Sunday, January 31, 2016

Round 1. Booth

First family on the list; the Booth family.  Phone Booth, Filler Booth, Photo Booth, and August Booth.  Yes, this lot rolled two elders and a toddler.  So the scenario is grandparents and their grandson.

Maxis made house. I don't like to build unless absolutely necessary. To introduce everyone:

Photo Booth is Fortune, and wants to own 5 Top Level Businesses.  *sigh*  Doable.  They need the money, and so of course we will pursue it for the cash, and prosperity points.

Phone Booth is Romance, and wants to have 20 Simultaneous loves.  Heh.  Again, doable.  And there is sweet sweet August.  He rolled it will be interesting to see what his LTW will eventually be.

Now that just leaves Filler Booth.

Rodney's Death creator was summoned and by a roll of the dice, Filler received Death by Disease allowing her no interaction with her cute little boy August.

Her grave stone was placed in the back yard for future haunting.

By this time, the Welcome Wagon showed up.  Oh whooo is it?

Members of one of the other Prosperity families in the neighborhood.  Say hello to the Nolans.  Left to right:  Tink Nolan, Red Nolan, and Bitsy Nolan. When I get 'round to the Nolan lot, Bitsy will meet her untimely death rather quickly.

Photo runs out to make friends with the ladies.  Bitsy don't get too happy.  You will be dead soon!

Photo properly entertained with plates of spaghetti.  Eventually he went to bed, exhausted from entertaining.  However the Nolans stayed until well after 1:30 am.

In the mean time, Phone started August's toddler training, ignoring the company.

Photo took part in August's care too.  But he knew he had to get started on his LTW to own 5 top level businesses.  So he decided to charge people to play majhong at his place.

He set up a canopy outside with a radio for music, and got on the internet to apply for his business license.  It was a painless process.

Easy peasy!

His very first paying customer was David Nolan.  Guess he wanted to check out the place where his aunts had spent so long visiting.

At every opportunity, Photo and Phone would cook for their paying guests and do fun type things under the canopy to keep the paying customers happy and entertained.  It wasn't long before the business was ranked.

This meant they could collect a business perk, and of course they chose the LeTourneau prize which was cold hard cash.  After all, building the flooring and canopy, purchasing the majhong table and chairs took just about all the money they had left.

The customers like it when it was time for August to grow up, and resulted in another customer satisfaction star, boosting the business to rank 2.  Photo opted to hit the LeTourneau prize again.  He would soon have enough cash to improve his fledgling business.

 It seemed to be easy to make business rank.

In the meantime, August grew up to child, and was honored with a visit from a wolf to his birthday party.  But August just ate a piece of cake then went to bed.  By now it was 9 pm.

One of Photo's customers shook his hand and told him he was a heckuva guy, and gave him a "sample" to fool around with.  What could it be?


A new TV.  Phone sat in front of it but didn't turn it on.  She had a hard time keeping "comfortable" in this new house and constantly complained.  Don't worry Phone....your day will come and you will be having more fun than you know what to do with.

In the mean time, Sims didn't just play majhong.  They also danced to the radio until they couldn't dance anymore.

Until Filler came out to haunt on Thursday night.  She was very unhappy about being dead, and went around scaring people.  The Knowledge Sims loved that and stayed longer and rated lots of customer satisfaction stars, but all the rest left.

And sometimes she just left them alone to dance.

Well, Filler's ghostly presence did not dampen the customer's spirits on Friday, the business went up to third rank, and again Photo hit the LeTourneau prize.  This dumped enough cash into the coffers to add another majhong table to the business, and to start on Phone's LTW.

A greenhouse.

Phone got right to work on her future happiness.

Early Saturday morning, the Booth's Mahjong Parlour received a new visitor.  This is Emma Swan, the last family on the play list.  Perhaps she will meet a possible suitor.

In the mean time...

Phone gains admittance to the Nature Society.

And gets her bronze badge. a round about way will bring her much happiness.

Saturday night....after Phone, Photo, and August filled needs and went to bed....

Yay!!!!!!  Means more money with the LeTourneau prize to the tune of 20K.  This also means can be set into motion to fulfill Ms. Phone's LTW.

Sunday morning sees the patriarch of another family of this prosperity stop by....Rumple Gold.

He has his own rather unique appearance.   Due of ASimWen's love of playing the genetics in TS2.  Rumple is generation 3 from Create A Sim.  :-)

Rumple casts a glance at the competition around the majhong table with a suspect eye.

Being that so much hard work had been done in the garden, Phone decided to try to get into the garden club.  She needed that wishing well...and it is prosperity points.

More plants and decoration was added to the landscaping to please the Garden Club.

Then the call was made, and Phone greeted Tiffany Zarubin with much enthusiasm.   She then waited with baited breath while the Club made their inspection.

ASimWen has only tried this inspection once before in the winter, was not able to get it to work.  Nor had I ever attempted it when there was a home business going on.  So I was as nervous as Phone was.

Nice statue in the majhong area.

Ouch.  Didn't see that....

Of course the vegetable garden looked good.  Phone stayed there during the entire inspection to promptly pull up weeds as soon as they appeared.

It seems like it received more attention than usual.....maybe because they were in a hothouse and it was winter time.

And the flowers received their fare share of attention.  Even though they were dormant.

Yay!!!!  Now work can begin on Phone's LTW, and this is prosperity points.

Now ASimWen removed much of the landscaping that was added just for the inspection.  Not needed.

The addition of the wishing well and the customer satisfaction star from townie Sid Roselund meant a boost to level 5, and another 50K into the purse of the Booth Mahjong Parlour courtesy of the LeTourneau Prize.  It has been drained dry.

August often helped his grandma Phone keep up the garden, and gained his bronze badge.  Having gardening skill will serve him well in University.

Early Monday morning finds Photo helping out in the greenhouse.  Phone and August were both snoozing after working tirelessly.

And that brings us to the end of the week.  Next round the plan is to focus on the business and get it to level 10....and to get aspiration points rolling in for everyone to buy elixir to keep the elders going long enough to raise August and to attain their LTWs.


Have you ever seen a Sim get skinny after sitting for hours playing majhong...then eating a hamburger????  Stephen Tinker did!

Thanks for reading.....



  1. I keep forgetting about the other badges and just get on with the LTW'S for my sims. Hopefully when their retire I get on to other badges.

    1. Me too! I am not a big badge person unless I am working in a challenge. These were earned because of the need for the garden. However I will try to keep badges in mind during this challenge! Thank you for reading.

  2. Nice round. I have never had much luck with the business LTW. I also have never managed to get into the garden club, but maybe someday soon.

  3. I am not so fond of Open For Business..but I do love the gardening in TS2. This was a terrifically fun lot to play. Thanks for reading. :-)

  4. Wow what a productive round, makes mine look very lazy. :D
    I have 2 sims who want 5 top biz', hate it hate it, lol but will force myself to do it.

    1. I hate it too.....I did have a plan to complete this for this lot...but. *Sigh* I have already played round 2 for these guys and it didn't play out. :( Ah well. At least now they have a nice cushion of money to start the Prosperity with.