Sunday, January 31, 2016

In The Beginning - Prosperity Number Two

How I set up the neighborhood for my second "official" prosperity challenge....I started with the Driftwood template, and gave it the 'lush' terrain.  I wanted something that didn't have any mountains that are such a pain to play around.

Then, I took each bin family and temporarily moved them onto a tiny lot and gave all teens/adults/seniors a cell phone and banished them to towniedom.  Kids, toddlers and bin pets were taken by the social worker/cops to be available for adoption.

Then, I began making my families.  I rolled five.  Quite a lot to start with for a prosperity challenge, and I resolved to use Risky WooHoo to avoid neighborhood overpopulation .  I will always choose 'woohoo' and the Risky will decide if pregnancy takes place or not.  The only circumstances I will use "try for baby" is to fulfill a Family Sim's wish to have X number kids, or graduate 3 kids from college.

CAS:  I made at least two generations before the oldest generation in each family to get a good mix of genes.  In the first generation,  I placed one really "fugly" make sure it would be obvious when genes were passed down.  I also used my favorite skin files, and did mix in at least one Maxis skin file to keep things balanced.  I am using skin default replacements.

The families in play order:



Two elders and a toddler.  Mom is the fill in Sim so the family could be placed in the neighborhood.  Grandpa Booth looks remarkably like a certain line of Sims in Prosperity Falls...merely because he sports my very favorite custom skintone. 


By roll of the dice, this family to play is two female elders, on male adult and one teen male.  So ok...this family went to the neighborhood with pieces of the prior CAS generations in it.  (got in a hurry and and didn't clean up properly).  The elder lady in the middle in the gold shirt/braid is using the Meadow Thayer face...with the lips enhanced so they were not quite so rosebud.  Her elder son is waving at us.  They are disposable.  I had already disposed of their spouses before shooting them into the neighborhood.   Per the roll of the dice I was after the two women in the pink and green shirts, who are also children of the elder lady.  They were supposed to be elders already before going to the any rate, the adult male in the glasses, David, is the son of the gentleman waving at us, and then the boy is his son.  So.  The scenario is David and his son James living with his two elderly aunts.


One adult male, a teen female, and a female child.  I used two very strong genetic faces two generations back, and they still manifest in these faces.   Wonder how it will play out.  


One female, teen female, and teen male.  Love the skin the mom is wearing I have never used it before.


Since I was lucky enough to roll a single Sim, I am going to try to play this lot legacy style.  But dang it has been so long since I have played that not sure anymore how it is done.  So I will wing it.  :)

So let's sit back, and enjoy this Prosperity.  Hopefully I won't take 5 years to finish it like I did the first one.  :)  Prosperity Falls


  1. Lots of families different families to keep you interested.

    1. Yes they are interesting,,, I do have a naming scheme here that some folks might recognize! That will help. Plus the work I have put into the genetics. :).

  2. Whoo, what fun with the sims. I should someday set up with strong genes back a few generations. I also made CAS sims to make the kids of, to make the next gen of to mix in some genetics. Can't wait to see how this goes for you.

    1. The genetics is what makes TS2 so great. As the "first generation" one of the families has the elven has the alien has the wide wide Carmen Patch face. I love it.

  3. Glad to see another piece of sims work from you :)

    1. Thank you, I am hang a blast with it! Hope. To post a couple of lots this weekend.

  4. What a great mix of families and genetics, I expect no less from you! :)