Saturday, March 19, 2016

Round 3. Booth

Phone Booth - Romance - Have 20 Simultaneous Loves (Not).
August Booth - Knowledge - Become a Mad Scientist 

Welcome to Round 3!  August Booth returned from University, where he joined his grandma Phone Booth at the bugged lot they call home!

Last Visit: August's grandpa Photo Booth continued his home business, and ranked up to level 9, but incidentally passed away when it was realized the lot was bugged. August could do no homework, and Phone continually got the same Sims out of the wishing well, instead of new ones to help her meet her LTW of 20 Simultaneous Loves. August aged up to teen in Knowledge Aspiration, with a want to become a Mad Scientist. He made it into Private School which I had hoped would jump start the homework issue, but he still popped out of action. So, I decided to build a new house for Phone and August this round.

August landed at home, a few things were stuffed in his back pack, and the lot dozed.  Upon returning from University, he wished for:

To get a hobby plaque in Arts and crafts, and to marry his fiancee, Mona.  Awwwww.

Phone wished:

To do things with Mona.  She had met her new to be grand daughter in law at a graduation party August threw in University. Phone was very excited!

The the tombstones of her husband Photo and daughter Filler were dropped into her backpack then she and August moved off the lot, and sold it.  ASimWen then spent a whole evening doing something she detests...she built them a house.

It is a nice little 3 bedroom one level, with plenty of room to add on.  At some point a basement will be added for career rewards.

It was then that August decided to get down to business, and called Mona over for a visit.  She brought her friend Chester Gieke as well.  She was greeted with a great big smooch from August!

Chester ignored the happy couple's reunion and headed in the house.  August then asked Mona if she would move in with him in his brand new house.  She agreed!


Mona joined the Booth family, bringing $4,000 with her.  She is a Knowledge Sim with a wish to Become a Media Magnate.

Mona quickly did her hair while August called out for a wedding party.  He was not going to waste any time!

The guests began arriving.  First Regina Mills and her on again off again beau James Nolan.

Then this engaged couple showed up....Regina's brother Henry and his fiancee Belle Gold.  Strange, no one seems happy to be at a wedding party!

The furniture was pushed back, and a beautiful wedding arch erected.   The couple said their "I Dos!"

Awwwww..... love this pose.  Mr. and Mrs. August Booth!

August:  Have some cake, honey!

Mona:  Yum, yum, yum!

The college buddies reminisced about old times in University. 

It was great everyone being together again!  James eyed Regina across the table, knowing that he just could not stop thinking about her.  It was great to see her in the flesh.

August:  Hey Chester, thanks for coming to our wedding.

Chester:  No problem-o, August.

August:  You have  excellent taste in tuxedos.

Chester:  Likewise.

The party was a roof raiser, and everyone went home, happy and tired.

At this time it should be pointed out that Phone had reached maximum influence in her life, thanks to the wishing well on the first lot where she lived.  August took it to University and left it there.  He will earn another one on the new lot where he now lives with Mona.

After the party was over, the newlyweds looked for work on the computer.   Mona found one in Oceanography, for which she was showing a wish.  It wasn't her LTW, but at least she could get to work.  August's preferred field of Science was in the job listings that day, and he started out as a Project Leader.

Phone had slipped out of platinum mood, so called over one of her lovers grocery guy Mitch Wolosenko to have a little personal time, and it was none too soon.  (That is Mitch standing to the far left).  Grim finally showed at 8:30 to take Phone to her aloha party in the afterlife.

Spread the wealth!  Since she did not reach her LTW of 20 simultaneous loves, she aimed for top influence and platinum headstone.  Good.  On a sad note, the household's friend count dropped from 30 to 18.

The next day was only Tuesday, August and Mona enjoyed breakfast together before heading out to work for the first time.

August received a chance card right away.

He did the right thing.  Always nice to get a bonus, too!

