Sunday, January 31, 2016

Round 1. Gold

Welcome to the Gold home.  Here we have a father and his two daughters.

Lacy Gold has the grow up aspiration, then her father is Romance with the 20 Simultaneous Lovers LTW.  Totally doable.

Belle Gold is Fortune with the LTW to become The Law.

The Golds moved in an EA house..yeeeeaaaahhhhh...again ASimWen didn't feel like pulling out the nails and hammer and building a home.  It has plenty of room for the needs of the Golds at this time.

The lot starts with Lacy showing off with doing a few cartwheels for everyone.  She was a very cheerful girl!  Her dad loved it.

Then ASimWen felt it would be a good idea if the sisters became good friends, so they started a game of catch together after refusing anything else in the pie menu that was friendship building.

Eventually the Welcome Wagon showed up, and it was the crowd from Bluewater.  Hrumph.  They showed up instead of local members of the neighborhood because on the prior lot James Nolan took his date to Bluewater for the park date.  Doing that opened up all those townies and characters for play.  This means we will probably start seeing Malcolm Landgrabb come wondering by on occasion. 

There was no mingling.  At all.  Sandwiches were made a couple of times and there was definitely a Great Divide.  Bluewater snobs.

Everyone became excited when flowers in the back yard caught on fire after a ligtening strike.  ASimWen didn't pay much attention because that stuff usually goes out by itself, right?  RIGHT?

It kept going and spread.  At this point it was prudent to send someone to the phone to call the fire department before somebody decided to do a true fire dance.  However you know how it is....Sim gets half way to the phone and runs back to the fire to scream.  It was tuff.

It was rough, but the fireman finally put out the dangerous blaze after continually spraying the flames from several angles.  My oh my.  No Sims lost their lives, thank goodness.

What a mess.

A this point, it was time for Rumple to look for a job.  Took this one, will come in handy.  He will eventually need to start a garden, but that will come after winter.  No funds to build a greenhouse to start it now.

And we continue the saga of bringing friends home on the bus.  Looks like Henry Mills may be earning the label of "blog hog".  He has come home on the bus with Belle.

They became great friends, hanging out all evening.

Ah.  Rumple has gotten his first promotion!  He is no longer a playground monitor.

Lacy arrived home from school with a wish to do her homework, so Rumple stepped it up and helped her to finish.  Next she set her sights on Lindsay Mamuyak who had come home on the bus with her after school.  She wanted to talk to Lindsay and make friends.  However, Lindsay declared it was time for her to go home and abruptly left.

So she decided to jump rope instead which was tons of fun and gave her some aspiration points when she gained a skill point.

Oh ewwww....looked who called Belle.  Belle stayed on the phone long enough until they had made friends.  Can never have too many friends in The Sims!

Finally mac and cheese was made for dinner, and Henry wasted no time slurping it down.  Rumple suspiciously eyed the young man hoping that he was not a future member of the family.

Henry went on to eat a second bowl of mac!  By then the rest of the family had finished eating, and Rumple reminded Belle she needed to get her homework done.

The next day, Rumple is promoted to Substitute Teacher and...

Belle came home with an A report card.  Rumple is a great teacher!

And yet another goodness they are coming thick and fast!

This is the same day Lacy came home with an A report card.  Her daddy gave her a great big hug!

It was also the day....

BJ Ryan came by for an inspection.  Belle had consistently failed to get her aspiration out of red because she was so unhappy...wanted to wear that uniform to school, being a Fortune Sim.  So the call was made.  ASimWen was not sure how this would go, being there was no fancy food or fancy house to WOW BJ Ryan.  In other words, in order to win entrance to Private School, the Gold family would have to rely on their wits. 

Rumple made the best thing he knew how to make...spaghetti...and had coffee waiting on the counter.  Belle chatted up BJ, and took him on a tour of the house.  Mr Ryan was not impressed with the house.  At all.  Said it wasn't a good place to raise a child.

He didn't think much of the food either....and didn't even try the coffee.  However he did appreciate the conversation he had with Belle and Rumple, they said all the right things.  Lacy was too worried about having fun to talk with Mr. Ryan.  But she got into the school too. 

The next day which was Friday, the girls got on the schoolbus in their new clothes.  Belle was thrilled.  The day was great and the girls were not overly tired when they got home from school that afternoon.

That night Rumple was throwing wishes for logic points.  Whaaa?  A Romance Sim throwing wishes for logic?  Rump latched onto the telescope and slapped on the thinking cap besides....after all he did need logic for his job.  He met the wish for logic, and rolled it again.  And kept it up all night.

The next day was Saturday and the Gold family decided to take an outing.

 Rumple called for a taxi, and off they went to the Mall.

Come on girls...this is the Mall.  You should be inside shopping and giggling with friends.

Belle decided to go to the salon and get a new hair do.

Oh yeah.  This looks a whole lot better!

Rumple met up with Malcolm Landgraab and had a fine discussion about business.

Belle enjoyed hot dogs with a nice guy...too bad he was too old for her, but maybe for future!

Lacy found Sharla Ottomas.  Yak, yak, yak.  Soon it was time to go home.

Upon arriving back home, Rumple received a call from David Nolan.  Just to shoot the breeze.

Sunday morning found the trashcan knocked over, and a call was made to the exterminator.  No one knew what happened...who came by and kicked over the can.  As far as anyone knew, they had not made any enemies.

The rest of Sunday was uneventful.  Lots of skilling going on, watching TV, painting.  And yes, some cleaning.

But that soon as Rumple left the telescope to go to bed...

There was no alarms.  Rumple called the police who came straight away but the burglar was able to run out of the back yard and down the street.

Belle could not finish sleeping being a Fortune Sim and possession oriented, she was broken up over losing the telescope.  Even though she had never used it.

Monday morning came early with everyone gathered around the breakfast table.  Little was said about the robbery just a few hours before.  The only thoughts were to move on.

And that is where we leave the Golds for this round.

Thank you for reading!



  1. what about Mr Gold Ltw, will he wait to he has lots of money to spend with the matchmaker?

    1. Wow thanks for pointing that out about Mr. Gold! I left out some details, didn't I? I will fix that tonight when I come from work. I remember he is Romance, but don't remember the LTW. No he doesnt' have piles of cash to find somebody with the matchmaker. Maybe I should him out on a mate hunt! Thank you!

  2. i think you said he had to have 20 lovers at the same time. Yep just checked you have put that in.

    1. Ha well, I am the one who wrote this thing and I didn't remember that! :-) Thank you for being observant! heh

  3. Wow, another eventful round for your sims. Nice job with the headmaster. I was so happy Darin got in so early in Clovercrest. Too bad about the burgler.

    1. Burglars keep things interesting that is for sure. I had read one time that there is a better chance of an alien abduction or a visit from the burglar if there was no moons in the sky. I checked, and there was no moon.

    2. Wow, I had never heard the moon thing. I don't think I've even paid enough attention to notice there being a moon or not. I'll have to start paying attention. :)

    3. I recall once early in my sims playing life I used to check the sky every night hoping for an abduction. I discovered that sometimes there was two moons at once in the sky.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Wow I've never seen a Moon in the Sim Sky either. I'm going to look for that.
    I like Rumple, he's kinda cute. :D

    1. I'm liking Rumple. I wasn't going to have him procreate any more (he had the two girls with a CAS lady that was deleted) but I just might change my mind.