Saturday, March 19, 2016

Round 3. Mills

Belle Gold: Fortune - Become The Law
Henry Mills: Knowledge - Become Head of the SCIA

Welcome to Round 3 at the Mills house!  Last time:  Regina and Henry spent their time making friends and skilling.  Henry flirted with Lacy Gold  a little, but there was no chemistry there.  Cora continued to pine over Lacy's dad Rumple and eventually was rewarded with a date with him, and the two fell in love.  She spun up "get engaged" and kept it.  Regina and Cora worked hard and gained admittance to the Garden Club, winning the wishing well.  Henry and Regina left for University.

Well as you can see, neither Regina or Cora are here.  Regina married James Nolan, and Cora married Rumple Gold, each Sim moving into their new husband's home, respectively.  This left Henry Mills to carry on the family name in the Mills Homestead.  Belle Gold and Henry got engaged in Uni, so she moved in with him after graduation.

The award winning garden was a mess, and the two spent their first day as responsible adults weeding.  Neither one had a garden badge.  Took them a while!

Belle wins a bronze gardening badge.
Belle:  Henry, all this weeding is for the birds.  Gardening is hard work.  Oh look.  I have company.

Belle's friend Balin showed up the very first night to welcome her home from University.  Once the friendship had reached 100/100, Belle had the option to adopt him but did not, as she wanted Balin to officially welcome her to the pack.  The wolf didn't stay long.

On Tuesday Henry found a job in the Medical field.  Not his life time wish, but he showed a want for it.  Eventually Belle's job came up and she grabbed it.

Ok now here is something I don't like about Fortune Sims.  Wanting pets to go to work.  Yes, Henry and Belle bought a dog at the pet store and named him Spot.  Belle immediately spun up all kinds of work related wants for the dog and never shook them.  As you can see she also wants to play games and get married.  She kept this for a couple of days and finally ASimWen caved and got Spot a job in Showbiz.  Greedy Fortune Sims!

Spot seems to think going to work is alright.

Bronze Badge for Henry

Silver Badge for Belle

In the meantime work in the garden commenced.  After all Henry's mother Cora and his sister Regina put a lot of work into it, couldn't let it go to waste.  Belle gets admittance to Peerless Park.

And that is a great segway to mention that Henry not only gained his membership card to Aspirational Laboratories and maxed Science, for which he was showing a wish.  My oh my he looks determined here.

So the two worked and skilled all week long, getting various chance cards...ASimWen just went on auto pilot  playing.

Yay!  Didn't take pictures of all promotions and chance cards.  But here is an example.  The two had crazy work schedules and ASimWen got all caught up in working them to the top of the ladder...her favorite thing to do in TS2.

Then Friday rolled around, and ASim realized the Henry and Belle had not married yet!  Due to their work schedules, Belle had the day off, and Henry didn't go to work until evening, so they decided to have a wedding party.  Wedding arch was erected, cake bought, and friends and family invited.

They waited patiently for everyone to get situated.  Have no idea who the guy is sitting there in the gray suit.  Party crasher...was probably walking by when the wedding bells started ringing and decided to stop and pay homage to the happy couple.

Hi James Nolan!  Take a seat!

August Booth shame on you!  Just because your ex girlfriend is getting married doesn't mean you should turn your back on her wedding!!!  He never did sit down to watch.

Yay!  Presenting Mr. and Mrs Henry Mills!

Aww Cora don't be sad.  All your kids are now married off!  You should be glad.

Everyone retired to the house to enjoy cake.  Here the bride enjoys time with her sister and new husband, and the woman who embraced then married Belle's ex boyfriend in University.....Mrs. August Booth.

Her dad and "Mother in law/Step Mother" enjoy watching TV.  Cora is swooning for her new husband.  (Yes I have a hack that will sit a Sim down on the floor to watch TV if there is no place to sit).  Apparently whoever was on the love seat when Cora came along to watch TV got up and left.

During the wedding poor Spot came home from work all worn out.  Hate this for pets.  They should have a life of luxury!

In the mean time Henry had reached the top of the medical career having become the Chief of Staff at the hospital.  He began looking for a job in his chosen field, and it came up!  He grabbed it.

And this is where he was at when the week ended.

Spot finally gets a promotion!

Henry finishes up earning Mechanical skill.  He wanted this so bad he was wishing for it.  Now the Millses no longer call the repair man.

EEEkkk!  Early Monday morning Jessica Ebadi pays a visit to the Mills house.  However Officer Demi Love was on the job.

For once the burglar is caught in this neighborhood.

Being a Knowledge Sim, Henry has thrown the wish to Max All Skills.  It was quickly locked in and his lovely wife Belle helped him out by instructing him in Charisma.

And we will leave this round with the Mills' showing the last promotion Belle received in the Law career field.  On thing is for sure, there is no want for money in the Mills house.


At this point I want to mention that there was a second wolf named Balin that began visiting the Mills lot, one that Belle did not know.  "Her" Balin only visited one time, and that was the very day she returned from University.  This irritated me, so I opened SimPE to get the gist.

Found out there are three wolves named Balin in my game.  For the love of simming...WHY???  Nope.  I wasn't gonna have one was renamed THOR and the other was renamed ummmm.....Cujo?  Buck?  I don't remember.  But at least there is only one Balin now, Belle's Balin.  This lead me to notice how many times names are repeated in the game.  Even though I have a generator that will randomly replace townie names, it will not touch ones that are hard coded.  Now there is only one Calista...our favorite gardener.  Now there is only one Meadow, our favorite blond teen.  Only one Ivy...Ivy Copur.  I don't know, call it being OCD.  :)  It will make the game more interesting for me.

About babies for Henry and Belle.  There is no little Mills on the way, but it wasn't for want of trying.  Risky has not seen fit to bless them.  Yet.  :) If push comes to shove and Belle ages to elder without a baby, one will be adopted to carry on the Mills name.  (ASimWen thinks about how all the kids who were in the bins when the neighborhood started are now in the adoption pool).

At any rate....keep on Simmin'!  On to the Swan Legacy lot next!


  1. Shame about no babies yet maybe next time. Just lots of skilling instead.

  2. Yay for some success in the sims lives. Too bad no baby yet, but there are plenty of adoptable kids as you mentioned. I created some additional ones with crazy genetics to, so I'm kind of hoping for some sims who want to adopt. Keep it up, it's going great.