Saturday, March 19, 2016

Round 3. Gold

Rumple Gold - Romance - Have 20 Simultaneous Loves
Lacy Gold - Fortune - Become A Hall of Famer

Whaddup everybody?  Love this household.  But first let's talk about what happened last week.  Lacy grew up at the beginning of the week and threw the Fortune aspiration like her older sister Belle.  Rumple went on an outing to the park with a bunch of people he didn't know well, but started smooching with (the now deceased) Tink Nolan and suffered a fit of jealous slapping delivered by Cora Mills as a result.  Rumple influenced Count Chuck to bite the barrista thus making the vampires active in the neighborhood.  Belle spent the week making friends with Balin the Leader of the Pack, and left for University.

As you can see Belle did not move back home after graduating from University.  She moved right to the Mills house with Henry being that they became engaged at University.

On Monday morning Rumple was invited downtown to go bowling an hour before it was time to leave for work at the college where he was a Tenured Professor.  He normally would not have accepted an invitation like that, but he needed one more friend to promote up.  However, once he arrived at the bowling alley he had so much fun bowling that he neglected to make that one additional friend and returned home just in time to walk to work.  Eh.

 Once he made it to work, he was immediately presented with a problem.  He could only guess.

Woot...he guessed right and got a nice bonus besides.

And he got a promotion, even though he was a friend short.  Thank you friend Seth!  One more promotion and he will be at the top.

In celebration of the promotion, Rumple called up Cora Mills for a date, and she agreed.  These two were so cute together...showing off their enthusiasm for Science together. heh  And then....

Cora let Rumple know her feelings.  She wanted to say "I DO!"  The girl was hopelessly in love.

Rumple was in love with her as well.

The next morning long after Cora had gone home, Rumple found this lone bouquet of flowers on the porch.  The card read:

Awwww.  Rumple started having thoughts about Cora, about love, about....naaaah....a guy like him, no Sim lady could possibly want him.  And yet????

A day or so later, Rumple gathered all the courage he could muster, and asked Cora if she would move in with him and Lacy.  He forgot all about her jealous streak.

Again, not much.  Geesh.

Although, Cora brought inheritance from Tink Nolan with her .  Sort of like a dowry.  :)

Poor Lacy didn't know what to think about her dad asking Cora Mills to move in.  There was going to have to be alot of family adjustments.  Cora was her friend Regina's mom for gosh sakes!

The first thing Cora did was make a heavy financial contribution to the household funds.  She realized a bigger house was going to be needed, therefore she was going to put off planting a garden.

Belle's friend Balin was coming around looking for her, but Cora filled in in Belle's absence and threw a stick for him.  It wasn't long before she and Balin were good friends. 

An uneasy calm took over the family.  It felt very normal.

Woot!  Top-o-the career field in Education!    Go you, Rumple!

Rumple and Cora decided to finally tie the knot being that Rumple was now at the top of his career, things were looking up!  So their children and any spouses/fiancees were invited, and the wedding commenced in the side yard. their dress clothes.  Heh well they are wearing what ASimWen picked out for them in CAS.  Just so happens they match!

Hehe Heh there they are again, showing off their Science enthusiasm.  He is Romance, she is Family, and they have high aspiration for Science.  Maybe that is one of the things that draws them close.

The cake was cut and fed all around....

Mother Cora and daughter Regina got caught up on all the hottest news, like baby Neal!

Daughter Belle and daddy Rumple had a fine discussion about Belle's upcoming wedding to Henry Mills.  (Strangely....he is now her step!!!)

As is all the weddings in this Prosperity town, it was a roof raiser, and everyone went home happy, having felt good about the union between the Mills and the Gold family.

The next morning Cora felt an intense desire for a pet, and called out for a puppy, one of the pups the Nolans sent off to Animal Control.  She adopted Ichabod.  When she hung up the phone, the carpool to work was honking the horn so she dashed out the door.

Ichabod arrived, and Lacy got him all set up in the back yard.  She thought he needed a doggie companion, so off to the pet store she went.

She adopted this female redbone coonhound named Eileen and took her home to Ichabod.

Go you Cora!  Now both he and she are at the top of their careers.

Apparently the new Captain Hero is a heavy sleeper....

BAM!  Out goes the old TV and the sofa.  You would think they Golds would have learned their lesson last week when Russ Bear came along and took stuff.  But this gave the family the opportunity to get a new TV and sofa.  But everyone was upset, none the less.

Don't you look spiffy!  Love it!

On this day as Education Minister, Rumple had to make a huge decision.  Whether or not to use educational video games in the class room.  He decided YES to Bixby Rabbit received a $45,000 bonus.  Can't beat that with a stick.  So it seemed like a good time to go out at the top of his popularity, and started looking for a new job.  He took this one.

Don't you look super, Rumple!  heheheh

It was fortunate that the Golds were finally making money, as it appeared that a new family member was on the way.

It is now Sunday evening, and Lacy leaves for University, of which she showed a constant want.  Buh-bye Lacy, see you later tater.

The week is over and Cora is picking up after Eileen.  She is a digger.

I am loving this family, can't wait to see how the genetics work out with Rumple and Cora's baby. Next up The Mills lot!

Keep on simmin'!



  1. what about his 20 loves? Let see how they do next time.

  2. Whoo. Another busy and productive round. Can't wait to see the baby, it's exciting. The family is getting interesting for sure.