Saturday, March 19, 2016

Round 3. Nolan

Red Nolan - Knowledge - Become a Criminal Mastermind.  Eh, no.
Tink Nolan - Pleasure - Become a Game Designer.  Again, not possible
David Nolan - Knoweldge - Become a Space Pirate.  Met.  Now wants to become Education Minister.
James Nolan - Pleasure - Become a Celebrity Chef.  Just out of University

Welcome to Round 3 at the Nolan Homestead.  Last round:  James and Regina Mills started dating, in that teen-age sort of way.  The fell madly in love in that teen-age sort of way.  They have no chemistry, but were drawn together anyway.  Tink found her mojo writing books and earned the Film and Literature hobby plaque.  Red was extremely productive and earned a hobby plaque in both Fitness and Arts and Crafts.  David Nolan reached the top of his career in Adventure, and James earned a hobby plaque in Cuisine, and left for University.  Two stray dogs were adopted, Alegra and Rover.  Puppies are on the way.  Onward!

ASimWen could quickly see that the EA house the Nolans were living in was too small.  It was the Pleasant house.  So, they moved out to an empty lot and just as Tink found her writing mojo, ASimWen found her building mojo.  While she did so, the Nolans had a good time waiting around on the sidewalk yakking and playing with Alegra and Rover.

James:  Hi.  I am doing well.  Well, *pause* we moved out of the house and having a new one built.   It will be plenty big.  Come over.  *pause*  See you soon.

Regina arrived and the two acted like they hadn't seen each other in an eon.  Hard to believe they have no chemistry.  James wasted no time.

James:  Will you?
Regina:  Yes!!!!

Dang, that isn't much!

But this is!  Regina had $30,000 in Uni booty in her backpack.  James had graduated and left University before he packed his share of the Uni booty in his backpack, so Regina brought it to him.  Everyone got $15,000.

The extra 30K helped immensely to build this gorgeous rancher.  Two bath, 4 bedrooms. However, one bedroom is really small so will be used as a study for a while.  And yes there is a garage.  Just because.

Regina wanted to marry James....

And James wanted to marry Regina.  I say....OKAY!!!!

A cake was bought, friends called, and a wedding arch was place in the front yard. James and Regina both gained 8,000 aspiration points for the marrying. Awwwww. :)

Of course the Booths were invited, and came.  Here August observes his wife Mona doing the University chant with her unrequited love Henry Mills, Regina's brother.  Mona and Henry have a three bolt crush on each other, and ASimWen works heard to keep them from making a bad, bad mistake.

Cake was cut and served up....

August reciprocated his wife's attentions to Henry by serving up a dish of attentions to his first love Belle Gold.  Of course a pillow fight at a party which usually boosts the party roof raiser status.

Belle also spent a great amount of time talking to James's dad David.

And naturally since there was a party going on, a ghost came out to haunt.  Hallo Doodle Nolan, James's grandpa.  The wedding was a roof raiser!  Naturally.

At this point in time, ASimWen went to check a detail in the game, and realized it was running in the background while this blog was being written.  GRRRRrrrr.  Quit without saving. The sofa had been chewed to a pile of rubble, fire was raging on the lot, a person had died, and puppies had been born.  heh.  Should have kept it just for the fun of it, but I just couldn't.

At any rate, on Tuesday both James's and ....

Regina's job came up on the computer.  Yay!  Regina started out as a Personal Injury Attorney, and James caught a position as a Sous Chef.

Regina left for work in a smart suit.  She waved goodbye to Red who was trimming the bushes in the new landscaping and David was coming from having just checked the mail.

ASimWen having gotten a glimpse of the future knowing someone died, (and knowing who it was) knew this person did not die from the fire that was raging on the lot, but died of natural causes because a quick check of memories of the remaining family members showed an inheritance.  At 3:30 on Tuesday it was suddenly remembered that this person was going to die at 6:00 pm, so all these things were bought to boost her aspiration to platinum.  heh

Buh-bye Tink.  Thank you for the Prosperity points you contributed by earning a hobby plaque and dying in platinum aspiration.

Looks like other folks in the hood are benefiting from her death.

On Wednesday the puppies were born.  Red, who had been skilling like crazy all day  long to boost herself into platinum aspiration took a break and called animal control to come and get the cuties.  They were all white pups.

