking and merry making, and not enough chairs to go around.  Malcolm stood at the table to eat his sandwich where a chair should have been, being polite and not saying anything.  Maybe no one would notice that he was standing.

Being a single mother, Cora decided to check the job ads quickly while the company was still in the house before any good jobs disappeared.  She got a job in Law Enforcement.

After a quick nap, Cora took a look around at all the company in the house for a possible husband, and two guys came to mind.  Malcolm Landgraab and Jihoon Hsu.  Cora Hsu.  Cora Landgraab.  Hmmm...

While Cora was busy flirting with the guys, Henry received a call and quickly made a friend.  That is always handy!

In order to try to put himself in a better position for Cora's attention, Malcolm chats himself up to her.  A little narcisistic, no?

Tuesday sees Regina bringing home Julie Young home on the school bus, and Regina helping Henry with homework before she leaves for her job in security.  This fulfilled a very big wish for Henry, being a knowledge Sim and all.

Whyyyyy....lookie who called to talk with Cora.

None other than Rumple Gold.  Cora needs to check this guy out as well....Everybody is fair game!  Boy wouldn't it be nice to meld these two families together and have one less lot to play???

Unfortunately she didn't get a lot of time to talk with him.....

As the carpool was out front beeping the horn for her to come out to go to work.  Buh-bye Cora, and good luck at your first day.  Regina settled down to do her homework, and Henry takes a split second from happily skilling to watch his mom leave.

And Cora returns home on the wee hours of Wednesday morning with a promotion.  Way to go!

(At this point ASimWen realized she didn't have the graphics options tuned up on 'high'.  She fixes that, starts getting better pictures).

The same day Cora promoted, Regina and Henry come home from school to an empty house as Cora was up early to go right back to work, working all day hoping for another promotion.  Regina being a Pop Sim decided to party it up.  She invited two friends for herself, then Malcolm and Jihoon for her mom.

But Malcolm and Jihoon both turned down Regina's invitation.  They just didn't think it proper, as adult men to turn up at the home of a teenager for partying.  After all, Cora was still at work.

Regina was in her element, all right.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Cora returns home in the middle of the after school house party with a promotion and a coworker in tow.

Instead of scolding the kids for having a party without asking her...

She decided to use this opportunity to have a "just for fun" outing with Amin Sims to make a quick friend, and hopefully turn that in to another promotion!  The party was a roof raiser!  Cora wasn't due to go back to work until the afternoon on the next day, so she would have to wait until then to see if her ploy worked.

Well that day started out well.

Both Regina and...

Henry brought home As, and told their mother all about it while she ate lunch before heading out to work.

Look who came home on the bus that day with Regina.  Belle Gold.  Are they future sisters???

Cora came home with a promotion, but not due to Amin Sims pulling strings or anything.

It was Friday by now, and ASimWen decided to take care of Henry's wish to get in to private school. So as soon as his homework was done after school, Henry made the call.  By now it was 4:00 and the Headmaster would be by soon.

While Henry made spaghetti (after all he had the most cooking points out of everyone in the family) Cora took care of helping Regina with her homework, as she was showing the wish.  It was all done by the time the headmaster stopped by.

Regina went outside to chat up Korey Jitmakusol since she was a chatty Pop Sim.  She racked up 22 schmooze points.  By that time, Henry had finished cooking dinner and gave the Tour.  Mr. Jitmakusol was not impressed.  It was all going to depend upon the spaghetti dinner and more chatting.

Coffee was even made, but Jitmakusol was not interested in sipping.  In the end, it all worked out.  Henry's spaghetti won 33 points which is pretty good for a plate full of pasta, and his own schmoozing about school won Jitmakusol over.  The kids were in like Flynn...and Henry received a lot of aspiration points for it.

By this time the Headmaster had left, and Henry broke the good news to his mother (she was sleeping during the whole thing) who also received aspiration points.  She celebrated by sitting down to study physiology to gain body points, and Henry and Kendal sat down to drink the Headmaster's coffee and discuss the strategy of getting into private school.  Amin had dropped by for a visit but did not have any coffee.

At this point, ASimWen realized that Cora was showing wishes for babies, even though she wasn't directly rolling the wish. She was also wearing maternity pajamas. Poor thing. Perhaps she will get a baby soon!  Right now she had to make a living for her family.

Cora realized she was very close to making Amin a BF...and so it was.  Those come in very handy!  Then it was back to hitting the book in physiology.

In no time at all...

Body was maxed which is needed for her job in Law Enforcement.

By now it was Saturday morning, and the family decided to go to the fun center....oh looks like the Bluewater crowd is here.  grrrr....

First thing in order!  Was to order food.  heh

 Then everyone picked up a new cell phone....

And Cora proceeded to put hers to good use by calling Rumple Gold to feel that relationship out.  He wasn't in much of a mood to talk, kept cutting the conversation off short.

Who should be at this lot but Landgraab.  Again, thinking about himself.  He proceeded to tell Cora all about his Money.  Hmmm...

Regina worked the room talking talking talking to make as many friend contacts as possible.  Henry met up with Tosha Go, found her to be a nice girl.  He spent quite a bit of time talking with her, and played some pinball.  All too soon the day was gone and it was time to go home.

Henry went straight to his beloved bookshelf and resumed studying cooking.  He received a membership to Sue's Kitchen.  And strangely did not roll a wish to enter a cooking contest.  heh

Saturday ended with the brother and sister skilling.  Regina had not done much of that preferring instead to rack up the friendships so her mother could advance in her job.  Regina is not rolling any wishes to attend University, that is still up in the air for her.  Of course, Henry wants to go.

Come Sunday morning, the Mills took visitors.  The Golds were invited over by Regina, being best friends with Belle.

Yak, yak, yak.  Cora invited everyone inside.

Cora began working the Rumple relationship.  He did crush on her ( he is a Romance Sim ).  However she felt ZERO for him.  Nothing going on here.

Henry made chili con carne for everyone.  It was slurped right down.  After while the Golds went home, and the Millses went to bed ending a full weekend.

Monday morning sees Cora and Regina having an early morning chat about their hobbies...

And Henry joined in after making cereal for all.  Before everyone knew it, warnings were thrown that the school bus and the carpool was on the way to pick everyone up to start a new week.

And this is where round 1 ends with the Mills.

Thank you for reading!


  1. You can't put Regina with Mr Gold he will break her heart. Maybe Jihoon Hsu, or Malcolm if you want the money.

    1. Yeah you are right, I don't think there is a good match between these two families. I was sorta hoping to intermarry the neighborhood families to cut down on the number of lots that have to be played. Maybe I will see if there is a possible mate in the Nolan family! Thanks for reading!

  2. A fun family. I actually really like Regina's look. I know her nose is a little interesting but I find her actually very pretty in her own way. Cora is also beautiful. I hope she picks someone who will be good for her.

    1. I am really loving this family. Having teens around is such fun! A big difference I am finding with this prosperity vs Prosperity Falls is that I am not slamming my Sims down to skill so much. Makes for more interesting play!

    2. Yes I agree. I tend to micromanage Breeze Point to death. I am pretty micromanagy with Clovercrest to, but I'm finding myself enjoying a more relaxed play style, they still get things accomplished. :)

  3. This was a fun family, I wonder who Cora will choose- how about that nice policeman? :D
    I do see the appeal of merging some families at the start, maybe next time around Rumple will be a bit nicer.