A promotion the first day work!  In the meantime, Mona continued to look for a job in her chosen field of  Journalism.

August moved right on up the ladder of Science success.

The Booths settled into the comfortable life of two skilling Knowledge Sims.  It was at this point ASimWen noticed the side table had lost the lamp that was on it.  It disappeared.  The lamp was replaced and disappeared again.  So the table was deleted and replaced with a potted plant.

Well apparently the Booths did not skill absolutely all the time.  A little Booth was on the way.  Mona held a wish for a baby.

With the news of the baby coming, August was not thinking clearly when presented with this problem.

What???  Lost two cleaning skills?  Well for a Knowledge Sim this could potentially be devastating, but for August it was great.  He got to skill it over again which boosted his aspiration even more.

While on maternity leave, Mona's dream job came up. She grabbed it even though it  meant a temporary cut in pay.   She went to work right away.

Apparently Peter Ottomas works in the Journalism field as well.  He invited himself over to the Booth home on Mona's first day.  They made quick friends using the "form a casual group for an outing" interaction, then Mona influenced Peter to do some gardening around the yard.

The Booths were so busy skilling they did not even take a few minutes to tend to the graves of their loved ones.

It was right around this time August threw The Big max all skills.  Alrighty then.  The wish was immediately locked in.

A turkey was cooked as Mona was eating for two, and August was working hard skilling to get promotions.

Baby Lila was born with her daddy's skintone and her mamma's eyes. Pretty baby!

Her first day back to work after Lila was born brought a promotion to Fact Checker.  Go you, Mona!

And she was awarded with her membership card to Sue's Kitchen.

August moved on up to the position of Theorist.

Before anyone knew it, it was time for Lila's birthday.  All the Booth's University buddies came, except James Nolan.  He was still angry with August about "what ever!"  The guy was holding a grudge.

A cutie pattoty.  She looks much like her daddy.

Whhaaaa???   Mona, you are madly in love with August!  What is flirting with Henry Mills!  Good thing August is in the kitchen with Lila teaching her toddler skills!  *ASimWen checks Mona's relationship panel.  She has a three bolt attraction to Henry!!!*

ASimWen sent Mona off to change out of her pajamas to get her away from Henry before August found out.

Seeing her fiancee get amorous attention from another lady, Belle lets Henry know who appreciates him the most!  And....Filler Booth stole Belle's thunder by making an appearance and letting everyone know at the party how she died.

Filler gave Mona a good scare.  Drove up Mona's aspiration points by 3,000.  Love those Knowledge Sims!

The party was a roof raiser.  When everyone left, Mona started out the window looking dejected.  Was she missing Henry?  August  sensed something was going on and gave her a great big hug and suggested she get some rest.

Lila woke up from a nap, and Mona was on hand to help her work on her toddler skills.  Mona was happy now, having forgotten all about Henry.  With the help of Smart Milk, Lila learned all her toddler skills even before she turned one day old.

We leave the Booths early Monday morning as August rakes leaves and dumps them in the composter.  He plans to start a garden in the spring and wants to have plenty of compost to help his plants grow.  He remembers the fun party that was had the day before for Lila's birthday.

Odd Pics Out:

Here are some pictures of the house.


Top view
Another Top View

Have fun everyone, and keep on Simmin'!



  1. Lovely read, shame about Phone Booth not reaching her ltw, and two new sims to enjoy.

  2. Your sim names are hilarious :)

    1. Ha thanks. I am actually waiting for someone to mention where the surnames came from, and some of the first names. It is from a somewhat well known source!!

    2. I'm clueless! What's the source?! :P

    3. My very favorite television show...Once Upon A Time...August Booth was a character on it for a couple of seasons. Unfortunately his family line was very small on the show so I will just fill in his lineage with names that sound silly or different when placed in front of Booth. heh

  3. Nice job Wen as always. Love the new sims, and baby Lila is adorable. The house turned out nice. For not enjoying the building of them you make them nice.