Red studied hard all day to get in platinum aspiration, being a Knowledge Sim and all helped her do that.  But alas, 6:00 pm came and went, and Grim did not come for her.  So another day to go.

That same day James promoted...

As did Regina.  Being that Regina spent much of her time in University talking and playing, she had to skill up for every promotion.  But on Wednesday evening after the day was done, the sound of chimes wafted through the Nolan home, and it was not from doggie woohoo.  A new Nolan was on the way!

Woot woot can't beat that with a stick!

On Thursday David's LTW came up in the paper....he grabbed it.  Buh bye Adventurous life, hello Academia!

Thursday Regina returns from work with a little bit of pregnancy nausea, and of course a promotion.

All that skilling....again...Grim did not show.  *sigh*

Red knowing that her time was near, asked the Genie of the Lamp for peace of mind.  Now when Grim finally showed, it wouldn't be so hard.  And so it was granted.

James wanted a new car so he purchased the snazzy Ford Mustang.  Woo woo!  He now did not have to carpool to work.  Go you, James!  Sure helps to have a driveway to park the car, although the garage is quickly filling up with junk.

Looky at that.  Double promotions at the same time.  By now it was Friday.  Red was still hanging on, Regina's pregnancy was obvious, and the men were moving right on up in their chosen careers.

Lisa Baena, James' coworker.  ASimWen thinks she must hold a position of authority at work if she can promise James more money on the paycheck.  Heh.  James liked the idea of this and quickly made friends with Lisa.

Friday was the day.  Thank you Red for the three points you contributed to prosperity.  Two hobby plaques, and passing in platinum.  Had I known you would live all week long I would have worked you on a third hobby plaque.  heh

Mo' Money!

Lisa brought James a piano. Thanks!  It was stashed in the garage, which was quickly filling up with Sim stuff.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Regina was up and skilling.  Grandpa Doodle was once again haunting, so Regina hit the energizer for a quick pick me up.  Don't want any unfortunate accidents!

James and Regina find skilling much easier now that David has brought home the Education Bookcase career reward.  Here James maxes out Creativity.  He is ready to promote again.

During all this skilling and promotion drama, the dogs had been pretty much on their own.  They tended to chase passing Sims on the front sidewalk, of course barking at the postman, and chewing on their doggie bones.  Somebody would occasionally check their food bowls to make sure those stayed full.  Since there was a baby Nolan on the way, it only made sense that the dogs get back into the business of making puppies.

So James asked the dogs to try for puppies, which turned out to be a great success.  Pups were on the way.  This passing Sim realized what the dogs were doing and raced into the Nolan back yard to giggle like a schoolgirl.  Voyeurism, a little much????

Woot woot go you Regina!

Being a Popularity Sim it was important for Regina to keep up her friendships.  Calling this Uni friend nettted her more money on the paycheck.  ASimWen wonders how a student can get Regina raises at work.  heh

Yeah James!  Saturday night James met his LTW and was now perm plat.  What is next?  50 1st dates.  I don't think so, he is a married man. Unless the Nolans hit bad luck and he becomes single.  So he will carry on with making points other ways in the prosperity challenge.

The Education Bookcase makes it easy to self study skills, but it is a lot of fun to get  a Sim to assist with the career reward objects.  David assisted Regina to gain Charisma skill with the "I Object" Litigator Podium.

All the skilling came to a screeching stop when it was time for Regina and Jame's baby to come.  Ouch.

Say hello to Neal Nolan.  He has his mother's coloring.  All the Nolans are tickled about the new addition to the family.

The Mills family came over right away to see the new baby, as well as Belle and Lacy Gold.  

Cora was especially excited to see her new grandson.  All in all, the house party was a big social success for Pop Sim Regina.  Everyone went home happy, and Regina had kept her solid reputation as a great party hostess.

We leave the Nolan lot with a confrontation between Leader of the Pack Bobo (who would constantly visit the Booth lot during the majohng gaming days) and Rover.  Rover did not fare well.  Bobo took this as a sign that he could eat all the dog food, which he did.

This was a fun and great round with the Nolans.  Next up:  The Gold lot.

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. Out go the old in come the new, with puppies and a baby.

  2. Woohoo, another baby. I still really like Regina and her look. It's funny sometimes how the sims are drawn to each other even without attraction, and how some hold off after you think they are done. Great job.